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  • With Spring Comes Wild Edibles – Enter Our Wild Edibles Recipe Competition!



    With Spring Comes Wild Edibles – Enter Our Wild Edibles Recipe Competition!

    by Heather Gardner


    We love wild edibles and all things green around here, and now the spring is springing and summer is on it’s way, it means it is soon to be wild edibles season! In truth wild edibles are always in season and this is something we teach you on our wild edibles course with Sergei Boutenko.

    To get you into a frisky foraging mood we have decided to publish a series of wild edible recipes on the blog that are really easy to find, identify and make.

    These recipes come from Sergei Boutenko’s Wild Edibles book and from Heather Gardner’s (Wild Edible program director) personal collection, and will give you a bit of background info on the plants, how to find them, identify them and what they can be used for.

    We will post them on the blog so just look out for that, or join this event page to be kept up to date!

    As part of our wild edibles love feast we have been generously given a signed copy of a Wild Edibles book and Wild Edibles Poker Cards created by our Wild Edibles superhero Sergei Boutenko.

    How To Enter:heather_clover_flower260x347

    To gain a chance to win one of these prizes we want you to submit a wild edibles recipe with a photo that you created, either inspired by the free recipes and info we are sending your way or from what you can find yourself in your backyard or grocery store.

    By entering the competition not only are you in with a chance to win the book or poker cards but also we will give you 10% off the upcoming wild edibles program, so everyone who enters will be a winner.

    So keep your eye on the blog or join the event page above and stand by for some wild inspiration to kick start your spring!

    Our Wild Edibles course begins on March 30 – Come join this easy to follow, 17 week online course that is completely laid out for you to introduce you to the food and medicine waiting to be discovered in your back yard or local forest.   In this course you will learn the skills and experience you need to feed your family for free, live a sustainable lifestyle and eat the healthiest foods on the planet!

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    2 Responses to “With Spring Comes Wild Edibles – Enter Our Wild Edibles Recipe Competition!”

    1. By Kathleen Predmore on Mar 18, 2014

      Would love to know names and plant ID from the wild. Would like to bring them into my garden also.


      Reply by Heather on March 22nd, 2014

      This is what we can teach you on the wild edibles program :-) http://www.bodyenlightenment.me/blog/tag/wild-edibles-course/


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