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  • Raw Kids Recipe: Dandelion, Arugula, Radiccio Salad


    Raw Kids Recipe: Dandelion, Arugula, Radiccio Salad

    Recipe from The Healthy Lunchbox

    Healthy lunches for your kids  are made easy with this delicious raw recipe that is high in fiber and vitamin K for strong bones.

    Raw Recipe: Dandelion, Arugula, Radiccio Salad


    • 1 bunch each of Dandelion and Arugula PLUS a head of Radicchio (washed and chopped)
    • 1 small red onion sliced thin- optional
    • 2 avocado cubed
    • Handful of pitted black olives- optional
    • Olive oil to taste
    • Juice of 1-2 lemons
    • Celtic sea salt to taste


    Tear all the washed and dried leaves into bite-sized pieces.  Dress with oil and lemon and salt to taste.  Add avocado and olives.  Can sprinkle on some dulse if you like, which is tasty, salty seaweed very high in minerals. This salad is a little intense if your kids aren’t used to it, so you can mix in some brown rice or millet or millet/quinoa or lots of chickpeas and cucumber and or celery for them. Or put it in a roll-up with their favourite tortilla bread, such as, Ezekiel.

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