Beatriz’s Kitchen Tips for Cooked & Raw Food Families

Beatriz's Kitchen Tips for Cooked & Raw Food FamiliesAre You a Raw AND Cooked Family?
Set up your kitchen so everyone wins!

– by Beatriz Bruna

We just moved into a new home. The kitchen has very little storage space, and a large, empty floor. YAY! I was delighted! I have dreamed of “my” ideal raw kitchen for a long time, and it looked like I was getting it.

I love my kitchen. We are all eating better because of it, and having fun too. Isn’t that the whole idea behind a family kitchen?

First thing’s first – when I am hungry, and I walk into the kitchen to prepare my meals, this is how I think:

1 – If I do not see veggies out in the open, beautiful and delicious, just waiting for me to pick and choose, my mind goes blank and I go for the cooked food.

2 – If I then do not see my gadgets, juicer and blender I do not even think about using them to prepare green smoothies and other nutritious and great tasting, energy-giving raw foods.

3 – And, if I do not have enough clear counter space for preparation I give up and go for the leftovers (cooked, course).

It really is that easy  to give up eating raw! :(

So I created a place where both my husband and I could enjoy being with our family while preparing our very different meals, and not get in each other’s way.

1. Display Your Beautiful Fruits & Delicious Vegetables

Beatriz's Kitchen Tips for Cooked & Raw Food FamiliesAs you enter the kitchen you are greeted by bowls and baskets of beautiful and delicious fruits and vegetables on a stainless steel table. How can you not want to eat them? Greens, unless I plan to eat them right away, are stored in the refrigerator wrapped in cotton kitchen towels inside “green” bags, otherwise they do not last long if left out.

Teas, chia seeds, dried herbs, spices, sea vegetables, stevia and other smaller bottles are in a cupboard over my juicer, easy to use.

Next to the table is a small cart, with my mixing bowls and chopping block, ready for work. The cart can be moved around the kitchen when needed, as well as a chair that I can pull up to make things easier.

Behind the veggie table, surrounding the very big window, and making an arch over it are two sets of wire racks. The one on the right is closest to the stove, so it holds pots and pans and my husband’s favorite hand blender and gadgets. Yes, he is a great cook, and no, he does not need many gadgets. Me….well… I am different.

2. Store Your Kitchen Gadgets, Juicer & Blender In Sight

Beatriz's Kitchen Tips for Cooked & Raw Food FamiliesAs you can see, on the rack on the left side of the window is full of just about anything I can get. I have, out in the open, my Spiral Slicer, wheatgrass juicer, food processor and attachments (covered with a napkin so I do not have to wash them before using). I have my favorite wooden spoons and bowls and thick straws for extra-thick green smoothies. Below that I have the mandolin in a wire basket, and hanging in small wire baskets, wrapped in napkins, I store all the smaller things, like very small and sharp knives that I do not want little hands to find. I really enjoy using all these odds and ends in my food preparation. And now, because they are out in the open, I use them more.

In the Baker’s rack between the shelves you will see measuring cups and 2 spoons, a place for the toaster oven and a wine rack.

The dehydrator is also on a cart, always ready, easy to pull up to the table for filling up or move out of the way.

3. Have Enough Clear Surface Space For Easy Preparation

Beatriz's Kitchen Tips for Cooked & Raw Food FamiliesOne of the unexpected results of having everything out on shelves, and keeping clear table and counter space available is that, without being aware of it, when you walk into the kitchen your eyes take in everything: vegetables, fruits and utensils, including the available counter and surface space needed for your preparation. You immediately start thinking about what raw treats you will make. You do not do it consciously, it just happens. Just try it and you will see how true this is.

It really is that easy to eat raw! :)

Now there are no more excuses.

Everything is right in front of you and easy to use.

Anyone can do it!

Another extra about my great kitchen is that whenever I am preparing something, whoever is with me says, “that looks good, can I have a taste?”

How great is that for getting your family to try raw foods?

I love my kitchen. We are all eating better because of it, and having fun too. Isn’t that the whole idea behind a family kitchen?

One more thing: times are tough right now. Everything in my “new” kitchen came from some other room in my house: the window racks started out their life in my closet, and now, minus the rods, they look great. The stainless steel table was next to the grill outside, as was the dehydrator cart. I picked up odds and ends everywhere to store things.

Look around your house to create your dream “raw” kitchen.

It is easier than you think.



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