[Day 8: Commit to Fit] Get Up & Groove

[Day 8: Commit to Fit] Get Up & Groove

We’re nearing the end of our 10-Day Fitness Challenge. Today’s challenge is another day of playing with the air element. Get your groove on with this funky tune courtesy of DJ Rowan. For the element of air, remember to embrace self-love, space and freedom of movement! This is air… the infinite expanse of space moving through YOU! Get down on that, Sister Superstar:

Join Us to Win

This March we will be releasing a brand new program with a focus on Fitness. For 5 weeks we’ll be doing fitness with the elements: Fire, Water, Air, Spirit and Earth! In order to give you a sneak preview and help get the whole community on board the feeling fabulous bandwagon, we’ll be hosting a free 10-day fitness challenge here on the blog!

Join us for a 10-Day Fitness challenge and if you move your booty every day and tell us about it by posting in the comment box below, then you could be one of 3 people to win access to our latest Body Enlightenment program! We’re launching a 30-Day Fitness Program complete with exercise DVDs, daily support, a fantastic menu planner and MORE! This program will be kicking off on March 3rd with a fabulous gang of fitness experts and a 5-week program designed to help you get all your bits and pieces moving and feeling fabulous! So sweat your prayers and tell us about it below!


  1. Jona says

    Yes, I am actually a lot better with free form, and actually starting to like it … Especially with this music, wow, the vocalist, LOVE it !


  2. Jenny says

    I loved this music. The vocals were great. My hips are feeling free-er than before. I walked 2 miles with my puppy before, but this free form work out was wonderful. Every thing I do is so linear-one foot in front of the other, but these workouts are opening me to a whole new world. THANKS!


  3. Marina Patrice Van Gossen says

    I might have said this before…I didn’t really think I liked to dance. I’m surprising myself all over the place. These post have really got me challenging my core beliefs about fitness, movement, and the joy of being in my body. I used to think those things were for people who had perfect bodies and were magically at ease in them. I’m finding that these dance tracks help me to reveal the perfect fluid grace and body connection that is already within me. I didn’t realize they were so lonely and ready to be expressed and enjoyed.


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