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  • Emotional Detox and Releasing Toxic Emotions

    Emotional Detox and Raw Emotions

    Emotional Detox And Releasing Toxic Emotions

    by Rachelle Fordyce

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m currently undertaking a personal 30-day raw challenge.  Today is day 20 of my challenge.  And let me tell you, a challenge it’s been!

    Some days are easy breezy and I absolutely love the energizing raw foods that I’m eating on a daily basis — especially my green smoothies.  On other days, though, I might intensely crave some type of cooked food. And on some other days, I might feel like I just don’t want any kind of food at all, cooked or raw.

    Surprisingly, I have no craving whatsoever for chocolate — and I’ve been known to be a chocoholic!

    It’s a personal journey to be sure, and therefore it’s going to be unique and different for each individual.  That being said, I think it’s safe to say that patterns have emerged from those who have traveled the road to raw revitalization; and, if you’re thinking of journeying along this path too, then it’s quite possible you might have similar experiences during your detox.

    Cravings aren’t the only side effect you might experience while on a raw detox, challenge or cleanse.  Another form of detox that can also be quite common comes in the form of emotional release, also known as an emotional cleanse or emotional detox.

    What is Emotional Detox?

    Emotional Detox from TissuesMost of us already know that a raw detox diet is designed to help clear out unwanted toxins from tissues and organs in our bodies. In a way, it’s like giving ourselves a deep tissue massage from the inside out.  And, just like a massage, sometimes the release of tension from our muscles can give way to emotional release, causing us to cry.

    Have you ever sobbed a little while having a massage?  I know I have.  And you know what they say… “The issues are in the tissues.”

    I have the feeling that I’m going through an interesting emotional detox right now.  I’m on my 35th consecutive day of attending Bikram-style hot yoga and my 20th consecutive day of following a raw diet.   It seems my body is trying to get rid of some emotions that must be buried pretty deep in my tissues, because I’ve cried at least three times in the past week!

    Crying from Raw Emotional DetoxOne time was over something silly and trivial, while the other times were during my Bikram yoga classes and seemed to come up from out of nowhere!  (And, in case you’re wondering, let me set the record straight:  The answer is NO, it’s not “that time of the month” for me.  Lucky for me, I don’t seem to get or be affected by PMS.)  But what’s really interesting is that I’m often very mellow and happy!  Crying at yoga has never happened to me before, and I’ve been practicing for years, so what I’ve been experiencing certainly isn’t a mere amplification of my usual states of being.

    I think it’s important to note that going through and releasing these toxic emotions is a very positive thing to experience — and definitely NOT something to avoid!  Sure, it might feel crappy in the moment while you’re releasing what we might typically call negative or toxic emotions (something you might normally be conditioned to suppress).  But if those emotions stay suppressed and buried, they have the potential to contribute to the toxic side-effects of dis-ease.

    When I allowed these emotions to come up, I first had to fully embrace and experience the emotion, which then led to their release.  And afterward, I’ve been experiencing new levels of joy and a lightness of heart higher than what I’ve previously experienced!  This is wonderful!

    Similarly, you can compare it to the shedding and releasing of extra pounds that might be dragging you down; releasing these toxic emotions buried within can be an eye-opening experience, leaving you feeling a lot emotionally lighter (and physically lighter) once you work through the raw emotional detox.

    And this is only ONE of the many benefits of doing a raw detox!




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    2 Responses to “Emotional Detox and Releasing Toxic Emotions”

    1. By Ginette on Jun 20, 2011

      Wow! Smoothie Detox & Bikram each day! I commend you!! I tried to do a 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge & made it to 15 days which made me very happy! I did release some weight which was great!! I’ve also done a 30 day detox in Aug of 2010, but looking back, I “cheated” a bit and gave in to some sweet cravings, esp at night by eating almond butter and fruit. To do both…hmmm, you give me ideas. It would seriously be tough for me! I am signed up to do the next 21 Day Green Smoothie Detox starting July 1st. I think I’m going to check out my local Bikram class times too. :o)


      Reply by Rachelle Fordyce on June 20th, 2011

      Thanks Ginette! :) I’m about 75% complete on my 60-day Hot Yoga Challenge. It’s going pretty well!

      Although I’d hardly think having fruit with almond butter would be considered “cheating”. ;)

      But I do think following a raw diet combined with hot yoga is amazing for detox!


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