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  • [Day 6: Commit to Fit] Feel the Fire and Let It Move You

    10-Day Fitness Challenge with Alice Bracegirdle

     [Day 6: Commit to Fit] Feel the Fire and Let It Move You

    We’re continuing with our fire element and today, the 6th day of our fitness challenge, we’ve got another original mix from DJ Rowan. When the music strikes, bust a move and feel the fire inside you! I’m loving doing fitness with the elements. It feels so good to get out of the ordinary and actually feel the fluidity of water, the space of air, the heat of fire inside you! Stay with us we’re already at Day 6 and every drop of sweat is worth it!

    Join Us to Win

    This March we will be releasing a brand new program with a focus on Fitness. For 5 weeks we’ll be doing fitness with the elements: Fire, Water, Air, Spirit and Earth! In order to give you a sneak preview and help get the whole community on board the feeling fabulous bandwagon, we’ll be hosting a free 10-day fitness challenge here on the blog!

    Join us for a 10-Day Fitness challenge and if you move your booty every day and tell us about it by posting in the comment box below, then you could be one of 3 people to win access to our latest Body Enlightenment program! We’re launching a 30-Day Fitness Program complete with exercise DVDs, daily support, a fantastic menu planner and MORE! This program will be kicking off on March 3rd with a fabulous gang of fitness experts and a 5-week program designed to help you get all your bits and pieces moving and feeling fabulous! So sweat your prayers and tell us about it below!

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    13 Responses to “[Day 6: Commit to Fit] Feel the Fire and Let It Move You”

    1. By Marina Patrice Van Gossen on Feb 15, 2013

      I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy the dance days. I thought I’d like the structured videos better (they are great too by the way!). I didn’t think I’d know what to do with music and no instruction about specific movements. Turns out my body knows exactly what it wants to do. My body digs these groovy tracks! Now I’m off to stretch and enjoy a hot mustard bath. A fabulous treat all the way around!


    2. By kina on Feb 15, 2013

      i enjoyed the mix so much i played it twice i was sad it ended the first time. so im really hot now.


    3. By Iris on Feb 15, 2013

      Fire, baby YEAH! *shakes tushie some more*


    4. By Heather on Feb 15, 2013

      I’m enjoying this challenge a lot. I put this on to dance to after a 2 mile walk around the block after work.


    5. By Andrea on Feb 15, 2013

      This has been just so dang fun! I hurt my back in September and haven’t exercised really since. I have been scared that if I do exercise I will reinjure myself. this has been such a gentle holistic approach to exercise and I feel like I am getting my groove back in a hear me roar kind of way, not based in fear. Love this approach!


    6. By Sheri on Feb 15, 2013

      I always do movement classes, so I think these free dance days are helping me to expand my horizons. :)


    7. By Sanna on Feb 16, 2013

      Bau! Bau! That one goes straight up in my spine! Thank you thank you!


    8. By Jenny on Feb 16, 2013

      I have really been enjoying this. I did this after walking 4 miles. I am reminded that my body really knows what it wants to do if I will just let go and trust it. I am opening to the realization that I have been far more rigid in my body, mind, and spirit than I would have previously thought. Thanks for the gentle gradual self awakening :-)


    9. By Kimberly on Feb 16, 2013

      Day 6: Fire
      Feet tap dance with springs;
      Legs and arms plunge forcefully;
      Hands drum in the air.


    10. By Andrea on Feb 17, 2013

      Day 7 and 8…. Where are you? Don’t leave me hanging now. I woke up looking forward to earth wind and fire….well whatever it is called. Guess I am going back and repeating till they show. Thanks so much Tera!


    11. By Jona on Feb 17, 2013

      Day 6 … dance again … It means I have to dance …. and I am starting to LIKE it (mee ? Yes!) Thank you for this opportunity! I did the fire – plank yesterday and today. I get really addicted to this exercising bit by bit daily !


    12. By Sandy Dwan on Feb 18, 2013

      Great hooping music! Can’t resist to pull out my hoop and go swirling….


    13. By kim on Feb 22, 2013

      Love this mini series i find myself dancing mire often and smiling ehile doing daily chores


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