How to Make a Nut Milk Bag in Less Than an Hour!

How to Make a Nut Milk Bag in Less Than an Hour!
How to Make a Nut Milk Bag in Less Than an Hour!

– by Kelly Cleason-Kelly

Would you like to know how to make your nut milk bag? Making your own nut milk bags can help you save money. You can even make your own custom size nut milk bag that’s perfect just for you and your family!

Well listen up, folks! Your search is over.

Here is my secret on how to make a nut milk bag — in less than an hour!

How to Make a Nut Milk Bag in Less Than an Hour!

Tools and Materials:

  •  How to Make a Nut Milk Bag in Less Than an Hour!1  12-inch x 18-inch piece of cotton gauze (size can be adjusted for personal preference)

  • 24″ of cotton string
    (embroidery thread works best)

  • All-purpose sewing thread

  • 1  needle

  • 1 pair sharp scissors

  • An iron


Step 1 Fold the cloth in half to form a rectangle. If you can prep kale, this is nothing! Don’t forget to breathe! …Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Step 2 – Sew a 1/2-inch (or smaller) seam along one short side and the long side. The open end will be the top of the bag. Use your dainty green thumb as a handy measuring tool. The width of your thumb is about half an inch.

Step 3 – Trim up the edges. Be mindful of the seam, remember this doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 4 – Heat up the iron on low, turn the bag inside out and press the seams. Try not to stretch the gauze as you iron. Ironing the seams will make the next step easier.  Basically, you are turning the bag inside out so that the seam is on the inside, like a little purse.

Step 5 – Sew the casing flap (i.e. the top of the bag where the string will go that holds the bag shut) to the bag, sewing within a 1/4-inch (pinkie width) of the fold line. Trim away all the loose threads.

Step 6 – Thread the needle with the embroidery thread or string. Poke the needle through the gauze at the casing and slide the needle into the casing space. Work your way all the way around the casing.  You should have the two loose ends of the drawstring on the outside of the bag along the same side. Tie the loose ends together into a knot.

Congratulations! Your nut milk bag is now complete.

Nut Milk Bags For Busy People On-The-Go

Nut Milk Bag

If you lead a really busy lifestyle and making your own nut milk bag just isn’t a viable option, you can always resort to purchasing nut milk bags from a local store, or online.

Amazon has a great variety of nut milk bags available… click here to check it out!

Nut Milk Bags Aren’t Just For Nut Milk

Make Juice with a Blender and Nut Milk BagAlthough the term ‘nut milk bag’ have you believe otherwise, nut milk bags aren’t just used for making your own homemade nut milk… You can also use a nut milk bag to make fresh raw juice!

If you don’t own a juicer, you can make fresh raw juice by blending the ingredients you would want juiced in a high-speed blender, such as a Blendtec. Then, simply pour and strain the blended result through your nut milk bag.

Voila! Juice!

…Now you have no excuse to not make your own fresh green juice!  😉


  1. says

    This is great, Kelly! You’ve inspired me. Hey, I also remember Shakaya Leone’s tip from years ago, which is to buy straining bags from hardware stores (they’re used for straining paint, or something?) to use as nut-milk bags. They’re a really cheap alternative. But I’d love to have some groovy hand-made ones, too! (I might make this a project for my kids…)

    Thanks Kelly!



    Reply by Rachelle Fordyce on November 4th, 2011

    Wow, that’s such a great idea, Joanne!
    Thanks for the tip!



  2. Serendipity says

    Why is Tera not talking about the recent Adya Clarity fiasco??


    Reply by Glenna on November 10th, 2011

    Serendipity, because what is the point of talking around in circles pre-maturly? When David Wolfe gets the data, we’ll all have the definitive answer.


  3. Nancy says

    This nut milk bag is very simple to make. Thanks for sharing the directions. I just use a fine mesh lingerie bag. They come in a few sizes and has a drawstring to hang from a faucet or wherever and are inexpensive. I use mine also to make nut or seed cheese.



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