Green Smoothie Jug Frisky Friday Freebie Giveaway!

green smoothiesGreen Smoothie Jug Frisky Friday Freebie Giveaway!

– by Danielle Greason

Time for more Frisky Friday goodies!  If you’ve been eyeing off our jugs, then you’ll be excited about this one!

Before we let you know what’s up for grabs today, remember you have two days left to enter last week’s giveaway:  The 30-Day Self-Study Body Enlightenment Original program.  Check out that post and get your entry in on both today!

Now, for this week’s Frisky Freebie, you could win a one of our very own Green Smoothie Jugs to super-charge your smoothie, take it anywhere anytime, and get slurping in style!

Super-Charged Smoothie Jugs

These power jugs have been inspired by the principles in the well-known book, The True Power of Water by Masaru Emoto.

Dr. Emoto’s research suggests that directing positive thoughts and feelings towards water have genuine PHYSICAL effects, and those positive thoughts yield positive changes! You can learn more about this concept here.

Just imagine the energy of all these positive, powerful words we’ve put on your smoothie jugs infusing into your smoothie!

We have literally SUPERCHARGED your Green Smoothies by creating these amazing Green Jugs!!

A Note About BPA

In light of recent concerns about Bisphenol A in polycarbonate plastic, we have ensured that our new Green Jugs are BPA-Free!

While our reading has led us to feel that polycarbonate jugs, cared for and used properly, are not as serious a concern as normal cell phone use, wireless internet, or watching TV, we understand that worrying about such things CAN be detrimental to one’s well-being. So we have chosen the new Nalgene Everyday line, made from Eastman Tritan copolyester that is manufactured without BPA™

WIN a  FREE Super-Charged Green Smoothie Jug!

green smoothie jugThe Prize:

1 lucky winner will receive their very own super-charged Green Smoothie Jug!

*Due to postage fees, this contest is only open to those who live in North America. Thanks for understanding!

How to Enter to WIN:

To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment below to let us know why you would like drink your green smoothie out of on our jugs!

Want another chance to win?

Tweet this: 

I want to go green with style @TeraWarner ! Please enter me to WIN a super-charged #greensmoothie jug!

Then come back here and leave us a comment telling us about it!

For yet another EXTRA entry:

“Like” the TeraWarner page at Then come back here and leave us a comment letting us know you “liked” the page!

If you’ve already liked the Tera Warner fan page on Facebook, let us know with a comment below, and we’ll still put an extra entry for you in the draw!

More Smooth Details to Win the Green Smoothie Jug:

  • The contest will end Thursday night, February 2nd @11:59pm smoothie jug
  • We’ll enter everyone’s name into a drawing and announce the winner here on the blog on Friday, February 3rd!
  • The winner will be contacted by email, at which point we’ll get from you your postal address!

…Don’t you just LOVE receiving goodies in the mail? WAY better than getting bills and flyers! 

Here’s Wishing You Green Slurping in Style!



  1. Ellen says

    I’d like to drink a green smoothie (preferably chard or romaine or beet greens, my favorites) out of one of your green jugs because reading the words on its surface will just make me glow that much more!


    Reply by Ellen on February 2nd, 2012

    I also liked (loved) you on Facebook.


  2. Shelley Pierce says

    I would enjoy using this jug so I can drink my smoothies on the way to work! It’s inspiring, encouraging and just plain cool!


  3. Rachel says

    I’ve been putting my smoothies in glass jars, and one just broke on the floor of my classroom! I’d love a nice jug that won’t break and inconvenience the cleaning staff and students… Thank you so much!!


  4. Kelly says

    Other than the obvious reason of the jug being awesome, I hope that it would spark interest from other people and hopefully start a conversation as to what is in my jug! I’m sure people won’t believe they green smoothies actually taste good – I know I didn’t! It’s the tastiest way for me to get my greens! :)


  5. Cindy says

    My family and I have started the year off on a healthy foot and we are having green smoothies every morning. I would love to have the green smoothie jug as a reminder to all of the people that question me that I am doing something healthy just for me. I think with all of the beautiful words on it they perhaps would be motivated to try a green smoothie too.


  6. says

    Hey Tera

    I am so pumped to get back on track and drink my green smoothies and eat to live instead of living to eat.

    I travel on my job so this will definitely “ROCK” as I presently use mason jars with a big straw, and although the glass will give a better workout, I think the smoothie jug will fit better in my cup holder and easier to hang on to!!!

    Liked you on facebook and I am going to twitter I want to go green with style @TeraWarner ! Please enter me to WIN a super-charged #greensmoothie jug!!


    Reply by Lori Burwell on February 2nd, 2012

    Need to add one more thing, I want to go styling in green juice at work, as they all go crazy when I bring it in but they are curious and love the results I get from it!


  7. Valerie says

    I really need this super jug. Im driving 300 km two times a week to study osteopathy. It is a 6 years program. Im in year 4;-)!
    Im always drinking my green smoothies in my car. And I have often spills…So that jug would be perfect!


  8. debbie says

    this would be an awesome travel jug
    maybe then I won’t wear my green smoothies while traveling
    thanks all of you are awesome!!!!!!!


  9. CJ says

    hi there I would love to drink my daily green drink from this wonderful beautiful jug! To me it speaks everything that greens are to me—-they give me strength, ability and life! its amazing what a little blended greens can do for your health and well being :)


  10. Kathi Pidgen says

    I would love to drink my green smoothies out of your jugs because I make a double batch for my husband to share, and I need a big jug to hold all that green goodness.


  11. Jenny says

    I loved The True Power of Water. All of those photos were breathtaking, and mind changing. I would love to be drinking in all the positive vibes along with the green goodness of smoothies.


  12. lacrrtia scarboro says

    I just tweeted Tera Warner that I want to go green in style!!! I really want a green jug!!! I am a raw began and juice every day!!!!


  13. K.P. says

    A few days ago in a thrift shop I found the Masaru Emoto book with beautiful pictures of crystals after the water had been exposed to certain words or photographs. Stunning! The different formations were incredible. Also interesting was the way the crystals formed after being exposed to the same concept (such as “Thank You”) written in different languages (such as French, English, Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, Russian, Spanish).

    The book was the thrifty deal of the day for only 99 cents.


    Reply by K.P. on February 2nd, 2012

    and I pressed the Like icon on Facebook for another entry. :)


  14. lacrrtia scarboro says

    I am a teacher in a high school in Mississippi the obesity capital!! I am always trying to encourage my students to make healthy food choices. They are very intrigued with my daily green juice in the cafateria as we are required to eat with our students. I would love to have a green jug so that I could drink my juice in style and stir up more conversations with my students!!!


  15. Jendria says

    I’d LOVE to have this jug! I’ve been toting around handle-less (awkward) glass jars forever, and this would be a welcome relief!!! – Plus, they look great!


  16. Rebecca Zundel says

    I just started a daily green smoothie a week ago along with a high raw whole food diet – I love it! Right now I am using an old fruit jar and old pb jar to store my green smoothie while I drink it and to save for an afternoon snack. I
    would love to have a real green smoothie container! Especially one that fills my smoothie with positive power! :)


  17. Linda Stauffer says

    Tera, just wanted to let you know I loved the 21 Day Green Smoothie Detox Program that I just completed with you. I could think of no better way to share my success and tell others about your programs than to be the recipient of a Green Smoothie Jug from your Friday Freebie Giveaway. Facebook is a great way to get the message out. And what a nice way to get people’s attention with freebie giveaway!


  18. jackie says

    I would love to have a green smoothie jug with all those wonderful words printed on it to remind me of positive, uplifting things. Plus my current one is way too old and too small.


  19. Linda says

    Hi Tera,
    Just wanted to let you know I just “liked” your facebook fan pages! Great info. Thanks.
    It would be great to win a Big Green Smoothie Jug. It would be an improvement over my glass quart mason jar!


  20. Ana says

    I have a green smoothie every morning, and am grateful that I found this site. The transformation in my body and emotions have been great!

    I’d like to have something to remind me that I can and am changing daily. :-)
    Thank you for all you do.


  21. says

    Hi Tera! I really really really would love to have a green smoothie jug, as it would go so well with my army green uniform! The guys at work already tease me about my “green” lifestyle, why not kick it up a notch? 😉


  22. Debbie says

    I use a clear container to put my smoothies in. Everyone thinks they look gross and “how do you drink that?”, but I have had some converts. If I had the Green Smoothie Jug it would just add that much more pleasure in drinking my green smoothies and to let everyone know what they are missing. I enjoy drinking green smoothies and will for a long time to come. Thank you. :)


  23. Hailey Stockdale says

    I am a college student involved in several student organizations. Having a green smoothie jug would promote health for young adults, students are curious and it would be a great way to advertise. I am an elementary education major, all the kindergarteners would be going home asking mom for a green smoothie!


  24. says

    I would like to drink my green smoothie out of the jug so before i drink it ill say all the positive words on it and feel as if im gaining them while im drinking it and im sure i will with all the spinach packed in !! lol thank you


  25. KPagan says

    Im a correctional officer and need green smoothies to keep me alert. One of your green smoothie jugs would be fantastic for taking a green smoothie to work with me.


  26. says

    Hi Tera,

    I am a hypnotherapist and life coach perpetually preaching the power of the green smoothie. Even though I am passionate, I am also still human. Lately, I have found myself sliding back into creating “vegan baked treats”. Along with the increase in baked sweets my energy level has been taking a steady dive. Recognizing this, I immediately tuned back into your website and am ready for a 7-day green smoothie extravaganza to get my groove back! I would so love to super-charge this process with one of your totally awesome green bottles!

    Thanks for all that you do!

    Believing in you and all that is green and groovy!



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