This Just In: Rave Reviews for Remineralization!

This Just In: Rave Reviews for Remineralization!

As our first run of the Remineralize Your Body Now program comes to an end and the next session is beginning, we are so grateful for all the participants who shared their stories and helped make this course a success! We never realized how much we could learn from YOU!  We are so excited to give you a taste of what the participants had to say!

I Gave My 14-Month-old Son Kimchi…

“I’m very excited today because I gave my 14 month old son a little taste of kimchi (after rinsing off the spicy chili of course!). Next thing I knew, I couldn’t get enough kimchi on to his plate fast enough. He loved it so much! I hope this means a lifetime of fermented foods for the lil guy.” – Mary, Toronto

“I LOVE that we are being reminded of how vitally important GREENS are to our health everyday. I find when I am having greens at every meal, my sweet tooth and cravings are far less.”  – Renee, Redland Bay, Queensland, Australia

“My favorite tip, and it was also new to me, was learning about marinating the greens, and actually watching them get softer right before my eyes! Who knew massaging some fresh produce could make it taste so good! I added a little olive oil, sea salt and red pepper flakes to a big bowl of kale and collards and honestly it surpassed my expectations!” – Erin, Florida

“I’ve been loving my collard greens from this week’s CSA pick-up. I’ve used them as taco shells with the AMAZING avocado mash recipe from the recipe book! And today I used them in place of bread/wrap on my hummus and veggie sandwich. Yum!” – Amy, New Jersey

“Had seaweed soup tonight with some Kimchi. Fantastic! perfect light meal for the really hot weather we’re having over here in the UK” – Patricia, UK

I Now Have Super Salads…

“I joined an organic CSA, so I have all kinds of new greens I have never had before. My usual salads have turned into super salads. Radishes with greens, garlic scapes, beets with greens, spinach, broccoli Raab, Russian kale, and different kinds of lettuces. Now, my salads before this were wimpy salads. Now they are orgasmic with lemon juice. Plus I am adding sprouts, too. Yay.” – Carol, Illinois

“Yesterday I caught up on my e-book reading after being away and a busy start to the new school term.

My daily rhythm now includes delicious sauerkraut alongside meals, a pinch of kelp or dulse in whatever I feel it will go with, more greens, a daily raw salad, smoothies or juices when I feel like them. Sometimes I’ll make a big batch and drink over 24 hours and then have a break for a day or so. I love to alternate with my fruity quinoa porridge… A warm decadent start on cold mornings. For the first time in ages I have soaked almonds to make milk.

My fridge is full of organic veggies and my pantry is organised and contains things like chia, hemp seed, coconut and a selection of nuts and seeds. I look forward to trying the recipes.” – Megan, Australia

I’ve been enlightened by this entire process. I wish I had taken this course years ago!” – Stephany, Washington, D.C.

From the Program Instructor Herself…

“Well, ladies, you all inspired me to stop buying kombucha and making my own again. I stopped last year because I already do so much in the kitchen as it is, but your enthusiasm was contagious!  Besides, I love my ginger kombucha so much (recipe in the eBook!) but no brand can make it as potent. So, it’s my turn to thank all of you! I’ll be doing a video since I’m at it, so you can all see how I make my kombucha!” – Joanna, Oregon

Your Remineralized Body Awaits You

By taking the cultural and ancient secrets of traditional cultures whose diets are rich in minerals and combining it with some good ol’ fashion modern science and clinical nutrition, we’ve created a powerful 6-Week program to help you restore your health, vitality and create a RADICAL difference in your overall well-being. Join Us for the next Remineralize Your Body Now program, starting soon!

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