Mary’s Top 3 Tips for an Inspirational Kitchen!

My Tips for an Inspirational Kitchen!

– by Mary Santiago

These tips not only helped me succeed when working in my kitchen… they also benefit me as a mother, as well as my children!

When my children want to find something in the kitchen, they’re easily able to get it themselves while respecting the order in which everything is arranged.

1. Keep your Most-Used Kitchen Items on the Counter

Your handy-dandy kitchen counter will be even handier if you keep your most-used kitchen appliances on the counter. (See Above)

When my blender or juicer is left sitting on the counter, it motivates me to prepare juices and smoothies or other culinary delicacies! It’s not a hassle, it’s a convenience – especially if you keep your equipment clean and ready to use at a whim’s notice.

I also keep a compost bowl handy on the counter, saving scraps and peels we intend to return to the earth.

2. Leave the Labels Visible.

The best way to find what you want without digging through your jars is to leave visible the labels and tags of your spices, nuts, nut milks, soups, smoothies, nut butters and more.

The labels should be facing the front of your cupboard or fridge.

Arrange smaller jars in the front row, and try to intersperse jars of the same size such that you can see the label to see each one.

Implement this tip, and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for without digging around and making a mess!



3. Buy Produce for 3 to 4 Days.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are best, of course!

Avoid cramming your fridge with too much stuff, so you can easily see what you have available, use what you need without letting anything spoil and go to waste.

Besides, having more space in your fridge is another form will let the air circulate better within, and it’ll also make your job easier when it’s time to clean.



More Quick ‘n’ Easy Kitchen Tips:

4. Store your groceries as soon as you arrive home in the correct storage place.

5. Maintain a clean area when you finish the preparation of your smoothies or other foods. This tip makes it easier and faster when you prepare your next snack or meal, as this way you’ll save time when you return to your kitchen.

6. A blender or food processor will suffice for the preparation of your pleasures, but a good culinary knife will definitely improve your kitchen performance. Later on, you can acquire other kitchen ware depending on your priorities and needs.

7. I learned a new tip from raw chef Kristen Suzanne, and that is the use of a “foodsaver”.

When you discover this wonderful world of raw foods, you can start implementing some changes that will help further the success of this great journey.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~Lao Tzu


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    Glad you made note about having a compost bowl in your kitchen. It’s a great reminder to waste nothing and may just be one of those ‘things’ that people new to raw food might overlook at first. Great tips.


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