What Do You Really Know About Kundalini?

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What Do You Really Know About Kundalini?

by Fiona Hollis

Kundalini yoga, or yoga of awareness, is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline.  It targets the whole body system to awaken the potential energy and inherent consciousness within the human body and mind.

What level do you need to be at to do Kundalini?

Can any one do it?  YES. Anyone, at any age, and any level of health or fitness.  It’s good for absolute beginners, without any yoga experience. Kundalini Yoga is about each person having a unique experience. It doesn’t focus on postures, although they are important. Kundalini Yoga is about the individual becoming more aware of oneself and what is experienced during a class.  Sometimes there are spontaneous emotions, seemingly coming from nowhere.  However, the body stores these emotions and so blockages often get released. Its great because you don’t have to know what it means.

What does it entail?

A class will include dynamic asanas (postures) that correspond with the breath, chanting mantra (naad), meditation, mudra (hand positions) and relaxation.  Kundalini is practiced to music with eyes closed to go deeper within. A class takes one and half hours usually. This is the best minimum time.

What about ‘Kundalini rising?’ I’ve heard that it is dangerous and can make you loopy. 😉

The Kundalini Energy is so powerful, it usually lays dormant at the base of the spine and we wake it up through the practice in order to live more fully.  It can spontaneously arise and create massive shifts that can seem to alter ones reality, however, in Kundalini yoga we tune in with a mantra for protection that establishes a link to the divine and lineage of teachers (the golden chain), and we prepare the body, mind  and nervous system to slowly release the energy to create changes in awareness/consciousness. Kundalini Yoga, as taught by the Master Yogi Bhajan, is not dangerous. It truly is an exact science and is becoming more and more popular each year.

Why do you love it? The Benefits of Kundalini Over Other Yoga Forms

Kundalini Yoga is known as the Mother of All Yogas. Its teachings are ancient and trustworthy. It is a type Raj Yoga (preparing for meditation) so it is a complete system that incorporates many aspects.   Transformation is known to be the quickest route through this yoga.  Shifts in energy are felt in an instant – clearing blockages that no longer serve, opening and clearing the energy/chakra system allowing one to live at the fullest potential and raising the vibrations (as raw foods does), assisting with balancing the body, mind  and soul to achieve optimal levels of health.

Personally, I have achieved many breakthroughs with this practice.  It has enabled me to touch the depth of my being in a way I never knew existed and to achieve strength, courage, and a desire to assist others to create self transformation. The majority are completely lost, without connection to the self within.  It gives me the greates pleasure to show people the way in through these revered teachings.


  1. says

    With intention, backed by the transformational power of kundalini yoga, meditation and the powerful, sacred sounds of The Gong, a student can leverage great personal power over the 40 day period effecting far-reaching life changes in a short period of time. Strength is gained and reinforced through commitment and simply showing up every morning. The group energy creates a magnetic bond that affects the subtle body and adds strength which is accessed by the individual.


    Reply by Erin Weesner on July 29th, 2013

    Thank you for sharing! Do you practice Kundalini yoga?


  2. Paula says

    Are you offering a Kundalini yoga program? or were you just referring to the info you have provided.. Don’t want to miss anything!


    Reply by Erin Weesner on August 10th, 2013

    We don’t have a Kundalini yoga program at this time, Paula. But we’re always exploring new things so please continue to visit! We appreciate our readers immensely!


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