Kids in the Kitchen with Darling Clementine Pumpkins for a Healthy Halloween

By Angela (from the happy raw kitchen)

It’s that time of year again, when swampy green smoothies, spooky fresh fruit carved into monsters, and dragon blood green juices are all the rage! That’s right, you can have a healthy Halloween celebration where fun and costumes are enjoyed by all, without the sugar crash and tummy aches. Enjoy our series of healthy raw vegan Halloween recipes, and share them with your friends and loved ones!

Darling Clementines Pumpkins

Today, our Healthy Halloween recipe features healthy, vitamin C-loaded clementines… disguised into pumpkins! Aren’t they adorable? A great recipe to to make with the kids!

Ingredients: (per pumpkin)

  • 1 clementine
  • 12×12 square cling wrap
  • 1″ clear tape
  • scraps of felt, cut for eyes , nose, mouth, or googly eyes:)
  • twist tie
  • silk ivy leaf
  • green floral tape
  • glue, if not using self stick felt or googly eyes

How to Make It:

  1. Wrap clementine in cling film and twist it tightly.
  2. Secure the cling film at the top with clear tape so the clementine is tightly wrapped.
  3. Cover the clear tape with green floral tape, then snip to desired length.
  4. Attach an ivy leaf with a twist tie to the floral tape, and cover the entire length of the tie with tape.
  5. Twist leaf/tie around stem as desired.
  6. Apply felt faces as desired. Choose self-stick felt for really little children. This is a great one to have the kids make with you… They create the cutest faces! This is the perfect healthy nut-free handout treat for Halloween, and the little ones really seem to love them!



About Angela of The Happy Raw Kitchen

In February 2007, Angela discovered the benefits of raw food. Since then, she has enjoyed the challenge of creating healthy, delicious meals using fresh vegan ingredients. You can read her blog filled with scrumptious and original recipes on her blog, The Happy Raw Kitchen.


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