The Fat Truth: Quality Raw Fats for Weight Loss

healthy fatsThe Fat Truth: Quality Raw Fats for Weight Loss

– by Eliza Ceci

There is so much confusion about fats in the diet, particularly when your intention is to lose weight.  The truth about fat is simply this: fat does not make you fat.

So, what makes a ‘good’ fat?

Simple. A good fat is a raw fat.

The ‘bad’ fats for ease and understanding are the cooked ones such as saturated, monounsaturated or partially hydrogenated.

So, to make things simple for you, look at your fats from one stand point: Are the fats I am consuming cooked and processed or are they raw and in their natural state?

The Best Raw Fats

Some of the best raw fats (both in quality and taste) are:healthy fats

  • cold pressed oils
  • raw avocado
  • raw nuts and seeds
  • raw coconut and coconut butter

Fat has a notoriously bad reputation but the truth is we need good fats in our diet to properly detox and above all else, to live healthy, vibrant and long lives. I know it is tempting to think that ‘non-fat’ labelled foods might be better for you but it just is not true. Rather than looking at fat grams and calories look at the content and ingredient labels of the food. The most important thing you can do for your health is to realize that an avocado has one ingredient and it is naturally found in nature, which means your body knows just how to assimilate it.

Unnatural ‘Non-Fat’ Foods

But if you were to eat unnatural substances like the ‘non-fat’ processed foods from the store, the body gets confused because that ‘non-fat’ food isn’t recognized by your body as food at all. Sadly, those unnatural foods actually cause weight gain, premature aging, and stress on your organs. It’s ironic that if we had grabbed the whole fat from the avocado on a delicious salad we are actually losing weight as we eat because these foods are recognized and easily digestible whereas the confusing processed and expertly marketed food from the store cause simply more confusion and sickness within the system.

How Much Fat Should You Eat?

healthy fatsA wonderful rule of thumb for weight loss and the confusing question of how much is too much is simple. Begin learning what your body is telling you. Eat real foods, add in raw fats and notice when you feel satisfied. It can be easy to feel full, but push on with processed foods. Often when you begin listening to how your body reacts to real fats and even begin believing in their true benefit to your health and your body, you will know the correct amount. We are all different and unique in our own special ways.

It can be so easy to want a guide to tell you X amount of fat per day will help with weight loss but I want you to explore what feels right within your own cell walls. Remember, whether you are detoxing or simply turning to a healthier way of eating, fruits and vegetables are are the perfect foods to eat for energy and total health. When we eat these foods in the proper combination and begin noticing within our bodies what feels right, what feels like too much, and when you are satisfied, you will begin to ‘get it’. It does take time but we are all unique and special in our own ways so begin trying with your next meal adding in great healthy fat options, start small if you are unsure and notice how you begin to feel stronger, smarter and more vibrant with every bite (your purse will thank you too when you save money on the ‘low fat’ bon bons!).

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    Great article! Any advice for someone trying to GAIN weight with healthy fats? How much should this person (me! :) have per day? And combined with any foods in particular for maximum absorption? Thanks!



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