Raw Facts on Raw Fats and Omega-3’s

Raw Facts on Raw Fats and Omega-3s

Raw Facts on Raw Fats and Omega-3s

– by Matthew Gaffney

Omega-3 fats and raw coconut oil are well understood and promoted as having radiant health-giving properties, and well they should be. But it wasn’t always so.

Omega-3’s got their well-deserved recognition after our modern day, sterilized, processed, and factory-farmed food economy largely became devoid of these healthy life-sustaining fatty acids — especially in relation to the over-consumed and often rancid Omega-6’s.

The once maligned raw coconut oil, and the entire coconut, is now known as a Superfood and as well as a catalyst for Omega-3 absorption.

Mother Nature’s Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Raw Coconut Facts on Raw Fats and Omega-3'sCoconuts are my all-time favorite food in Mother Nature’s Earthly pantry. The fatty acid composition of raw coconut oil is similar in composition to what is found in Mothers’ milk. Compare this to the long chain saturated fat found in animals sources, which is much more difficult for the body to digest.

Although saturated fats were long maligned after hydrogenated versions of palm oils were used in animal and human testing many decades ago (“Can you say trans-fats?”), fortunately the raw food movement has prevailed and now it is well understood that raw coconuts and their fatty acids are a radiantly healthy choice.


Omega-3’s and The Fatty Acid Chain Gang

Many of the most precious parts of the human body are made up of Omega-3 fats. A large percentage of the fat in your brain, the retina’s tissue in your eyes, adrenal glands and sexual organs are all made up of these super-unsaturated fats.

Raw Flax Facts on Raw Fats and Omega-3'sDHA (docoxahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) are long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids that can be found in fish as well as the human body.
One of the few plant-based and in fact the best source of both DHA and EPA  can be found in marine phytoplankton, while AFA Super Blue-Green Algae is great for DHA and the short chain ALA.

Other plant sources such as flax, chia, and hemp seeds contain short or medium chain Omega-3’s, which are converted into DHA and EPA within your body.

While some claim the short and medium chain Omega-3’s are inefficiently converted within the human body, I personally opt to consume the plant and seed sources of this nutrient. And given the fact that Omega-3’s are so sensitive to heat — they’ll go from healing to toxic under heat — consuming coconut, flax, chia, and hemp seeds in their raw forms are definitely the way to go.


Matt’s Raw Food Ideas to Get Your Omega-3’s

I use fresh, raw, young coconuts everyday, twice a day. I use also use either chia, flax, or hemp seeds in my dishes.

Raw Chia Facts on Raw Fats and Omega-3'sI’ll soak chia seeds for 20 mins in a blend of raw almond milk and coconut water, then I’ll add coconut meat and a few Superfood powders in a blender. Blend that up, stir it into the chia seed mix, and top with fresh berries. Et voila! Omega-3’s galore.

Raw Hemp Facts on Raw Fats and Omega-3'sWhen I use hemp seeds, I’ll often blend it in the with other ingredients like coconut meat, almond milk, coconut water, aloe vera, lucuma, mesquite, camu, or coconut sugar; then I’ll add raw cacao nibs, blueberries and strawberries on top. Mmm! This combo is a sure bet when it comes to winning the game of delicious raw nutrition!


In my forth coming book The Chocolate Sundae Paradox, I name coconuts, especially the young ones, as a Superfood Superstar. I believe that the fatty acid complex in coconuts have much to do with creating lean body mass and stoking the immune system.

Lean Raw Facts on Raw Fats and Omega-3'sIn my opinion, you shouldn’t worry about counting fat grams when it comes to these nutritious raw fat sources of Omega-3s. So go ahead and add some raw coconuts and super seeds to your raw dishes, smoothies and elixirs… and go for the glow!



  1. Larry H says

    Nice article. I am curious about your statements: “The once maligned raw coconut oil, and the entire coconut, is now known as a Superfood and as well as a catalyst for Omega-3 absorption.” “it is well understood that raw coconuts and their fatty acids are a radiantly healthy choice.” I am by nature a skeptic, although I have been convinced of the benefits of a plant-based diet, based on a lot of scientific data and peer-reviewed research. I would love to add raw coconut products to my diet, but have not been convinced that they are such a superfood. I would like to be convinced. Can you direct me to published research, based on scientific data, supporting the comments I have quoted?


  2. ute says

    Hi there! Could you please tell me where in the UK can I buy these coconuts? (An affordable price would be appreciated!) I only know one seller (www.orkos.com) in France/Germany, but unfortunately they are extremely expensive.


  3. Leah says

    I agree eating a nice amount of raw fat everyday is key to our glowing health. I used to consume baby thai’s daily. I remember when buying a case of 12 was like 12.00… I think we in the western world need to find a fat that is just as great for us that does not need to travel thousands of miles to get to our mouths. The price has drastically risen for many reasons and they are beyond my reach any longer. I love eating raw but I truly believe eating locally and seasonally is a more sustainable way to eat. Does anyone out there have a fat source they like that is grown at least where they are from? (Europe of North America)


    Reply by Rachelle Fordyce on September 7th, 2011

    You raise some awesome points, Leah. Sustainability is definitely important, too!

    Hemp seeds are another great source of healthy raw fat, and they are grown locally where I live in Manitoba, Canada.


  4. Rachelle Fordyce says

    Hi Larry!
    I got in touch with Matt, author of the article, with your questions.
    Here’s his response:

    Great comments!

    These are the resources to check out that have great data on coconuts:

    1) coconutresearchcenter.org
    2) David Wolfe book: Superfoods, Food and Medicine of the Future
    3) Bruce Fife’s book: The Coconut Oil Miracle

    My biggest resource is experiential. I am convinced the copious amounts of fresh raw young coconuts I consume have been a significant catalyst to my lean body mass, strong immune system and quality of overall health. And this is what all the research says.


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