How to Feel Fabulous Without Wearing Foundation

natural beauty, natural skin careHow to Feel Fabulous Without Wearing Foundation

– by Guest Blogger Rachel Redondo

My name is Rachel and I’m excited for the opportunity to share with you!  I’m currently enrolled in the Natural Beauty course at and am excited to learn and experience the knowledge Tera and Nadine have to share on so many interesting and relevant topics.

I’ve been researching quite a bit myself over the past few years, but I have yet to find a single source that includes quality information on all the topics I’ve been searching for. It seems I’ve stumbled in the right direction at the perfect moment as this BE Beauty course touches on every topic I’d love to learn about. Topics like natural dentistry and oral care, homemade beauty recipes and the how and why certain ingredients are great for you, hair and nail health discussions and recipes, the best food for nourishing your cells and achieving a healthy glow through food sources, and so much more!! Eeeeeee! It feel like I’ve hit the self help beauty jackpot and I feel like a little girl on Christmas morning! <3

Inspiration for Making Changes

natural beauty, natural skin careAs I progress through the course I’ll be blogging ideas, thoughts, and feelings about what I’m learning and how I’m applying the information and the results from the changes I’ve made. But before the course begins I’d love to share where I am at currently and how I’ve managed to change my beauty routine over the past several years and the huge benefits I’ve received due to minor changes and choices!

It’s so amazing how beautiful and powerful your body is when you get out of its way. You can have major achievements and beauty breakthroughs just by letting your body take control and allowing it to make its magic happen!

A couple years back, in December of 2009, I took a trip with my parents to Tennessee for Christmas holiday in the mountains. While I was there I had 2 weeks to relax, focus in, and do as I like to do… read, read, read, and study! I was tearing through this book that I had purchased 2 years prior and had never had the time to read or put energy into, and I was fascinated by the story of the author! She had overcome obesity, chronic rashes and discomforts, and completely transformed her life and her body into this picture perfect model of radiant health and beauty! The book is called The Truth About Beauty and her name is Kat James.

The book covered everything from the importance of shower filters to going sans make up and getting rid of the toxic products in your cabinets and home. I read everything from don’t bathe in your tap water to the importance of folic acid for your hair and nails and also how important it is to quit putting chemicals onto your skin and into your blood system through your beauty products. Her life style choices were so foreign and far away from where I was in my life at that moment. But as I continued to read through her book her ideas made perfect sense to me and I knew I had to make some major changes.

Just the year prior I had decided to quit eating meat and dairy products because of the effects it had on my health. I was very passionate about my choice to stop using animal products, and what the author was saying to me made every bit of sense and seemed to be the next appropriate step for me. How could I not treat my external body with the same respect and love as I did my internal body? It was one and the same. I had to make a change.

Going Foundation Free

natural beauty, natural make-upI decided that I was going to go without makeup, something I hadn’t done since I’d started Jr. High in the 7th grade! I’ve always had decent skin with very little break outs but something wouldn’t let me go makeup free. I knew I was acting out of pure habit but I had become accustomed to and controlled by my daily practice of painting and primping my face each morning. The thought of going without makeup or beauty products made me feel so exposed and plain that I couldn’t ever get myself to walk out the door without foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. It just couldn’t happen. I was too exposed to the world and I honestly felt lost without makeup on.

I actually remember this particular incident where one of my close friends, someone I’d know for several years, had stopped in to visit right as I was stepping out of the shower one afternoon. Instead of letting him in and excusing myself while I got myself together, I couldn’t bare the thought of him seeing me without makeup on. I had him wait outside my front door for 20 minutes while I ran around like a crazy person trying to apply my foundation before I could answer the door and let him into the house. It was crazy! I was crazy. I’m glad we’d know each other for so long and he was so understanding. I can laugh about it now but, sheesh, that was a little over the top and I’m glad I’m no longer a prisoner to silly things like makeup any longer!

Scenarios like that were not uncommon for me, so deciding to go without makeup was a huge leap. But with all of the information I’d poured through about the toxins and the chemicals, I knew that stopping would actually allow my skin to breath and eventually glow with radiant health and beauty.  It convinced me to bite the bullet and let my skin take its course to detoxify and eventually shine.

Transition to Life Without Make-Up!

natural beauty, natural make upIt was hard, I’m not going to lie. When I looked in the mirror my skin seemed pasty, my under eye bags felt dark and bulbous and I couldn’t get over my red nose and the pores on my cheeks being out in the open for all the world (especially my customers!) to see. I felt totally exposed. Not to mention, I actually started breaking out worse than I had ever before (DETOXING!). The only thing that got me through it was that I had read that those skin reactions were most likely going to happen so I knew to expect it. I had read that it was my skin getting rid of the gunky buildup of toxins and goop I’d been covering it with over the years. Even though it wasn’t easy, I was so excited about the glow (the book had promised!!) and to finally be free of the routine and the insecurity of going sans makeup, that I was able to overlook the blemishes and keep my spirits high.

It took only a week! A week of breaking out, rashes and rosy cheeks. But it was worth it. That one week of feeling icky has given me over 3 years of feeling absolutely stunning and completely confident and beautiful in my own skin. I’m not going to lie, its been a process and my skin isn’t perfect, but that’s why I’m so excited to take this course and learn even more. I know that with a little knowledge, patience, and positivity, it’s very much possible to achieve the results you want and to feel better than you ever have before.

Honestly there is nothing more flattering or exciting than to receive such positive attention and more complements than ever before, and to receive them entirely in my own skin. I know that when someone tells me I look beautiful, the credit goes entirely to me and my natural beauty, instead of the products and potions I used to give credit to before.

For a complete, head-to-toe natural makeover of beauty on the cellular level, please join us for the upcoming BE Beauty program. It’s 30 days of learning the most efficient, empowering natural beauty tips you need to know. Wrinkle-cream and powder puffs just don’t cut it anymore for women who long to reveal their natural, radiant beauty and sparkle with a vibrant glow reflective of the health and well-being happening on a cellular level.

How do you feel about foundation?  Do you love it, hate it, use a natural version, or want to try going without?  Share your own experience with us in the comments below!



  1. Treena says

    I would like to go without more than I can express. I hate having to wear it all the time! My skin is always breaking out. I have tried going without. But it just breaks out anyways. Not sure what to do. I thought it may Kydney function for such bad skin.


  2. Viv says

    Great article, I’ve just been thinking about life with out foundation. I use foundation to hide the in-perfections but the in-perfections are there from the use of foundation.

    Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and go foundation free for a while and monitor the results.


    Reply by Rachel Redondo on March 24th, 2012


    Yes, you should try it! It really feels incredible to roll out of bed each morning and not have to worry about “putting my face on.” You really will be surprised at how fresh you’ll feel and how glowy your skin can become on its own. Just don’t let yourself get discouraged! It does take a little time. But its worth it!


  3. Dragana says

    I don’t use foundation, and I never have. I do use mascara and lip gloss but few times when I did put foundation on my face I felt like having a mask. I always recive complimants for my complexion and I am 35. I plan to enroll on BE Beauty program and to keep my skin beatiful forever. I am afraid of wrinkles, still don’t have them but…


  4. says

    I have been using Miessence “certified organic” liquid foundation for 4+ years and mineral powder. Sometimes, I use SanRe Organics. It is very light and does not cover my face to look like a fake cover. I have wondered about being able to go totally without because I increase my raw foods and feed my skin better and get a natural radiant glow. I would love to know what Nadine/Tera think about using the natural chemical free type foundations, etc.


    Reply by Rachel Redondo on March 24th, 2012

    Oooo! I’m curious about that as well! I’m s excited for the program to start! 😀


  5. Rhiannon says

    I also have enrolled after much thought, and would also like to know what Nadine/ Tera thinks about a natural version of foundation.
    I experience breakouts and I do for the most time go without foundation but when it is particularly bad I feel as though I have to try and blend them out. It feels painful to me when people talk to my blemishes rather than me. Not sure if you all understand what that means but it really hurts my feelings so I try and cover them up though I know I should just let me skin breathe. I am really hopeful that this course while release me from this awful cycle of wanting to do the right thing by my body but then succumbing to the mask like affects of makeup in order to feel acceptable to society.


    Reply by Rachel Redondo on March 24th, 2012

    Hi Rhiannon,
    It could be something your eating. I’ve recently found out that my body isn’t a fan of dairy any longer. Which is crazy because I grew up LOVING a glass of whole milk each morning. But after having cut dairy out of my life over the past few years, I find that when I do have a little milk now-a-days, my back breaks out for the next day or two, like clock work! Its funny how our bodies adjust to our life styles.


  6. says

    I don’t like to wear foundation, but I am 59 years old and I have brown spots on my face that foundation covers a little bit. I have been eating raw now about 1 year and using coconut oil for moisturizer and last 3 weeks putting Vit C on brown spots. Still there though. I keep trying. And wrinkles don’t ever go away.


    Reply by Melissa on June 8th, 2013

    I am 63, fair to the point that I can’t find the right color foundation, and have come to hate the feel of all that on my skin. I now wash with Dr. Bronner’s soap, use a bit of moisturizer, add a bit of blush, some gloss and mascara. Yes, that is still using makeup but not foundation and I honestly don’t think I look any worse. The foundations either accentuate the fine lines and wrinkles, the colors are wrong, I feel like I am hiding behind a mask and I have just changed my mind about it.


  7. Shao says

    3 weeks ago, I registered to the 30 days BE program. I have a very problamatics face skin (redish, pimples, big pores, very sensitive and dry but still very greasy…name it!) I was so motivated and wanted to begin doing something right away, so I push my old products away and start using some Nadine Artemis products (Best skin ever, seabuckthorn – Dew Dab – RoseGlow Creme) and decided to go fondation free. It was very hard the first week, but I’ve already noticed some major changes. I feel more confortable in my skin, it does’nt pull anymore and the stuff is getting out! I’m very exited about all the others things I’m going to learn, beginning on monday!


    Reply by Rachel Redondo on March 24th, 2012


    Stick with it!!! It gets better and better! 😉
    And I’m excited too!!!! Eeeeeeee! I can’t wait to begin!!



  8. Jenn says

    Great article! I have always been enthralled by the idea of waking up, rinsing with water, and springing out the door sans foundation. I have been wearing foundation for so many years, I feel it has become a part of my identity. As a primarily raw vegan, I definitely know intellectually that foundation is not good for my skin, but it is a psychological hurdle I must jump in order to live life without feeling like I have to be cover up my currently imperfect skin. I am SO excited for the BE program! Thank you Tera and Nadine!!


  9. Abby says

    I love going foundation free! I only wear foundation when I take pictures (because I tend to shine) and for stage performances. The older ladies that I know with the prettiest skin went foundation free the majority of their life. I want to be like them. Thanks to my mom, I’m blessed with pretty nice skin but it’s not perfect. I have breakouts from time to time and I have uneven skin tone. I am looking forward to learning about some natural products through BE that will help in these areas.



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