The Five Most Important Things You Will Ever Hold


The Five Most Important Things You Will Ever Hold

By Maddie Laberge

Some things we hold are tangible, like dark chocolate or a glass of red wine!  But other things we hold are somewhere inside of us, living in the soft spaces of our hearts and minds.  From time to time, we may need to ask ourselves, “Am I holding onto the things that make me happy?”  Today let’s take time to think about the most important things we have to hold onto.

#5 Hold your memories….

Ah Memories, aren’t they great?  Remember when you were a kid and that was your only job?  Your job was just to be a kid.  Some of us long for that innocent freedom while others are happy to have gained adult wisdom and have found more freedom over the years.

Sure, not all memories are fantastic; we all had someone who raised us or who were a part of our life as we got older who we think (or know) wronged us, but we’ve forgiven them… or maybe we are working on forgiving them?  Remember that all of our journeys are different but we’ve all had moments that have given feelings of happiness.

When you choose to sit and daydream, focus on those fulfilling memories! Just don’t spend too much time in the past.  It’s good to reminisce and remember the good ‘ol days, but remember that you are moving forward!  Great things await you if you choose to create more memories in this present day that you can reminisce about as you get older!

#4 Hold your kids….

I never had kids until recently.  I don’t like to use the word “step children” as it seems to have a distant ring to it and seems to suggest to me that there is a disconnect somewhere, so I just call them my kids.  Many of you may not have kids, but you may have a pet that you adore just as much.

Whatever you have, hold them.  Physically give hugs and smooches.  I’ve learned kids (and pets) are so open and wanting of your time and affection.  They just need to know that they matter to you.  They just want a hug goodnight, every night, consistently, so that they can look forward to being tucked in.  Stability, love, tenderness!  Infuse them with these feelings as you give them a big hug!  If you think back to your memories, isn’t that what you wanted from your mom and dad?

#3 Hold your lover’s hand…

There are ebbs and flows in relationships.  We don’t always have time to physically connect in the grandest of ways or we may not always make the time.  Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to often touch one another in a kind and gentle way.

Hold hands while watching television or place your hand on your significant other’s leg while you are eating a meal together.  Try sitting beside each other instead of across from each other!  A small touch can be all the other person needs.

Remember when you first met and small touches were everything?  Remember how touching your lover’s cheek and neck set the foundation for more trust and security?  We need to get back there, back to the basics when things were easy.  We often forget that the simple things in life can mean so much.

#2 Hold your head high…

No one is going to do this for you!  It is up to you to work on your confidence, to walk with purpose and to respect yourself.  We get caught up taking care of other people in our life when one of the finest things you can do is lead by example and take care of yourself!

Let who you are, who you have chosen to become, be the example!  You are an individual in this world with freewill and you are allowed to be fantastic and you are allowed to think your own thoughts!

Try your best to choose your thoughts and decisions in alignment with your purpose.  If you don’t know what your purpose is or what to choose, explore things and places and books that give you ideas.  Spend your time with people who talk about ideas; talk with them and then sit and think about your own ideas and figure out who you are.

It’s your responsibility to get to know yourself (or create yourself?) and hold your head high!

# 1 Hold ON!

Life is a ride, it can be just like riding a rollercoaster!  Stay strong, hold on, and try to enjoy it the best you can!  Never forget that you have a say in how hectic and erratic your roller coaster is; if you enjoy the ups and downs and big round loops, then that’s your choice.

If you want to balance things out a bit more, that is also your choice!  So in the crazy times, when life throws you for a loop, hold on until you come out the other side!  Life goes on, it always does and you should pat yourself on the back for getting stronger everyday!

If you need to make a big change in your life, hold on to that idea and be as brave as you can while you follow through with it.  One thing in life that is guaranteed is change; some change will be great and some may not seem so great.  Have faith in yourself to figure it out and to make the best decisions for you and your life!

This list is one that can change over time.  Try making up your own list!  You probably have a hundred things running through your head everyday, so why not write down the top 5 priorities that you would like to hold  (and I’m not talking about laundry here!)  so that you can focus on what is most important to you!  After all, this is your life, you can decide for yourself.

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