How to Heal Your Cavities With Proper Nutrition

 How to Heal Your Cavities With Proper Nutrition

by Ramiel Nagel

The dental industry is growing rapidly, with billions of dollars being spent each year on dental products and treatments. In fact, studies estimate we spend $1.8 billion a year on toothpaste alone. Given that these dental expenses are increasing, and that Americans are following the protocol given by the American Dental Association, surely the occurrence of tooth decay and cavities ought to be decreasing? Yet despite the regular following of these hygiene protocols and the constant use of technologically advanced dental tools, tooth decay still occurs at an alarming rate.

90% of the world’s population will experience at least one decayed tooth before they are 39 years old. More alarmingly, rates of tooth decay in children are on the rise, with some sources suggesting that as many as 50% of children in America have experienced tooth decay.

False Information About Preventing Tooth Decay

One of the biggest problems in America lies in the fact that consumers are not informed about the real causes of tooth decay. And since people don’t understand why their teeth are decaying, they turn to the obvious source of information, the one they have been taught they can trust with their dental health… the dental industry.

The dental industry continues to suggest new products to try and new treatment options for preventing tooth decay, and since rates of tooth decay continue to increase, consumers are constantly on the lookout for such new products and options to support their dental health and prevent tooth decay. There are new toothpaste formulas, electric toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and fluoride treatments, just to name a few.

 People continue to believe that regular brushing and flossing, along with preventative checkups at the dental office, will prevent tooth decay and promote good oral health. But, despite this regular brushing, masses of people still experience growing rates of dental problems.

In order to put an end to this crisis in dental health, it is necessary to step back and look at the root cause of tooth decay, which will help you understand why these conventional products are not the best answer to ensure dental health.

Why Are Modern Dental Products Failing?

The first step to avoiding tooth decay is to understand that these dental products and protocols are not an answer that will solve all dental health problems. In fact, some of the products may actually cause more harm than they do good, and should be avoided. So, don’t simply believe that a specific type of toothpaste or mouthwash is going to be the right answer. Instead, one should take a little time to research and understand the effects that each product may have on overall health.

For example, the ADA suggests that tooth decay is caused by bacteria in the mouth. By that argument, tooth brushing, flossing, fluoride, and mouthwash should be used in order to kill those bacteria, which will, in turn, supposedly prevent the teeth from rotting.

This information isn’t entirely accurate, though… because the root cause of tooth decay is not bacteria.

What Really Causes Tooth Decay

Ramiel Nagel, the author of Cure Tooth Decay, has put forth documented evidence that tooth decay is caused by nutritional deficiencies. When the human body is missing important vitamins, minerals and nutrients, the teeth begin to weaken and rot. The best way to prevent tooth decay is by focusing on a natural diet which includes high amounts of nutrients, especially essential fat-soluble vitamins.

Additionally, certain foods should be avoided, such as refined sugars, processed foods, and sweet treats – yes, even those made from fruits. When someone eats too many sweets, calcium is pulled from the bones, temporarily giving your body an overabundance of blood calcium. Over time, this weakens teeth, and cavities form.

Tooth decay is therefore not a result of bacteria: it is caused by a person’s daily choice of food. With a healthy diet of whole, nutrient-rich foods, nutritional deficiencies are corrected and the body is able to heal the tooth decay problems.

Your Dentist Forgot to Mention Nutritional Deficiencies

Using a plastic-bristled brush to rub manufactured products over one’s teeth won’t solve nutritional deficiencies! Even though this is becoming clear, there continue to be numerous dental professionals who either haven’t realized or refuse to accept that bacteria are not the root cause of cavities.

Most dentists are not purposely trying to mislead you; they are simply following the information they learned at dental school.

When nutritional deficiencies are ignored, tooth decay continues to occur. Continued tooth decay results in dentists suggesting further, invasive procedures that are usually unnecessary, such as fillings, extractions, crowns, root canals, and more. Consumers continue to agree to these treatments, because they simply don’t understand that there are other options to consider.

Each consumer has the opportunity to make daily choices about their health, and they can take responsibility for the health of their teeth as well… instead of simply relying on a doctor who doesn’t completely understand the real cause of tooth decay.

For more information about following a healthy diet in order to prevent tooth decay and re-mineralize teeth, check out our upcoming TOOTH Summit starting on December 1st when Ramiel shares details on specific types of foods that should be eaten to ensure the best dental health possible.

About Ramiel Nagel

Father knows best! So, when Ramiel’s Nagel’s little girl started developing cavities early in life, he got passionate about tooth-truth. Rather than subject his one year old daughter to anesthesia and fillings, Mr. Nagel researched the underlying cause of cavities and searched for methods of healing them. He turned this research into a groundbreaking book, Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition.

Ramiel is a dental health educator who imparts a treasure trove of wisdom about healing and preventing cavities with your everyday diet. His tooth decay research has been featured in many media outlets including Nexus Magazine and Fox Business News. He has two very informative websites: and

In the spirit of service to all, Mr. Nagel shares how we can cure tooth decay with nutrition. Check out Ramiel’s interview during The TOOTH Summit starting on December 1st! Sign up now to access this FREE Online Interview Series.


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