WISH Giveaway: Living a Turned On Life with Nicole Daedone

Nicole DaedoneWISH Giveaway: Living a Turned On Life with Nicole Daedone

– by Tera Warner

Okay, you rosy-cheeked vixens (and I say that word with the utmost admiration for your friskiness!). We’ve received a great response to the orgasmic article I wrote the other day, and for those who would like to explore their sensual horizons a bit further… for those who would like to dive, not dip, into Nicole Daedone’s world of Slow Sex and Orgasmic Meditation, then we’ve put together a special offer for you.

Nicole will be joining us to share a powerful and inspiring call during our WISH Summit, but in the meantime, we thought you might appreciate a bit more inspiration.

Let me make it clear that this is NOT about another raunchy night of sweaty romance. (Though we’re not saying it’s out of the question!) I just want it to be very clear that we’re talking about pleasure–your portal to creativity, to expression and to living a life that is so deeply fulfilling you don’t need to go looking for love at the bottom of another bucket of Ben & Jerry’s, anymore.

You get “turned-on” to the realization that what you’ve really been hungry for has been within reach all along. You just didn’t dare to reach for it!

“Turn-on lives at the edge of what you think is possible. It is ignited when you dare to dream, act, create, and operate outside the bounds of the status quo.”
Nicole Daedone –

WIN One of 12 FREE Copies of Nicole Daedone’s Workbook: “Living the Turned on Woman’s Manifesto”

Nicole DaedoneThe Prize:

12 lucky winners will each receive a copy of Living the Turned On Woman’s Manifesto: A Workbook to Ignite Your Life by featured WISH speaker Nicole Daedone.  Read the Manifesto, discover the 25 ways to turn on, then move through the exercises and practices offered to help you ignite your most turned on life!

How to Enter to WIN:

To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment below to let us know what it means to you to live your life turned-on.

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The Giveaway Contest Details:

  • The contest will end Thursday night, March 1st @11:59pm Eastern.
  • We’ll enter everyone’s name into a drawing and announce the winner here on the blog on Friday, March 2nd!
  • The winners will be contacted by email, and you’ll receive your copy of Living Turned On electronically via email.

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  1. Laura says

    For me, living my life turned-on means I am so engrossed in what I am doing that I lose all track of time – whether reading a good book, sewing a new outfit, relaxing in the tub.


  2. JW says

    Life is fleeting. To live a life turned on means to relish with thanksgiving each breath we take…each day we live, to be grateful for each relationship we have whether family or friend, to reflect on how we are”fearfully and wonderfully made” as the Psalmist says by our great Creator, God and how in His wisdom & love for us, He has provided everything we might need to survive and live on this earth. To turn on would be to take hold of these opportunities and savor the water, sunshine, exercise, vegetables, fruits, nuts ,ect that are there for us to nurture our bodies so that we might be healthy and used for purposes that make a difference in the lives of others. “Be still and know that I am God”. (Psalm) sums it up


  3. says

    Living life turned on for me means living in a state of being awake and aware of my actions. Taking in each day and nourishing my mind as well as my body/ Allowing myself to feel emotions and not allow toxic people or ways dictate otherwise.
    Good luck everyone!


  4. says

    Living a turned on life is taking such exquisite care of me that my eyes sparkle!! Only then do I have an abundance of energy to care so deeply for others. Choosing healthy food and lifesytle practices with joy, leading by example….and just estatic about turning 50 in July!:) whoo hoo!!!!


  5. says

    To me, living my life turned-on means luxuriating in the luscious stream of delicious loving that just flows so beautifully through my heart in every moment, weaving a trail of magic and bliss. It means revelling in the knowing-ness that life is luscious, beautiful, vibrant, juicy, delectable. It’s a constant everflowing stream of gifts. It’s full of magic, light and bliss. It’s sweet, it’s sour, it’s spicy, it’s piquant, it’s delicious. It is for us all to savor: every droplet, every sprinkle, every breath.


  6. Jeannette says

    To live my life turned on means to fully embody the grace, elegance, mysteriousness and beauty of being a woman. It means to honor the feminine within me, to love her, to respect her and to nourish her in any way she asks me to. Sometimes this means that I rise above my own fears, step deeper into a place within myself that is filled with faith and power and trust her with everything I’ve got. It means to be in awe of the magic of life and to live fuly in in love and gratitude, even in the ordinary, routine parts of my day to day. It means to honor my dreams and desires, to be non compromsing in bringing them to life. It means seeing others, whether they are my friends, family, my boyfriend, or someone passing me on the street as holy and sacred, which means to honor their own individual life experiences and practice compassion, non judgement and love. Lastly it means doing my part to be a voice for those women around the world who are unable to speak up for themselves and to honor those women around the world who are risking their lives to fight for women.


  7. Georgi says

    What a great question! To live a turned on life to me means to be in awareness. To be open to receiving all the beauty and sensuality life has to offer. If we are really paying attention and really open. Life is good. Life is beautiful.


  8. Julia says

    Tera, I was a happy “atenndee” at the last years WISH summit and I cannot even portray in words how it profoundly embellished my life. I felt as if I was swept away into the magical world of women that I had not been connected to before. I see things in a different light now, and I am turned on to that wisdom and power, energy and honor everday! I am sitting on the edge of the seat waiting for your next great SUMMIT! many thanks and warm aloha…


  9. Rebecca says

    Living life ‘turned on’, for me, is acknowledging the difference between what I need, what I want and what is good for me on a deeper level. Basically, what is essential for happiness. For me, in truth, this means reversing a lot of bad habits…comfort eating, buying clothes I don’t need, faking orgasms, are the main ones that spring to mind. I’m slowly chipping away at these choices that don’t support a happy and healthy me but it has been hard to break the cycle of negative self esteem. I would like to start living my life to the fullest, from now, for me, and for my family and friends. I want to be a living example to my children.
    I have only recently become aware of Nicole Daedone’s work and would love to learn more.


  10. says

    I am incredibly excited about the Women’s Summit beginning 3/8. Five years ago, I was numb to the world around me. Today, coming from a place of appreciation and gratitude, every amazing moment or opportunity in life can be a turn-on. In allowing myself to be in a place of joy and “FEEL” the excitement as it moves throughout the body with tingles and vibrations, life can feel like heaven on earth; shining from the inside out. Can hardly wait to learn and experience more!


  11. Ellen says

    What it means to me to live “turned on” is to be in alignment with the Divine and with my Highest Self. This way, I am “plugged in” and turned on to life all around me. And when I live from this place, I am ready for anyone who comes my way who offers potential for Love and I am able to tell who offers the potential I am looking for and who doesn’t.


  12. Mandy Hays says

    At this point in my life, being “turned on” is accepting and actually ENJOYING my body. The body that I see in the mirror each morning is 110 lbs. lighter than it was over a year ago. I have lost the weight the natural way; smaller portions of good for me foods, eating until I am satisfied, drinking lots of water and unsweetened tea, moving more each day and believing in myself. I have gave away all my size 28 and 4X clothes and have been able to purchase new ones, currently in size 8 and medium. I still am trying to accept the fact that I am about 25 lbs away from my goal weight to put me at a healthy BMI. Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol runs rampant in my family and I am only 34 and did not want to become another statistic. More importantly, I did this for ME! No one asked me to, I just made up my mind and have stuck to it, learning all I can about natural living and how to feed my family. I must say… having self confidence totally rocks and makes me “turned on” in the bedroom with my hubby :)


  13. says

    Liked, and will tweet momentarily!

    Living a turned-on life, to me, is living an open-hearted life. Open to excitement, to the unexpected, to spontaneity and breaking the rules. The hottest moments of my life have been the unplanned, uncouth ones!


  14. Angela says

    To live my life turned on means that I am free to be me; I am vibrantly alive; not restricted or hindered or repressed or oppressed; that I am present now – my being is turned on in fullness allowing me to ‘be’ and to express myself in a myriad of ways; to let myself out, not keeping myself in or covering myself up (hiding); living out loud, not under wraps; sharing myself, my uniqueness with the world and receiving back in reciprocation; being open to others and the world; accepting & being accepted. Everyday is a new day. Let yourself shine.


  15. Danielle says

    ***Announcing the winners of our “Turned-On Life” Giveaway***

    Laura, Allie, Melissa, D McKee, Rebecca, Angela, Jeannette, Brooke, Stefanie, Puja, Devra & Erin – Congratulations! You’ve each won yourself a copy of Nicole Daedone’s workbook: “Living the Turned on Woman’s Manifesto” thanks to OneTaste!

    We loved reading each and every one of your comments. Soooo inspiring!

    If you’re not taking home the workbook, don’t worry, you can still learn more about Nicole Daedone’s work during WISH Summit so make sure you’re registered here: http://www.wishsummit.com/


  16. Brooke Haynes says

    Oops! I didn’t mean to push submit! ‘To live turned’ means to have a consistent drive to be happy with life! For everything that comes your way, handle with passion! Enjoy what you eat, who you are around, what you are doing! NoticE everything around you and love it appreciate it. If you always have that tingling feeling then you are livin turned on!


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