WISH: Women’s International Summit for Health. The Whole Story.

WISH SummitWISH: Women’s International Summit for Health.  The Whole Story.

– by Tera Warner

I didn’t ever intend to become an alliteration and acronym addict, it just happened that way. I felt W.I.S.H. (The Women’s International Summit for Health) brewing in my mind for months. I knew it was coming–something big, something juicy, something that was going to feel just right.

Then it happened! “W. I. S. H! The Women’s International Summit for Health!! That’s it!!”

I would mention it to well-respected friends with hesitation at first. Kinda testing out the territory. And perhaps it would have stayed in the dusty treasure chest of ideas not fulfilled if my closest friends hadn’t said to me, “Tera. You have to do it. This one gives me goosebumps!”

Somehow goosebumps on the arms of the ones I love were the cosmic confirmation I needed to make it happen.

Why Did You Create W.I.S.H.?

WISH SummitWhen we were little, we blew out our first birthday candle and made a wish with all the certainty in the world that it would come true. We had fearlessness then–a sort of cosmic confidence that it would all work out happily ever after. But Life has a way of knocking us down and throwing us around and after a few scraped knees and broken hearts our fearlessness becomes hesitation and we hold ourselves back from dreaming and believing in the impossible.

In Nebraska there’s a woman crying on her pillow because she’s just lost the love of her life, but in Vancouver a woman has just bumped into the love of her life in an unsuspecting Chinese vegetable market.

In London there’s a woman facing a health crisis and being told there is no cure for her disease, and yet in Brisbane another woman just got back her tests results proving she just cured that same disease.

Whether we realize it or not, we’re all connected. Since the beginning of time women have come together to share, support, hear each others’ stories and pass them along as the spiritual trademark for healthy, happy, honest living.

There are people on this planet dedicating their lives to finding solutions for the problems we observe in health, finance, fitness, romance, etc. They’re researching, writing books and breaking new ground and when we come together as a community of inspired, committed, willing women, we earn the right to hear their conversation a bit more intimately.

WISH is an invitation to restore fearlessness and hope in the hearts of women. And our combined knowledge and wisdom will take us much farther than sleepless nights spent wondering if there is a way out.

How Does It Work?

WISH Summit

For 40 days and 40 nights, some of the most inspirational and thought-provoking people on the planet come together to share their wisdom and best wishes for women. In a series of recorded audio (and sometimes video!) interviews, their intimate conversations are shared daily with the women who have signed up to hear the calls.

It all happens online. You just have to give your name and email address on the WISH website, and we do the rest of the work. It’s a virtual 40-day retreat, as long as you have the willingness, discipline and initiative to invest a bit of time in yourself every day. (My job, is to make the interviews catchy enough that you can’t help but listen. ;-))

All the interviews are shared for free. You may download the calls and put them on your MP3 players and listen in your car. There is no attempt to sell these recordings to you, and they will remain on the WISH website accessible for almost a year for those who sign up to listen.

Why is WISH Free?

WISH, Women's International Summit for HealthI tried doing what everyone else does the first year. I put together a collection of interviews, sold the recordings and transcripts. It made money, but I didn’t like the way it felt inside.

I didn’t like that all those hours of heart-felt interviews were just tied up and unavailable to the women who wanted to hear them–to the lives that could have been moved by them, especially when that was the reason for doing it in the first place.

Every single person who comes and presents as a part of the WISH Summit 0ffers their time and wisdom for free. They never charge me. They never ask for anything in exchange. And it is with that same spirit of sharing and generosity that these calls are offered to you.

But I Still Gotta Make Money!WISH Summit

In order to help defer the costs of producing WISH, (because believe me, it DOES cost money and a lot of time to produce) we have put together a “WISH Workbook.” This is something that is a compilation of the best bits and pieces of transcripts and accompanying action steps from each of the calls.

One of the things that happens during a summit like this is that there is a whole lot of inspiration worth taking action on. While we listen to the events, we’re inspired, ignited and ready to rock our lives to the next level, but then we get up from the call, get back into the peanut butter-stained reality of daily life and don’t quite know how to integrate it all.

For a really low price, (no, seriously, it’s REALLY affordable) we offer a “WISH Workbook” and the promise that throughout the entire year, we will send you little excerpts, blurbs, nudges, reminders that help you integrate the wisdom of WISH and bring into action in your daily life. Last year when we did this some of the most AMAZING things happened. It was truly jaw-dropping to see how the specific call for each week would have rippled exactly into “real life.”

You can pick up a copy of the WISH Workbook here. The price will go up once WISH begins.

Where Is WISH Going Next?

I see international PJ parties! Polka-dotted eco-cruisers with skirts and wild hair dos flailing from the windows!!

I see live events and the real time gathering of girlfriends in fabulous places to share hugs and heart space and the other things that only happen when real humans get together. The vision is to have millions of women tuning in from around the world for wisdom, inspiration and solutions to their health and wellness issues.

But it starts with just one.



  1. says


    I love your vision … I love the way you act upon it … I love your integrity … and I love your plans for the future. Oh, and I love you!

    It was a privilege to be one of your speakers last year. And I have a new subject to share with you. Let’s talk when you can.


  2. says

    Tera, so excited to hear swim in this massive pool of wisdom you’ve collected- and jealous you got to pick the brains of these folks one-on-one! I’ll be tuning in for sure, and look forward to sharing these yummy tidbits with my clients.


  3. Brooke says

    Tera – you have done women a great service by creating WISH. I remember the year it debuted. It was everything I wanted to learn and hear about all in one place. You are increasing the vibrational energy on this planet with your gift of WISH. This blog post got me excited about bringing WISH to women in person. A WISH retreat in Costa Rica or the Bahamas would be a dream come true! Thanks for everything you do and I look forward to the future :-)


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