The Biggest Lesson I Learned This Year

The Biggest Lesson I Learned This Year

By Tera Warner

Is There Something Funky Going On in the Stars?

Is it just me or are the stars doing something funky leading into the last solstice of the year?

Mechanical difficulties on airplanes and cars, flu bugs, broken hearts and a host of other communication and business kaffuffles have been cramping my style!

So last night, leading into the darkest night of the year, before the tides change and the days start to stretch themselves toward summer, I stayed up almost all night with two amazing friends and team members on the other side of the world!

We set our intentions for the new year and all the gunk and guck of the last few days went up in smokey sage smudge and beeswax candles! Now I’m ready to bring on the solstice!

Looking back on this last year, there’s been a lot of learning and I thought I’d touch on one point in particular that was a tough lesson for me. Tough, but good.

The Biggest (and best) Lesson I Learned This Year

As hard as it is to believe, not everyone is going to like you. 😉

They might criticize the way you talk, walk or tie your hair. They might not like the way you say things, how you pray at night or the company you keep. They might not trust you, or tell you what they really think, (until they’ve whispered it along the back alleys of your relationships).

But you know what?

Deep down in the quiet part of yourself, if you listen more and talk less, you know when you’re doing your best. You know when you’re being honest and when you’re not. You know when you’re doing the things your gut says you shouldn’t and not doing things your gut says you should.

Freedom doesn’t come when you run on the treadmill of trying to keep up with other people’s opinions about who you should, could, would be if only you were better, faster, smarter, taller, wiser or conformed more to their expectations.

Freedom comes when, in spite of what they say, how they act, what they do, think, believe or feel, you choose to feel good about who you are, the company you keep and the decisions you make along the way.

When you’ve got that, you’ve got everything!

During this season of hustle and hurry and shopping and chopping of veggies for dinner, remember that the best gift you can give the world is the gift of your unbridled authenticity and unapologetic courage to simple be who you are.

Next year is going to be absolutely sensational for you. I can feel it all the way over here! 😉

Sage smudge smiles,


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