Raw Food Kitchen Tips: Take a Peek Inside Purna’s Kitchen

raw food equipmentThree Tips to Organize Your Kitchen and Make it Raw-Friendly!

 – by Purna Bhattacharya

We’re giving away a brand new Blendtec Blender Wildside this month!  Did you know?  Check out the details here.  Today, Purna shares with us her top 3 tips to get your kitchen set-up for raw success


1. Keep Your ‘Non-Cooking’ Appliances on One Counter

If you have a kitchen where counter space is divided amongst the fridge and stove, keep all your raw ‘non-cooking’ appliances on one counter. This allows the use of more space for preparing meals and laying beautiful fruits and veggies in all colors of the rainbow on the other counters. Ultimately, this works really well in small or tight kitchen spaces, like mine. On the other hand, if you have a kitchen where the counter space is in one long line or curved along the wall (with or without an island), line the appliances up against the back of a counter against the wall. This makes it easy to see all your appliances and simply move them forward towards you when you need to use them.

(Heads up ladies – the coffee maker in the picture is NOT mine! I’m fine and dandy with my Excalibur dehydrator, a citrus juicer, a – hopefully – soon to be replaced non-functioning blender, grinder, Magic Bullet and Omega juicer. I say no to caffeine and yes to green!)


green smoothie2. Storing Your Greens in the Fridge

Store washed greens in airtight containers with paper towels over them, and label the containers so you know exactly what greens are inside them. I don’t know about you, but my fridge couldn’t have any more greens in the shelves! In the past, when I’ve been in a hurry to make a delicious breakfast green smoothie, I have grabbed greens that I didn’t intend to use that day or in that particular smoothie. This solution is a no fail green recipe for a stress-free, time-saving start to the day! It even makes preparing meals the night before – when we’re tired and want to relax – faster. Both your body and mind will thank you for this one.

(That’s Purna’s spanky green smoothie jug to the left that she uses to remain an inconspicuous health heroine when venturing out among the general public!)


3. Rotating Platters and Shelves

Glorify and praise the remarkable rotating platters and shelves for cupboards! I have a lot of spices and superfoods stored in glass jars, but they can be difficult to find and reach when they’re at the back of the cupboards (let’s be honest – I’m not the tallest woman out there). To resolve this problem, simply purchase this rotating platter that you can find at most stores that have a large range of kitchen appliances.

Place all your jars onto the plate. When you open the cupboard doors, all you have to do is turn the dish with your hands so you can find what you’re looking for – even if it’s hidden in the back! If you’re short like me, you won’t need your footstool or high heels in the kitchen anymore! (Take a peek of what two layers in one piece looks like here – no marketing/promotional services intended).  You can always purchase rotating cabinets and change your kitchen entirely, but this is much cheaper and is a renovation-free approach. Cheaper and effective? Who doesn’t like that?

raw food kitchen

Here’s one last gorgeous pic that Purna shared with us. Beautiful, bountiful berries. I’m sure there’s other frozen fruits there but it’s the berries that are popping out at me… just waiting to be whizzed up and slurped!

Have Purna’s ideas got you thinking?  Let us know if you’ve got something similar going on in your kitchen.  Leave a comment below.

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  1. lise poulton says

    no. 2 – brilliant to make the bags ready, when I wash the greens/berrys. Dont need to fuss to much with the lovely quality of homegrown veg.


  2. Jade says

    After reading all the kitchen advice on here I recently moved all my appliances onto the counter where I can see them. It does make it much easier and I am using them more often. Thanks for the tip :)


    Reply by Rachelle Fordyce on September 26th, 2011

    So glad to hear that Purna’s Kitchen Tips have helped you out! Thanks for sharing, Jade! :)


  3. says

    I’m so glad these tips have been useful to you both! Lisa, doesn’t labelling make things SO much easier when you’re in a hurry? And Jade, doesn’t seeing all your appliances organized on the counter make you want to ‘cook’ even more scrumptious raw meals and goodies? Keep it up, ladies!
    As my slogan goes, get your heels on, and rawk on! = )


  4. says

    Oh to have the space for a Lazy Susan! I too am short so I either use a large wooden spoon or get my 6’2″ hubby to get things that are high down. A spinning storage shelf would be awesome. Great tips.


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