How to Heal Blemishes, Acne, Skin Discoloration and Scars Naturally

heal scars naturallyHow to Heal Blemishes, Acne, Skin Discoloration and Scars Naturally

– by Nadine Artemis

The following is an excerpt from a recorded conversation that I did with Nadine Artemis about natural beauty. In preparation for our upcoming 30-Day BE Beauty Makeover starting, we thought you might appreciate a few renegade beauty tips for zit-busting, scar-soothing and other delicate matters of the skin.

“When it comes to scars, new or old, especially if they’re on the face, we want to clear up and prevent the formation of keloids. Essential oils actually can heal old scars and new scars. If you have a new scar from a mole being removed for example, or if you’ve had a surgery of some kind,  essential oils are really amazing for aiding the healing of these scars.

Healing Wounds and Scars

natural skincare“For the past four or five years, a lot of work has been done on various anti-cancer, anti-tumorous oils.  Essential oils like frankincense and sandalwood are very good at inhibiting the malevolent pathways of the skin cell.  Which means they can stop a skin cell that thinks it wants to go down a cancerous path and turn it into a healthy, normal cell.  That’s pretty exciting.

“You could apply essential oils directly to an area of your skin that you want to heal. If you’ve had minor skin surgery to have something removed, then post surgery you could apply the frankincense and sandalwood undiluted for a couple of days until the skin is dried and healed up. Continue to apply the oils until there’s no more incision.

“Then after it has healed, you will want to move to a concentrated dilution of about 50/50–one drop of frankincense to one drop of jojoba or virgin coconut oil.  That will heal the scar and prevent any of the thick keloid scar tissue from forming. You can also do this for other scars as well, using the essential oils of lavender, frankincense or immortelle.  I create a blend call Opulent Skin Drops, which has all of those oils in it and can also be used for anointing blemishes on the face.

“As for old scars, you should take a similar approach. With the exception that you will miss that initial stage of putting the essential oils on the open wound undiluted.  You’ll just use that same 50/50 dilution, and that will start breaking down the keloid scar tissue and getting the skin softer, with the skin cells regenerating.  It’s bringing new life force to that area.”

Mystery Blemishes that Appear Overnight

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought: “What grew on my face in the middle of the night?”

“When I first started using infrared saunas I would get strange one off little things appearing on my skin.  I’d see it when I woke up the next day and I’d think it’s just part of the detoxing process.  When that happened I  I would immediately apply some Dew Dab.  When you want to dry little pimples and blemishes out, that’s also when you use Opulent Skin Drops undiluted.  Depending on what’s happening with yo, you can also use it diluted with a carrier oil to anoint the whole face.

How to Heal and Recover Damaged Skin

natural skincare“The skin condition Melasma is when the discoloring of the  skin on the face can occur.  It’s often hormonal and sometimes women get it during pregnancy.  Many women think their skin is okay, but then the sun comes out and they start getting these browner patches on their face.  So if you have that skin condition and you’re heading out in the sun be sure to protect that discoloring patch of skin with zinc oxide, cause you don’t want to get sun on that patch!!

A lot of women have also had good results with the Opulent Skin Drops used on patches of discoloration like this. It takes two or three months of consistent application to see a patch fading so it’s good to be aware of that. When there is a hormonal condition behind the skin discoloration, you also have to then sort out what the underlying cause is.”

To learn more about the healthy things to put on your skin and understand where your pimples and wrinkles and warts are coming from, join us for the upcoming 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover with Nadine Artemis and I. It’s starting up soon and is guaranteed to teach you everything you want to know about beauty that is WAY more than skin deep!

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  1. Debbie says

    Oh wow, i’m so excited. I’ve had keloids for many, many years and tried so many invasive, painful treatments. I’ve already signed up to the Be Beauty course and I can’t wait to start it. Thank you so much Tera and Nadine for bringing this information into our lives. I’m so grateful. I knew there was a better way and I can’t wait to treat myself.


  2. mo malcolm-gourley says

    Hi Tera, I will be trying out those tips as at the moment i feel like that every morning as i’m 14 weeks pregnant and covered in spots. the only thing i am managing at the moment is 5 sun salutations. Can i also mention how fabulous Eliza Ceci has been to me over the last wee while. she has been an amazing support. Thank you and eliza for being such shining lights in my life at the moment. namaste mo x


  3. Lisa Rosenthal says

    Is there anything for skin discoloration due to Morphea? My 15 year old daughter would try anything to get rid of the large blotches/ scales on her abdomen.


  4. matty blanca says

    I have dry, sensitive, blemish prone skin. I’m in my late 20’s with severe environmental allergies and mild acne. I cannot use Benzoyl Peroxide as it’s too irritating and actually makes my skin swell. Retinol, AHA and BHA are the only OTC products I can use without breaking out. Now, I ONLY USE the Lady Soma Renewal Serum!! Its not hard on my skin and I’ve noticed my acne clearing since I’ve started using it.

    In the morning, I can see my blemishes have healed some compared to the night before when using this Lady Soma Serum. I have also noticed old blemish spots fading significantly. I also like that it comes in a tube rather than a jar. The antioxidants and other ingredients won’t spoil that way. Good for Lady Soma for coming out with this product!


  5. says

    I love Nadine Artemis and her amazing skin care creations. She is truly a beauty alchemist and such a wealth of knowledge. Living Libations makes some of the best skin care ever. Thanks for the informative article, very helpful.


  6. says

    The research being conducted on essential oils really is exciting. I’d like to invite anyone interested to browse my site linked to my name. I have an online shop for therapeutic essential oils, but haven’t put myself out there enough as a salesperson. I’m currently going through a financial hardship and would appreciate if you could check out my store and support me!


  7. says

    This is excellent advice.
    Frequently, we can address multiple skin discolorations and problems with one botanical solution. This is because the remedies stimulate cell regeneration and collagen formation. We found this to be the case with essential oil and herbal blends used in Skin of Gold cream.


  8. laurie says


    This does not have to do with this post but I didnt know where else to write. I met/listened to you at the WWC (I was the one waiting in green) I have to say again. I loved you, your talk, spunk. The joy seemed to pour out of you! Your energy was infectious…..I walked away thinking…that is how I want to do my life. Just had to tell you again. I will follow this blog for sure, its obvious your actions follow your words…..


    Reply by Tera on February 19th, 2013

    You’re SOOO kind, Laurie! Thanks for your kind words! I appreciate it so much and LOVED meeting you!! Big hugs and thanks so much for reaching out!!! xoxox


  9. amanda says

    I did a permanent makeup on my eyebrows something went wrong and she tried to correct it by opening my skin and outted a chemical called corrector! It got worse as I have diabetic it healed and left a horrible BLACK marks. And am frustrated I tried all creams to remove the marks nothing is happening and its taking forever. The doctor gave me SBR-repair and antibiotic. I can’t see any change. Please help *sad face*


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