Kornélia’s Top 3 Tips for Raw Kitchen Organization

Kornélia's Top 3 Tips for Raw Food Kitchen Organization

Kornélia’s Top 3 Tips for Raw Food Kitchen Organization

– by Kornélia!

Today, Kornélia shares with us her Top 3 Tips for Raw Food Kitchen Organization, along with some snazzy pics! I think you’ll agree that the pic of Kornélia’s fridge is quite impressive, filled with so much lovely raw goodness!

Although Kornélia considers herself to be relatively new to raw food, I personally find her tips to be helpful none the less!

Read on to discover Kornélia’s Top 3 Kitchen Tips to help ease your transition to raw food!


1. Keep All Kitchen Appliances In Sight

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Better to keep everything in sight, and thus in mind!
(See pic above.)

This way, you won’t be tempted to open the fridge and get a jar of foie gras or a box of camembert to snack on! …Sorry for the references, I’m French! 😉


2. Fill Your Fridge With Healthy Stuff!

Kornélia's Top 3 Tips for Raw Kitchen OrganizationIn case you didn’t apply the above mentioned rule and your appliances are somewhere hidden in your cupboard, you wouldn’t be able to find that jar of foie gras or the box of camembert even if you tried! No room for a picture of my freezer — it’s full of frozen berries, broccoli and mushrooms. I use frozen vegetables to make savoury smoothies when I feel like having something not sugary.

You may find there aren’t enough leafy greens in my fridge, and that’s because I’ve got them in my garden! I grow spinach, Romaine lettuce, radicchio, Swiss chard, chives, basil and parsley, not to speak about wild edibles like dandelion; I have the privilege to have them fresh every day! — This will of course change in winter when I’ll have to buy my leafy greens instead.


3. Prepare Veggies in Advance &
Use Vacuum-Sealed Containers

It helps a lot to have vegetables washed, peeled, shredded or sliced, and ready to go to make a big salad — especially after you’ve come home from work, likely tired.

I prepare my vegetables on Sunday afternoons and refill them usually on Wednesday nights — even if I’m tired!


Well, that’s it, Raw Goddesses!

Let’s all help each other to become greener!

Au revoir,


* * *

Thanks for participating in our Raw Food Kitchen Organization Competition, Kornélia!

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Good Luck!


  1. says

    Wow, I wouldn’t haveever thought of a couple of these tips on my own. Especially that first one, that’s really clever. I’m going to have to start doing some of these!

    Big thanks!


  2. says

    “You may find there aren’t enough leafy greens in my fridge, and that’s because I’ve got them in my garden!” Lucky you…now I want to see your garden. :)


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