Autumn: The Season To Change & Clear Clutter

Autumn: The Season To Change & Clear Clutter

By Vanessa Stewart

Ahhh, It’s one of my favorite times of year! The colors are so vibrant, so rich and so full of CHANGE. The air feels cool and crisp and clean. It’s a time of completion, a time to start the move inward. A Return to HOME!  As we move into fall, we move back into our homes, spending more & more time indoors.

It’s time to take a look at how our homes are supporting our family, needs, our desires, wishes and us.

Is your home looking cluttered and full of last seasons “stuff”? (Surf boards, beach balls, lawn chairs, toys, boxes of junk?)
Is your home messy and disorganized due to lack of time to put away all those items? Do you have suitcases to unpack & put away?
Is the laundry piled high, gardening supplies scattered about, paperwork here & there, bills lost in the shuffle? Does your clutter have you feeling bogged down? Are you feeling “stuck”?

It’s Time to Take Action!

Do you have a plan? It’s time to make one! “Reduce your plan to writing… The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.”  ~ Napoleon Hill

It’s time to create a “Plan of Action”, if you haven’t already got one. I want you to do a walk-thru of your space. I personally like to start at my front door and walk through the house as I would if I were looking at it for the very first time.

I find we see things differently (more clearly) by doing it in this way. This is not the time to judge yourself, you are just observing “What’s so”. The idea is to take a serious look at what you have, what areas need some attention, what  area(s) you are wanting to improve , and what exactly you want to accomplish in each one.

Acknowledge Yourself For Your Work!

Our homes and lives are always a “work in progress”, so be sure to pat yourself on the back when you find those areas that “Please you”.

Now that you’ve done your walk-thru and have decided what it is that you want to get done, write it down on a piece of paper. This is NOT just another “TO DO” list. It really is a “Plan of Action”. Create this list in order of your priority.

Start With the Most Painful Place First

Put a start as well as a deadline for completion of each project. Schedule some time each week, or daily to work on the area. Be sure to complete one area before moving on to another. One final tip: Put on some great motivating or uplifting music, it can make the process so much more FUN & actually improves the “chi” (energy) of your home!

Living  in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Vanessa is an experienced Feng Shui advisor offering classes, workshops and consultations in Washington State and across the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, she is Director of the Seattle division of the Feng Shui Academé, founded to provide quality education to the public.

Meet Vanessa Stewart: Our Clutter Free Living Expert

Vanessa is also a a professional organizer, certified with Clear & SIMPLE™ Professional Organizers, and has more than 18 years of clutter busting, abundance-boosting experience. Vanessa specializes in helping people clear the excess clutter out of their living and working environments. She loves assisting people in making their homes more beautiful & supportive of their individual needs. Above all Vanessa believes that you can make the de-cluttering process Fun & Easy! That’s why she developed the 30-Day Clutter Free Living Program.

She has more spunk, spark and pep than you would expect from such an organized lady.


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