A Lifetime of Change in Just One Week


A Lifetime of Change in Just One Week

By Anne Hunt

My life was going along with some direction from past goals and aspirations. The only thing was, it just wasn’t very inspiring or exciting anymore. It wasn’t that I was adrift or totally off base with any one thing; but the flow wasn’t there, I wasn’t where I wanted to be.  And then I read an email from Tera Warner about a Tulum Retreat for women on a wide, open beach in Mexico.

What Should I Expect?

I LOVE the ocean and feel more connected and at peace when I am at the beach than anywhere else, so I kept coming back to this email in my inbox from Tera. I thought to myself, I was planning on a trip to the beach anyway… why not combine this trip with a more productive realignment of myself?

So I applied and was accepted!! to join with 17 other women on the glorious white sandy beaches of Tulum, Mexico.

When I arrived I didn’t know what to expect, but since it was the beach, I knew I’d be happy no matter what else I was able to accomplish in my time there.

A True Breath of Fresh Air

As it turned out, the trip was SO MUCH more than I had envisioned!! The women were totally amazing in their spirit and willingness to give. I have never before worked with women, so I was impressed with their kindness, caring, and loving feelings towards me.

I cannot express how much each woman contributed to my life at that retreat. Every one shared parts of herself that helped to enrich each of us that attended. We were all so unique, and yet we all complimented the entire group and the experience.

I felt like I was accepted and embraced as part of the group immediately; not judged or critiqued  for my behavior or views on life. How refreshing!! I participated in activities that helped me focus on where I wanted to go in life and on learning more about myself as well as those around me.

Was it Worth My Money and Time?

Often we pour our dollars and time into programs that promise to “fix us,” only to discover that months later, we are still wrestling with the same problems. The true beauty of what I gained in Tulum has only come to me since I’ve come home, as I realize that what I learned there has continued to enrich my life and help me in my day to day decisions.

So do I consider this retreat to be worth the financial expenditure? That would be a resounding YES!!!! I have no regrets other than it not being two weeks instead of just one. 😉

I still miss each of the ladies although their friendship continues through our FaceBook group. If you ever have the opportunity to go on one of these retreats, please go! They are life-changing, and give you an opportunity to reassess where you are in life, what you want in life and gives you a better understanding of yourself. Enjoy the journey!

Meet Anne Hunt

Anne Hunt

Anne Hunt has a wild love affair with the ocean. She was one of Body Enlightenment’s participants at the recent Tulum, Mexico, BE Me Retreat in May 2013.


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