Raw Mom Success Story: Priscilla Soligo

Raw Mom Success Story: Priscilla Soligo

Family Health Benefits of Raw Food

– by Priscilla Soligo

I have to thank my son for introducing me to raw foods. While still just an infant, I began to consider how I would raise him and, equally important, how I would feed him. For the first time in my life I really began to ask where my food was coming from.

The more I read, the more the world I knew began to crumble around me. For my young son and for my family, I knew things had to change.

Benefits of Raw Food

Benefits of Raw FoodI had to lead by example and decided to do a two-week trial for myself. I simply began by consuming green smoothies and juices, and a combination of a few cooked, but mostly raw foods to see whether eating this way would make a difference.

To my surprise, my energy levels soared, my skin looked better than ever, my mind was clear, and I felt more alive. Even my mild asthma seemed to disappear, and I no longer found myself feeling the effects of hypoglycemia. As I continued incorporating more raw food into my diet, even my menstrual camps became a thing of the past!


Raw Food for Real People

Raw Food for Real PeopleHaving considered the detrimental effects of processed food on my young son, I decided that he too would benefit from eating raw.

The results have been amazing — he rarely gets sick and hasn’t had a single earache since birth. He is constantly full of life and energy and is growing to be a ‘solid’ little boy.

My young toddler has been having a green smoothie every day since he commenced solids and absolutely loves it! In fact, he gets excited when he hears the blender! Best of all, I know that I am giving him the best start possible in life.

My husband was a tougher nut to crack. A meat and potatoes man who thought raw food was the domain of ‘hippies’, I knew I could only convince him by introducing delicious raw meals into our family.

With a little effort, I became quite competent in the kitchen and he began to love the food. An airline pilot by profession, he came back from his last aviation medical and proudly announced he had lost 10 pounds and his blood pressure, once elevated, was completely normal. The benefits of raw food are undeniable.


Not a Raw Food Diet – A Raw Food Lifestyle

Not a Raw Food Diet – A Raw Food LifestyleI would never have thought that eating raw would affect my family in such a positive way. What I love about this lifestyle is that by simply increasing the level of raw food in your diet, you can benefit from raw food nutrition.

It doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’ — just start with what you are comfortable with: one raw meal a day, or a green smoothie for breakfast, or adding in a large fresh salad with a super-yummy home made salad dressing.

By creatively incorporating new raw food recipes into your daily routine, the more you will want to continue on this path. It sure beats any diet that so often leads to short-term gain and deprivation.

The raw food diet isn’t about ‘dieting’ — it’s a lifestyle change.


Go Raw!

There are numerous health benefits to raw food, and eating whole plant-based foods is the natural way towards obtaining optimum health.

Eating raw is not only good for you — it can be incredibly delicious and energizing too!


  1. Layce says

    Great article Priscilla! Love the picture of your little man juicing…nothing better then introducing them from such a young age. My little guy will be 2 next month and I’m extremely grateful to have found this way of living before I stuff him full of harmful garbage. Every time someone picks him up they say how “solid” he is, gotta love what natural foods do for the body.


  2. says

    Hi Layce,

    Thank you so much, I am so grateful that you enjoyed the article and pictures of our little guy making a green juice. I know what you mean about feeling grateful for having found this path so that we can give our children the very best start in life. How wonderful you have a little man too and he is the same age – 2 years is so much fun! I had to laugh when I read your comment about how “solid” he is when people pick him up – people ask me what am I feeding Luca, as he looks quite lean, but oh boy when you pick him up you are in for a surprise! I wish you and your family much health and authentic love and thank you Layce for sharing with me – it’s so nice to connect with you on here. Happy parenting!! xo


  3. says

    Hi Nina,

    That is wonderful! While we still feed our little guy some delicious cooked veg dishes (using coconut oil, as this stays stable to cook with) he is thriving by eating high raw foods too! I love that we have found the right balance for him and he let’s us know by exceeding his developmental milestones and being such a happy little guy. Love to you and many, many blessings to your family xo


  4. Casey says

    Hey raw mamas! I am a new mother to a 7 month old boy who began solids last month. I am really wanting to raise him mostly raw as I myself used to be 100% raw a few years back and never felt better (fell off the wagon, but it’s time to get back on again for my son’s sake!) I am wondering if any of you might have some suggestions for how to start such a little one on raw foods? Avocados are an obvious option, but he only has 1 tooth so most other fruits and veggies are just too firm unless I steam them. Any suggestions for now and as I move into the future with him as far as what the best raw foods are for very little ones? Thanks so much!


  5. says

    This is Wonderful!!! I love it! we are trying to transition our lifestyle as well… and we were doing pretty good until we had our 4th baby :) I am curious if you, or anyone, would be willing to share kind of a timeline of what you introduced and when, our youngest is 6 months old and I would love to jump back on the wagon, but unsure as how to do this with a baby in tow :) our entire family (hubby, 7 yr old d, 6 yr old s, and 3.5 yr old s) loves LOVEs LOVES green smoothies…as well as a few raw dishes we have made in the recent past…just need a little more direction with the lil’ one.


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