How to Keep Your Cool When Life Gets Tough!

How to Keep Your Cool When Life Gets Tough!

by Tera Warner

I should have seen it coming…

The computer support technicians weeks ago were suggesting I back up my computer, but lil’ Miss Optimism just couldn’t be bothered. Confident that everything would work out in my best interests, I didn’t get an external hard drive, I didn’t back up all the songs, music and pictures in my computer and so on the weekend when my computer finally bit the dust…

…I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised that I lost all of the contents of my computer.

You can read more about it on my Facebook page, but I managed to stay surprisingly calm, cool and collected in spite of the “bad” news and I explain how I’ve learned to keep my cool when the storm hits.

Scooby Do Meets Lizzy The Destroyer

Here’s another adorable example of how staying cool in the face of obstacles showed up in my daily life this week:

Featured here on the left is Sebastian’s dearly beloved stuffed friend, Scoopy Do. Featured below on the right is Mika’s dearly beloved, sharp-toothed dog, “Lizzy.” Over the weekend, Scooby and Lizzy got a bit rough and tumble and Lizzy gouged Scoobies eyeballs out. :-(

Seb was devastated. Beyond devastated. The sobbing tears of my 9-year old son had me virtually shopping Ebay for a replacement until I thought of a plan…

Now Seb, if something happened to you, and you broke your arm, or you lost an eyeball, would you want me to just cry and act like I’d lost you? Like your life was over?”

*dead silence*

“What if Scooby is just ready for an upgrade, Seb? Why don’t you make him a ninja? Just give him an eye bandage, some new and improved night-vision eyes, a ninja sword and see how he feels after that?”

Sebastian within minutes was wild with enthusiasm and after sacrificing one of my bamboo chopsticks to make a new sword, and transforming Seb’s old Kung Fu belt transformed into some ninja gear for a 5-inch tall stuffed toy, Scoobie-Ninja-Do came into being and Seb had THE coolest toy EVER!

Stuff happens. Storms arrive. Computers break and stuffed animal friends lose their eyeballs. Your job is to find the opportunity in your obstacles that will make life EVEN better.

Like trying to stick to a healthy eating plan during the holidays, for example. You may think that the holidays would be a tough or even inappropriate time to concentrate on eating well, but as we’re about to prove with our 24-Day Green Smoothie Countdown to Christmas, the seemingly “worst” time to be watching what you eat may actually be the best time to do it after all!

Bamboo chopsticks and a brand new external hard drive for back ups,


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