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  • How One Woman’s Search for Beauty Changed Her Life

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    How One Woman’s Search for Beauty Changed Her Life

    Renee recently completed BE Beauty’s 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover and her transformation will inspire you to look deep within yourself and discover what’s holding you back from receiving the results  and having the life you truly desire. Renee struggled for years with stubborn acne.  She signed up for BE Beauty with hopes of ending her battle but didn’t realize her acne had a lot more to do with her lack of self-love and self-confidence than discovering the perfect zit zapping solution.

    Renee Got a Lot More Than Glowing Skin

    I recently finished my first go-around with the  BE Beauty 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover. Being someone who has battled with multiple types of acne within the past 6 years, I signed up for the program hoping to be pimple-less in 30 days. I started out on this program with a bang. I was full of enthusiasm, ready to take this challenge on. I was ready for clear skin and a new lease on life. What I didn’t expect was that this program would turn my life upside down.  This journey was about MORE than my skin, MORE than my diet; it was about ME  learning to confront what was not working in my life.

    BE Beauty literally opened up a Pandora’s Box for me.  With every toxic product or ingredient I purged, a dozen more “things” would resurface in its place; both in the physical world and within myself.

    Change can be scary, even when the changes are for the better.  I had let my acne dictate my life.  It kept me in the dark and discouraged me from going after what I wanted, a LIFE free of depression and anxiety.  These realizations terrified me, but, I continued to keep up with the daily BE Beauty messages, recordings and assignments.  Because of BE Beauty, I now have support and an arsenal of tools to continue to use on my journey. wherever that takes me

    Connecting daily with the BE Beauty Coach and the awesome BE Beauty community made such a difference.  Whether I needed guidance or accountability, it was there, and for that I am grateful and now see the light at the end of my tunnel. I will continue to re-enroll in each session, because I am a work in progress.  My transformation has begun and I want to continue to grow.

    Begin Your Transformation Today

    If you want to begin your Transformation, but have been putting it off because you are afraid of change, or worried your investment in yourself won’t pay off, I urge you to reconsider. Don’t listen to the voice in the back of you mind saying you won’t get the results you want, it’s just fear. Be realistic, it may take more than 30-days like it did for me, but that’s okay.  Your transformation may take a few months, maybe even the entire year, but BE Beauty will still be there to support you.  The invaluable tools, coaching and support are yours forever and there to support you on an even bigger journey to a BETTER YOU!

    Our 30-Day Body Enlightenment Natural Beauty Makeover is the perfect chance to find out why the search for younger looking skin, less wrinkles and a gorgeous glow bring you naturally to the place of optimal health and wellness. Weight loss, a cellulite free butt, clear skin and a positive attitude are just some of the many side effects of BE Beauty’s 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover. Beauty is your natural birth right and it comes about as a result of improving the health and well-being of all your bits and pieces from the inside out!

    About the Author

     Paula Davis the Director of BE Beauty and your SuperGlow Girl, ready to leap over toxic beauty products to help you reclaim the natural beauty you have always known you could be.  A passionate health coach and lover of all things natural and holistic, she will support your BE Beauty needs from the top of you head, to the tip of your toes and all the wonderful bits and pieces between. With or without her cape, she will personally help you navigate the 10-Day BE Beauty Mini Makeover , the 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover and be a consistent and reliable resource to help you get your glow on.

    If you want to learn more about natural treatments for beauty, register for Be Beauty’s 10-Day  Natural Beauty Makeover.  This program will be offered for FREE until 1/5/13.  As of January 6st, the program will be $19.97.  Sign up today and SAVE!  It’s loaded with helpful lessons and zit-zapping, age-defying tips from Mother Nature herself!


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    2 Responses to “How One Woman’s Search for Beauty Changed Her Life”

    1. By Sofia on Jan 15, 2013

      For a site that promotes healthy living and natural beauty, it sure seems odd that you use such very heavily photoshopped images of beauty. I would really prefer it if the airbrushing were toned down a bit – I find it rather abrasive. Regards,


      Reply by Tera on January 15th, 2013

      I totally understand. We have about 4 different photographers working with us right now to make that happen. Until now we’ve just done what we could with the budget we had. Thanks for your feedback!! xo


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