Raw Food Health: Vitamin Supplements, Juice Detoxing And The Key To A Long And Healthy Life

Raw Food Health: Vitamin Supplements, Juice Detoxing And The Key To A Long And Healthy Life

By Kelly Cleason-Kelly

Is it really necessary to continue taking supplements while participating in a juice cleanse? What about omega- 3 supplements, B 12 supplements, calcium, and probiotics? While on a juice feast, do I have to discontinue my herbal supplement as well? It is very common to have some anxiety associated with supplementing during a cleanse.

For a variety of reasons, many of us health conscious vixens become very attached to our daily regiment. Some supplements we take for health promotion, others to assist with underlying conditions, while others are taken for preventative medicine such as calcium supplements. And then us vitamin popping juicers may even find a few that we have added on the advice of a friend or an article that we read. So what should we take while juicing? These questions and many others will be answered for in my newest blog entitled Supplementing While Detoxing.

Supplementing While Detoxing

Many people that I have coached through juicing and smoothie programs ask me if they should take a multi-vitamin supplement, herbal supplement, probiotic, or mineral supplement while participating in a juicing or detox regiment. It is hard to watch television or to read a book without seeing a commercial or read an advertisement for some new supplement or herbal remedy. In fact, about half of adult American men and women take some form of daily vitamin supplement. This is at the cost of about $23 billion per year, according to a 2009 New York Times piece. But, the latest research, have largely been disappointing, confusing and misleading. This is in part due to researchers focusing on mega-dosing, or focusing the research on a single nutrient such as Vitamin C or E in large quantities. These supplements do not always come from a whole food source and by isolating only one vitamin, other nutrients in the food which have beneficial properties are removed. Research involving humans and supplement use can be tricky because many individuals who take vitamins are healthier than those who do not. Paying any amount of money for a supplement indicates that those who take a supplement are financially vested in their health and therefore more likely to be physically active and eat a more rounded diet.

It’s Already In There

Juicing and smoothie cleanses provide the body with a wallop of vitamins and minerals. As we are juicing or on a smoothie cleanse, the body is able to absorb many water soluble vitamins. These include our B vitamins and Vitamin C. Fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, and E will be less likely to be absorbed as they require fat to be assimilated by the body in the intestines. While juicing or using smoothies there are sources of fat that can be added to ensure proper absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Avocado, ground flax seed, hemp seed powder, and other powdered seeds contain fat. Other participants choose to supplement with an omega-3 supplement. Some vegan participants find it important to continue supplementing with vitamin B 12 as it is only found in animal foods and nutritional yeast neither of which are included in most cleanses.

Let’s Talk About It

As with any major change in lifestyle, it is important to discuss dietary and supplement changes with your physician, nutritionist, or herbalist. Juicing and smoothie cleansing is no exception.

It is always best to obtain our nutrients from food when possible. Juicing ensures that you are receiving concentrated vitamins and minerals in liquid form, as the only thing that is removed from the whole plant is the fiber. In a smoothie cleanse, the whole plant is being consumed in liquid form along with the plant’s fiber.

The Reason Why Supplements Are So Popular

Vitamin supplements have gained popularity, in part to Americans not eating enough fruits and vegetables. This way of eating is referred to as the SAD diet or Standard American Diet, which is a far cry from juicing or participating in a smoothie cleanse as the SAD is high in processed foods, refined sugars, animal protein, and hydrogenated fats and low in whole foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats and fish. Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables ensures that you will maintain adequate fuel to function and heal. If you do decide to supplement during your juice cleanse, do so with high quality product. Remember that a high price tag does not indicate that it is high quality. Also keep in mind that supplementing with a fish oil is not a vegetarian source of omega-3 as it is created from the fat of cold water fish.

The Take Home Message

There is no right or wrong answer! As different as we all are from a biological prospective, we all have our own needs which are best discussed with your health care professional. A supplement is not the key to a long and healthy life, good choices, made daily are!

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Kelly Cleason-Kelly is a Clinical Nutritionist from New York. She began her thirst for raw juice following the birth of her son who experienced severe skin allergies. As a nursing mother, she relied on her nutritional training to find a solution to heal her son through her diet. Kelly has been helping mothers work with food allergies ever since.

Kelly studied Acupuncture and Nutrition receiving a master’s degree in both. She has also become a certified nutritional consultant and a holistic health coach.  Kelly brings her knowledge of nutrition and Eastern medicine to her patients and uses techniques that she has mastered both in New York and in China. Kelly’s goal is to introduce the western culture to a concept of preventative health through food.  www.fingerlakesnutritionalsupportcounseling.com


  1. says

    What a great story. I have heard of people doing these juice diets and still feeling that they had to take other health supplements along with their regimen. Now that I am armed with this information I think I am ready to take on my own juice cleanse. Thanks for sharing this information!


  2. James Freeman says

    As a nutritionist, I’m always recommending people who otherwise don’t consume a lot of fruit and vegetables to start juicing. It’s a great way of getting the essential nutrients and vitamins you need, and it can be fun inventing your own drinks as well.


  3. says

    Thanks for clearing this out. A lot of people really wonder if it’s safe to take vitamins or supplements while on juicing. I just would like to know, what brand of juicer do you use?


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