WISH Radio Podcast: Kristine Fry is Awakening the Divine Feminine

WISH Radio Podcast: Kristine Fry is Awakening the Divine Feminine


From a young age, Kristine knew there was more to life but did not really know what that meant. She realized that she experienced reality differently from most. She “sensed” more, which at times meant having very strong inner experiences and also painful human experiences, deepening her awareness.

“All my life I had been intuitive, to a point that I knew that not everyone was like me on ‘the surface’ of things. Some saw and felt more than others, were in touch with other levels of existence. This was my life but from this point I knew I needed to live this experience more fully for it was in essence who I was here now” says Kristine.

 In this interview from WISH Summit, Kristine Fry talks about resistance to change and how false paths distract us from realizing truth.

Kristine Fry

Kristine Fry combines her skills as a psychic medium with intuitive knowledge of the healing modalities and a deep commitment to honestly serving your best interest and higher soul purpose.

Kristine chose a path in search for life’s deeper meaning and in the process started True Soul Path readings for people socially and then later professionally through establishing Uki Dreaming Healing Centre near Mount Warning in Northern NSW.

Kristine traveled extensively to be with spiritual teachers and mentors and has recently returned from the United States where her awareness deepened more around her own humanity and what she believes is her own life’s purpose: to assist in exploring more clearly one’s current reality, obstacles and potential and be put in touch with a deeper awareness, thereby giving a more profound feeling of centeredness, peace and empowerment.

Kristine assists people to explore their inner dialogue, doubts and fears empowering them to overcome any obstacles presently on their path and offers support to expand beyond present ‘self imposed’ limitations.  A session with Kristine will cleanse your deep spiritual self and empower you to create your life in harmony with the true desires of your heart and soul.

Visit Kristine’s web site here.

Listen to Kristine Fry’s WISH Radio interview here:

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