Green Celebration! Irene Matejka’s Success Story & The 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox

Green Celebration! Irene Matejka's Success Story & The 21-Day Green Smoothie DetoxGreen Celebration: Celebrating My Raw Success!

– by Irene Matejka

I want to express my gratitude for this amazing program — The 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox — that the Tera Warner team has put together to help better the life of other precious human beings.

I failed to keep up with daily entries in my diary during the detox, but persevered and succeeded with slurping greens for meals about 90% of the past 33 days thanks to you!  I now frequent enjoy smoothies twice a day!

Enjoy greens blended with frozen berries!

Cold Foods, Warm Heart

I live in Melbourne Australia, where we are just coming out of winter which makes me even more amazed because I get unusually cold most of the time so it was very unique to enjoy greens blended with frozen berries and not to shiver afterward.

However, both my hubby and I had very little struggle during our way — which we were both really proud of but only because you guys made it so easy for us!

A Weight Off My Shoulders… and Other Places, Too!

I started this detox because I work full time sitting at a desk all day with the usual breaks and 1/2 -hour lunch, in addition to spending another 3 hours on public transport just to to get there and back home. I have collected about 5kg extra weight in the past 3 years, which I never had before, and developed the habit of snacking whether I was hungry or not. (Especially chocolate and sweet pastries!)

Green Smoothie Detox and Weight LossNow I have lost almost all the 5 extra kg and truly enjoyed almost every smoothie and green dishes on the menu. I am not craving the junk food and started to work out regularly again!

My husband also lost about 7kg and really loves the smoothies. :)

The Raw Journey Continues…

The Raw Journey Continues with the Goodness of Smoothies and Greens.And so, we will journey on and keep spreading the goodness of God and His gifts to us — INCLUDING YOU and your wonderful team — and the wonderful food He provided for all of us to enjoy to keep well and strong on this very confused planet!

I had lots of giggles and enjoyed so much of your daily letters of inspiration and the beautiful loving sense of humour and encouragement!

A big congratulations also to all those involved with this beautiful program!

With all my appreciation and gratitude,

Irene Matejka
and my darling husband, Steve.


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