How To Make Your Own Natural Enzyme Cleaner

How To Make Your Own Natural Enzyme Cleaner

– by Jeanie Beresford

I make enzyme cleaners out of my organic kitchen scraps. Yes, you heard correctly, you don’t have to donate handfuls of dollars to clean your domestic soils, you can easily make them yourself.

One evidently humdrum day, I decided to learn how to make my own enzyme cleaner and set out on the quest.  What started as a simple idea turned into a compulsion, then finally a success! Now I have in my possession both a lifetime supply of bottled enzymes and a bucket full of knowledge to share.

So, here’s how to do it.

How Do Enzyme Cleaners Work?

Enzyme cleaners work by helping to break down and release the molecules that create stains and odors and results in their removal from the carpet or other material.  They best clean organic stains and materials such as pet soils and odors and are commonly added to wash a load of laundry.  Although you can make enzyme cleaner from kitchen scraps, I prefer to use fruit and citrus, so that is what I will share.

Recipe for How To Make Natural Enzyme Cleaner

To begin with, you will need an old 2 liter plastic juice bottle.


  • 4 cups fruit peels, cut into pieces
  • 1 liter of water
  • 100 grams brown sugar


  1. Add about 12 ounces or about ½ of the container of cut up fruit peels.
  2. Add 1 liter of water and finally with a funnel, then add 100 grams of brown sugar, shake and set aside.
  3. Do not screw the lid on tight or you will be cleaning up more messes than you care to.
  4. Ferment for about 3 months.  It will be pretty active in the beginning, then eventually slow down.
    Hint: Date the bottle. Busy or creative minds forget.
  5. Unscrew the cap every so often to burp it as there will be quite a bit of gas. I found organic to ferment quicker with a tremendous amount of more vigor than conventional.
  6.  After three months is up, strain through cheesecloth into another bottle and cap. Don’t be too hasty, it needs to finish fermenting completely.



Using Your Homemade Natural Enzyme Cleaner

To use your finished very safe, amazing cleaner, dilute it into water. Floors come out fabulously clean and shiny!

Tip: If you use every other day for about 2 weeks, somehow the floor keeps itself clean afterwards and you only need to wash periodically.

I use about a ¼ cup enzyme cleaner per gallon of water to use on floors and walls, along with a just a couple small drops of dish detergent.

If using for pet soils, first spray pet stains and odors and let sit before scrubbing. The trick to using enzymes is to let them sit..  They need to break down the stain, so it is not a spray and wipe but more a spray, pause, wipe.

There are so many ways to use your natural enzyme cleaner! If I made it using only organic fruit scraps, then I’ll even use this enzyme cleaner as very diluted as a face wash!

You can also add it to spray bottle of water to use as a vegetable and fruit cleaner.

¼ cup enzyme to 4 cups of water can be used as a plant fertilizer.

It also works wonders with windows!

For my very favorite use of this enzyme cleaner, I ferment pineapple and wash the exterior of both my car and Husband’s Harley with it! You would not believe the shine it puts on, and the intoxicating scent of pineapple is absolutely the best!

* * *

Our upcoming Body Enlightenment Be Clean: 30 Days to a Green, Clean Home will be offering a whole lot of amazing home cleaning solutions that are ecological, affordable and SMELL LIKE HEAVEN, naturally!  … Stay tuned!


  1. says

    I have made and used the natural enzyme before. A simple yet a great idea.It put a waste to good use, at the same time we ‘contribute’ to the environment. Feel good each time i am using it as I am doing a good deed to the earth !


  2. Amanda says

    I didn’t catch what to do with the other half of the fruit peels.


    Reply by Suz on May 2nd, 2012

    Great tip–am looking forward to trying this since I compost a lot of fruit peels making green smoothies, but I have the same question as Amanda… why are only 1/2 of the fuit peels being used? Is something missing from the instructions or do you truly only need 2 cups of fruit peels for this recipe? Thanks for any help.


    Reply by jenna on May 9th, 2012

    i think what she means is fill the 2L container up half way with the fruit peels – not only use half of them. Depends on the size of peels and what fruit you chose to how many you truly need to fill up half a 2L bottle.


  3. janielle says

    Why do you cut up 4 cups of fruit peels if, as it says in step 1, you use only 1/2 of the cut up peels for the batch of cleaner?


  4. Carol says

    We recently purchased a spa/hot tub and the directions tell me to clean the filter monthly with a “natural enzyme cleaner” (purchased from them of course). Would your natural cleaner work for our hot tub?


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