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  • Eat Nude Food: Shakaya’s Sublime Key Lime Mousse Recipe

    Eat Nude Food: Shakaya’s Sublime Key Lime Mousse Recipe

    - by Shakaya Leone

    This recipe is a scentual inspiration by our upcoming WISH Summit guest, Shakaya Leone, whose work inspires us to move toward exquisite self-care.

    Food is about who we are and who we want to become. I want to intercept your food doldrums and spark the magic in your everyday life.  Undress your food and eat it nude; fresh, raw, unadulterated beautiful food. It’s the sexiest way to eat and will seduce you into happiness, open your heart, and you will love every bite you take. Some of the most loving bites you’ll ever take will be in my show-stopping key lime mousse recipe, which follows:

    Shakaya’s Sublime Key Lime Mousse


    Squeeze limes, into a juicy pool of goodness. The scent of citrus fills the air and entices him to peek over your shoulder. Swirling a creamy, delicious dab of green goddess vibrancy, he licks it off your finger. Is it too sweet or too tangy? You loosen your silk scarf from your hair and wrap it around his neck to pull him close, very close. you whisper to him that you are taking him somewhere exotic. Somewhere fresh. Somewhere he has never been before. He agrees.


    4 limes squeezed
    2 ripe avocado
    ¼ c agave nectar, raw honey or 8 pitted dates
    1/3 c baby spinach optional
    a dash of pure vanilla powder


    1.   Process into a silk so smooth and creamy bringing all the tangy goodness together
    2.   Enjoy as a fun-do to dip fresh fruit slices in to, or layer with fresh berries in a tall parfait glass

    Shakaya Leone is the Earth Empress and will be inspiring the women of WISH to step up to an invitation to priorize their self-care and make exquisite  self-care a priority, not a luxury. You will be able to hear Shakaya’s interview by tuning in to our WISH Summit interview. Register here, and the latest call information will be made available to you.

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    12 Responses to “Eat Nude Food: Shakaya’s Sublime Key Lime Mousse Recipe”

    1. By Joanne on Mar 21, 2012

      Oh my, I can’t wait to try this recipe, Shakaya! Big hugs to you! xxxxxx


    2. By clare on Mar 21, 2012

      My liver can’t manage avocodo. I am going to try it with bananas and honey. It sounds divine.


      Reply by Evolver on March 21st, 2012

      If you cannot take the avocados you should try using tofu instead.


    3. By Kathy on Mar 21, 2012

      So lovely and so lite, very refreshing flavors thanks for sharing, I so enjoyed the picture too, you all look outstanding :) Have a great day ,big hugs XOXO


    4. By juliew4 on Mar 21, 2012

      Yum yum

      What a nice way to return off the St Paddys challenge.
      AND We;ve got Lots of Raspberries in our garden:-)

      But the other bit of the email. I go very slow on Coconut oil as it shot my chotesterol levels way up :-(

      Rasberries and Avo does me much better

      Thanks for the lovely challenge notes.


    5. By Linda on Mar 21, 2012

      This sounds really great. A suggestion – I looked for a “print recipe” button but couldn’t find it. It would save some ink and paper……….thanks for all you do.


      Reply by Danielle on March 29th, 2012

      Thanks for the suggestion Linda!


    6. By Betsy on Mar 21, 2012

      I really want to try this. But there’s no information about how much it makes…would be helpful to know what the nutrition information is per serving and how many servings this recipe makes.


    7. By Laura Sutton on Mar 21, 2012

      I make this recipe similarly, however I don’t use agave since it’s really about as healthy for us as corn syrup :( I use soaked dates for the sweetener, and I use carob powder instead of vanilla, which disguises the green of the avo, and makes it look like chocolate pudding. I also like to sneak in a little chia seeds and chlorella for their health benefit. YUM!!


      Reply by Danielle on March 29th, 2012



    8. By blender dude on Apr 20, 2012

      Looks awesome. Borrowing it for my site. Thanks!


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