All I Had to Do was Be Present in the Moment


All I Had to Do was Be Present in the Moment

By Marie-Claude Dour

I went to Tera’s retreat as a belated “maternity gift” to myself. Since my third child is older, after giving birth to 3 kids, 6 1/2 years of breastfeeding, and after 12 years of motherhood, it was my first time travelling by myself and taking a week off for MYSELF!!! And it was AMAZING!!! I enjoyed every second, did not miss home and the kids and did not feel guilty about it!

I Dropped the Barriers and Revealed My True Self

But the real gift was to be able to drop the barriers and get in touch with my true self! Being away from home in a paradise environment where the only thing to do is to experience being in the present moment, brings a deep and profound transformation…

It was the perfect concept to REALLY connect with my TRUE self and face whatever I needed to see in order to evolve to another level.

I Learned How to Take Up Space!

I’m so grateful for everything that happened there! The sharing with the women there was just pure gold, and all the support we had during the week from the organizers: Tera, Jenn, Connie (the photographer), Mahan and Marianne (the fairies in the kitchen), Roberto (the magician/owner of the property), Marco (the miracle massage therapist), the hotel staff, etc., was authentic and magical.

I’m back home full of MYself, inspired to live the life I want with new intentions, a clear mind, new tools, and an amazing experience in my backpack close to my heart!!!

Meet Marie-Claude Gour


Marie-Claude Gour attended the May 2013 BE Me Retreat in Tulum, Mexico. She is a designer in Montreal, Canada, and you can see her unique collection of clothes and designs here:

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