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  • Symptoms Of Toxicity & How To Detox The Body


    Symptoms Of Toxicity And How To Detox The Body


    Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo,  co-creator of one of our popular detox programs, talks to us about the symptoms of detox and what factors influence the elimination of toxins in our bodies.

    Symptoms of toxicity in our body

    Our bodies have an amazing ability to cope with living in a world that isn’t as clean and pristine as we would like.

    The idea that toxicity isn’t conducive to good health is nothing new, however are we fully aware of how toxins AFFECT our body?

    Exposure to excess toxins can cause chronic

    illness and certain conditions, including:


    Toxicity plays a major role in these dysfunctions.

    Primary sources of toxins in the body include:

    • Food
    • Emotions such as negative thoughts, stress, fear, guilt and worry
    • The lactic acid content in our muscles
    • The air and our environment
    • Electromagnetic toxicity via technology such as cell phones and computers

    We’re more stressed than we realize and this could be contributing to the problem.

    Why so stressed?

    Perhaps partly because we have forgotten how to relax and breathe, and also, how to be PRESENT in the moment (we get carried away by what happened earlier on this morning and what might or might not happen later on today!).

    What factors influence the elimination of toxins in the body?

    • Genetics: they play a huge role in the ability to be an effective eliminator, and explain why some people can eat anything and others are sensitive to certain foods.
    • Early exposure to toxins: exposure in the womb and early childhood is affected by what our mother eats and her emotions; and contributes to our toxic body burden as adults.
    • Cortisol: how much of this “stress hormone” our body produces.
    • Exercise: this plays a huge role in eliminating stress, however too much can create more stress.
    • Detox skills: some have stronger skills than others.
    • Mindfulness: being aware of toxicity can help you to eliminate certain toxic habits such as awareness that smoking is toxic might encourage you to quit.

    Mindfulness is a BIG one. And just because you don’t think you are suffering from toxicity, doesn’t mean you’re not. Often it’s only AFTER a detox that people start to realize they have been running at 60% or below for a very long time!


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    Over to you…

    Have you considered the symptoms of toxicity in your body? Are you surprised by the sources of toxins in the body? Are there obvious toxins you could reduce, like smoking, coffee or sugar? Think a cleanse or detox might be something you’d like to try?

    Spill the beans!

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