My Shocking New Year’s Confessional

My Shocking New Year’s Confessional

By Tera Warner

In my own personal preparations for the coming of the new year, something important has come to my attention and I felt compelled to share a potentially shocking confessional that may disappoint you.

*brace yourself*

There’s something about all these photoshop cropped images of who we play ourselves to be on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube TV that makes things seem pretty, peachy, perfect and pimple-free.

It’s “normal” (to a certain degree) that we want to show our “best” side to the world, but there are some harmful side effects to living this way and I felt it would be helpful to lift my own veil a bit to address them.

Images in the Mirror May Not Be As Perfect As They Appear

You might think because of my beach side escapades, enchanted home and good vibration newsletters that I don’t get messy-haired, tongue-tied or wound up on the inside sometimes.

But I do. :-)

I lose my cool on occasion and my partner’s shoulder becomes a soak pad for my tears and tossed up emotions.

I eat too much, sleep too little and talk more than I should.

I’m not telling you this so you can throw in the towel on who you thought I was and start surfing for another good news guru. I’m saying it so you know that if along the way to living your best life you sometimes get messy, murky and mixed up…

…it’s okay. :-)

If, along the way to being more authentic, you sometimes feel lost and disconnected, don’t worry!

This is just a recalibration in the direction of a better you. ;-))

No matter what happened, who you loved, lost and what you let go of in 2013, I hope you find ways to celebrate the pimples and dimples and trials and tribulations that have come along the way.

Trust, even when things are messy and murky, that Life is on your side. She’s been watching and taking notes and all those times you smiled and persisted and loved anyway…

She noticed.

Good things are coming!

As the new year approaches, and this beautiful year winds to a close, I hope you’ll take the time to celebrate your imperfections and laugh at the little insecurities that hold you back, because if you didn’t have them, what would you work on in the new year! 😉

Love and a celebration of imperfection with plenty of room to grow,


One day soon you’ll be living the stronger, brighter, bolder and even more beautiful version of you than you dreamed was possible!

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