Calling All Leos: How to Use Your Zodiac Sign to Choose an Optimal Diet

Calling All Leos: How to Use Your Zodiac Sign to Choose an Optimal Diet

By Suzana Stanescu

For some, following the Zodiac can be a way of life, even when it comes to making food choices. Blending astrological information into your natural food diet can help you identify which nutrients your body needs most to achieve your ideal health. Each month we’ll feature a new sign; today we start with Leo!

Of Lions and Green Smoothies

The sun is transitioning now from the sign of the Leo (23 July – 22 Aug). I must confess I have grinned widely imagining a lion relaxing in the shade and slurping a green smoothie.

Although the lions are thriving on a meat-based diet, the humans born under the sign of Leo (or having the Ascendant in Leo) often feel better when they significantly lower their meat consumption and increase their intake of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens in a more natural foods diet. But are there some foods especially beneficial for Leos? Actually, yes.

Cell Salts Hold the Key

The cell salts are 12 mineral salts which are paramount for the good functioning of the human body cells. The body needs small amounts of them and ideally obtains them from natural food. There is a correspondence between the zodiac signs and the cell salts, and each sign tends to use more of a certain salt and therefore has a predisposition to health issues caused by the lack of that cell salt.

The cell salt for Leos is the magnesium phosphate, and the Leos use more of this salt than any other sign.

A lack of magnesium phosphate manifests through muscular cramps or twitching, spasms, squinting, hiccups, headaches with darting stabs of pain, rheumatic pains, menstrual pains, stomach cramps and flatulence.

Luckily, there are many foods containing magnesium phosphate, including:

  • Nuts & Seeds: Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds
  • Fruits: Apples, blueberries, figs, lemons, oranges, peaches
  • Coconut
  • Veggies: Cabbage, cucumbers
  • Herbs: Onion, fennel, dill, parsley, mint, chamomile

Mix at least 2 of the above in the green smoothie of your choice and you have the perfect one for a Leo. 😉

(My favorites are the Green Elixir and the Holiday Zing, from the 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge Recipe book.)

Do you have a favorite Green Smoothie for Leos? Share it below, and make the Leos roar with pleasure. :)

Bring Out Your Inner Lioness

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Meet Suzana Stanescu

A city girl who grew up in the concrete jungle, she felt the call of the wild and is now gradually moving into natural, healthy living. A quiet, calm, observing, zen type of person most of the time, Suzana is also an avid explorer who loves experimenting and expanding her horizons. Contact Suzana at [email protected] and


  1. ThePaganSun says

    Mostly good advice but people really need to stop villifying meat. Meat is extremely important and is the only natural source of B vitamins able to be consumed by the human body without supplements. It is only harmful when eaten in excess or cooked unhealthy way like everything else. Fruits and vegetables too can be just as harmful when eaten in excess (diahrrea, brittle bones, weakness, etc) or cooked poorly or even eaten raw (e coli, etc) Basically, meat is also very healthy and necessary to maintain good calcium, protein, and especially B 12. Vegetarian diets are only healthy short term because they cleanse the body but in the long term they can lead to serious complications. Many pregnant women have miscarried on such a diet so an all fruit, all veggie diet is just as unwise as an all meat diet. Moderation in everything is key.


  2. Suzana says

    I fully agree with you, ThePaganSun – our bodies still need meat and other animal proteins to function optimally. However, my personal experience (as a Leo) is that I do best when the proportion of meat/cheese/butter in my diet is around 20%, and the remaining 80% are just fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.


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