Please Put Down Your Newspaper. Your Attention is Urgently Needed to Make the World a Better Place.

Please Put Down Your Newspaper. Your Attention is Urgently Needed to Make the World a Better Place.

– by Tera Warner

There are times when I look at the world around me and feel saddened by the rates of “depression”, the lack of compassionate communication, and tremendous misunderstandings taking place around me.

Some people think there are no solutions to the problems that pervade our society. Some have given up hope to accept a gloomy fate, whether it’s sickness of the body or the rate of physical destruction of the planet itself. It breaks my heart to witness those engulfed by a deadly apathy deprive themselves of life, of hope, and of dreams.

Yet there are others who hold relentlessly to the belief that there ARE solutions–that something can be done about the aches and pains of human kind. Not just band-aids on bruises, but an end to divorce. Not just arthritis but an end to anger, hatred, ignorance and fear.

We Can Be the Soldiers of Serenity

There are thousands, millions even, who believe that the world CAN be a better place, and those who raise a flag in the name of responsibility and DO something about it, have my greatest respect and admiration.

They are the soldiers of serenity bringing hope for a new world.

Within the hearts of human kind there is creativity and thought, and THESE are the weapons with which we fight for sanity, for peace and preservation of the human spirit.

I hold the vision of a civilization where dreaming is the mark of a genius and not a symptom of ADDwhere people have the courage to base their truth, not on blind faith, the opinions of others or CNN, but what they observe to be true in the world around them and apply information and tools in their lives.

You don’t need to listen to this utopian dialogue. You can pick up a copy of Time Magazine or watch Southpark instead. But know that when you put your head to the pillow, tonight, the thoughts you hold are creating the future for my children, too.  You are directly responsible for the conditions we all face tomorrow.

With 3000 media messages per day bombarding your brain and millions of dollars being invested in the next great advertising campaign for another thing you do not need things can get pretty distracting. Nail polish, glitter and a glossy magazing may have some temporary appeal, but put your attention there for long and you risk to forget that the real beauty of Life is compassion, love, affinity, understanding and gratitude.

No one is going to put that on a billboard for you, Baby! It’s time to put up a “Not for Sale” sign on your mind. Your attention is NOT for sale. That’s the very energy and attention we need to create a better world, so if you invest it in another high-drama headline, we’ll all pay the price. The world can’t afford for you to sell your attention at bargain basement prices to another cheap, drugstore perfume.

What it Takes to Make the World a Better Place

Turn off the TV.

Strap on your boots.

Walk to the highest point of the tallest hill or mountain where you live.

From there hold out your heart and dare to feel and experience a love wide enough to embrace the lives of those beneath your view. That is the hard work of making the world a better place.

Sit yourself down on a bench in front of a busy street.

Look at each and every individual that passes. See, envision perfection in, around and above them. THIS is the hard work of achieving a better tomorrow.

Replacing hate with hope, criticism with compassion, and apathy with the courage to dream.

Yes, I know there’s a lot to do to make things go right, but we’ll get there.

You don’t have to pull out your wallet or write another check. But please, for the sake of us all, lift your chin, your shoulders, your hopes and heart and hold with me a vision of a world without insanity, criminality and war.

Our ability to communicate and listen with compassion, clarity, empathy and understanding will be the air that breathes new life into the heart of  human kind, and we need each other to make it happen.

So, thank you for being here.


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