Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

Tera Warner

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

– by Tera Warner

You’re not gonna like this.

You’re not gonna like what I have to say, but sometimes the truth hurts and a girl’s just gotta say it like it is, so brace yourself, Beauty!

You’ve got to stop comparing yourself to other people!

Who cares what they eat?! Eat what feels good for YOU!

Who cares how they dress?! Dress in a way that makes you feel like the movie star you really are!

Who cares what they say about the things you should do or say and how you should live your life?! Have the courage to forge your own path, to establish your own truth and live Life on YOUR terms.

Be inspired by the lives of others, but do not follow their path and pretend it’s your own. The most valuable thing you have is not your health, it’s not your time, it’s not your purse, your car, your fancy pants designer jeans or even your friends.

It is your self-determinism – your ability to choose the path you take in life, make your own decisions and stand for the things that you believe in. In a world where we’ve been fed a deep-fried, glitter-coated version of what Life should be, how it should work, and told to whom we should defer our power, creativity and authentic expression, it takes some serious ovaries to think for yourself! Question what you hear and stand in your truth, no matter how lonely it feels to do so sometimes!

Tera WarnerI know you’re out there busily making the world a better place, and I know that choosing the foods, friends and conversations that lift you higher isn’t always easy, but you’ve got to BUCK UP! Dig your heels into the Earth, stand tall, chin up, shoulders back and eyes on the stars.

The only way we’ll ever make a better world is when people like you have the courage to stand tall in their truth. Do not risk living your life half-expressed, and do not satisfy yourself with adopting the opinions and experiences of others as if they were your own.

You are here to make some noise on this planet, too! So raise your voice, fly your freak flag and get dirt under your fingernails. Your life is to be lived, not listened to!

It’s time to untie the pretty pink ribbons that have been holding us back from standing in our true beauty. No poreless photoshopped pictures will ever radiate the health and confidence that comes when we strip away the mask of foundation and start talking about health and beauty on the cellular level.

Just in case you didn’t notice, the first two syllables of the word “beauty” are “BE” and “YOU“!

Dig on that and go untie the pretty pink ribbons that have been holding you back from standing in the beauty you ARE!

Groovin’ to the rhythm of my own drum,


What comes to mind as you read this?  Spill the beans below gorgeous.


  1. Joan Moseley says

    Love it! Love me! Love what I’m doing! I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing and at 66, I’d better be.I’ve come full circle in many ways and I am enjoying right where I am with my job, which I love. I may not be making a lot of money but I am able to express myself in my own way and people respond to that.
    Keep it up, Girl. You’re fabulous!


  2. Ana says

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!! I love it!!.
    Being oneself is very important
    I’ve been called a rebel all my life only because I’ve always heard a different beat. And so, Now that it’s become a way of life I say go for it ladies! We were created beautiful, We are beautiful, each one of us is unique and I am so glad. I love that we can and should walk, skip, and run to our own beats. Thank you, for all you do, Tera. I appreciate your words.


  3. Faithlyn Thomas says

    Hi Tera, thanks for helping us women keep our eyes on one of the things that’s most important…US. And learning how to “BE YOU”. We tend to want to be like some one else instead of ourselves,we are afraid to let our own light shine. Thanks for your encouragement and eye opening truth.
    Keep up the good work.


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