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  • A lump in my leg. A lump in my throat.

    Succlent self-love master,

    I know you’re busy, but if you have a few moments, I’d love you to tune in for this. I’ve got a few important things I need to say and so appreciate you being here to receive them.

    lake mountainsRight now I’m “home on the range” staying with my mom near the Rocky Mountains of Southern Alberta. Feels so good to be with my mom–so good to be “home.” I grew up near one of the most beautiful national parks in the whole wide world!

    During sweet Alisa Vitti’s panty party, the message of prioritizing self-care really hit home for me. I decided now was the perfect opportunity to get my feet in the stirrups and check up on all my bits and pieces.

    As a predominantly raw food vegan, I thought it wise to request the full gamut of blood tests, a pap smear (the last one was 15 years ago) and figured it would be a good time to ask a few questions about the “cyst” I’ve had on the back of my thigh.

    How the Lump in My Leg Became a Lump in My Throat

    It showed up mysteriously four years ago, and I’ve been watching it, hoping I could vaporize it with green juice. After four years of wishing, hoping, waiting, watching, wondering what the heck it was, this little “cyst” was starting to take up a bit more space and a bit more of my attention than I was comfortable with.

    Not much smaller than the size of the end of my thumb, I didn’t worry about it much. However, when the doctor took a look, he scheduled surgical removal for 4:00 pm the same day.


    I’m not one to chop and dice body parts unnecessarily, yet this time I felt science was on my side since my efforts to neutralize it with nutrition had proven unsuccessful.  Yesterday afternoon at 4:00pm, with Little House on the Prairie reruns playing in the waiting room, I went “under the knife” to remove the little invader cyst.

    Turns out it wasn’t so “little” and it wasn’t a “cyst.”

    It was a fatty tumor that had been hiding more than a golf ball’s worth of tissue under my          skin. When it was all over, I looked at the knarly “specimen,” then collapsed in a puddle of shaky nerves and gratitude for whoever had the smarts to invent anesthetics.

    The results of all my tests are not in, but the image of that specimen and the ache in the back of my leg is enough to hit home hard about the fact that ignorance is not bliss. Negligence is not sexy.

    I Would Never Put Off Addressing My Daughter’s Health Like I Did My Own

     I do my best to put attention on the positive things in life, and yet no amount of good vibrations or green juice neutralized my tumour over the last 4 years. It took my sassy soul-sister Alisa, and the nudge of my magnificent mom, to finally drag my tender loins in to the doctor for an inspection.

    It’s funny for me to consider that I would never put off addressing my daughter’s health, the way I put off addressing my own. I have renewed determination to prioritize self-care, to confront what is uncomfortable before it creates bigger, deeper, knarlier problems.

    All this got me thinking…

    I haven’t had a TV in over 15 years. I couldn’t even tell you the name of a single show that airs these days. I rarely go to movies, never read headlines or watch the news (much to my father’s dismay). I’ve generally felt this kind of information is negative, draining and instills fear in the hearts of people, so I have avoided it, choosing to put my attention on the positive.

    Recently, despite all my attempts to preserve the power of positive vibrations, some of the facts and figures about the state of the world have penetrated my bubble, and my heart has felt heavy with concern.

    There are a Few Things Weighing Heavily on My Heart Right Now

    Just the other day I drank water from this very waterfall. It was incredible. So pristine and clean and delicious. I almost cried at the realization of how rare such a simple treasure is these days. My mom thought I was crazy for doing it, and talked about “beaver fever.”

    I sipped back what has to be the sweetest water I’d ever tasted, and then
    stopped to think of the buckets, gallons, swimming pools, oceans worth of medicated, fluoridated water passing through pipelines of the world. I felt as though I had a long, lost and forgotten treasure leaving a cold trail along the inside of my mouth and down my throat.

    I like to put my attention on the positive.

    I also recognize times are changing. There are real threats to human health and well-being and I won’t keep ignoring them hoping they will go away like I did with my tumor.

    I want to know and better understand what’s really going on out there and the implications of this for human health. I want to understand the solutions and inform myself so I can be aware, prepared and confident about the future. So we all can.

    I’ve been busy and have made a few phone calls, met a few people, and I’d like to share with you some of what is coming to light for me right now. In these times of economic, environmental and ethical crisis, we do well to put our attention on the positive. And that doesn’t mean we can get away with ignoring, avoiding or denying the things that do not work, or are not serving the best interests of human health and wellness.

    There has to be a way for us to confront the tides of the times without creating drama, fear or worry.

    As I sit here balanced on my right butt cheek nursing my wounds, I feel more confident than ever that the time has come for us to look the tiger in the eye with love and commit to better understanding our obstacles, so we can find solutions together.

    I’d like to take the time to write more about this, so I’ll catch you tomorrow with a bit more to say on the matter and some exciting upcoming interviews that will help us rekindle hope where headlines may have installed fear and worry.

    In the meantime, if you could send a few loving thoughts to the back of my left thigh, I’d be really grateful. :-)

    Lump-free love,




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    55 Responses to “A lump in my leg. A lump in my throat.”

    1. By Cass Jade Foxley on Aug 20, 2011

      Love and Light coming your way Tera XCassX


    2. By Bette Wappner on Aug 20, 2011

      Tera, many thanks and appreciation for sharing your thoughts. I agree with what you say.

      I’m also sending you healing energies for your leg to heal quickly.


    3. By jo on Aug 21, 2011

      You are very brave and know your outcome is and will be positive once the tests are all in. How can it not be with you behind the wheel.You just need to focus more thoughts on yourself and little Fam for awhile and know your Family,Friends,Wish Friends and God are ALL with you and we all know where you need to be right now. Don’t carry a load of obligation to others so heavily on your shoulders.Be kind to yourself,listen to your Mum and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of your beautiful AB near the Rockies,the perfect place to recover from your Surgery and know that we all know you love us all as we you.
      Love Jo


    4. By Linda Smith on Aug 21, 2011

      Sending Reiki Healing to you. I appreciate your sharing this journey with us. Your comment “ignorance is not Bliss. Negligence is not sexy.” really resonated with me. I too have put off taking care of myself, and I agree I never would be so cavalier with my daughters health. I know that I am not the only woman who read your post today and had an “Oh no, aaha” moment. All healing methods have value…even the ones I sometimes deem too reliant on modern medicine. Can I be judgemental or what? Holding a vision of your complete healing. Namaste, Linda.


    5. By Lori Taylor on Aug 21, 2011

      Tera – you are a beautiful, transparent, TRANSLUCENT wonderwoman! Thank you for sharing your heart, your “fear”, your truth – and YES, I will be keeping you and your “thigh” in love and light! BIG HUGS, girlfriend!


    6. By Debbie on Aug 21, 2011


      Loving, healing thoughts are being sent your way!! Your message was so touching and truly filled my heart.. Hats off to you for taking charge and overcoming the need to take of everyone else first – before YOU.
      Okay, where near Waterton are you from? I’m from Lethbridge and am actually here in southern Alberta, too!! :)

      Light and love,


    7. By sheri on Aug 21, 2011

      all my best wishes are with you


    8. By Nancy on Aug 21, 2011

      I wish for and send to you all the love of the universe, to bring you love, health, lightness and joy. As you have sent out to others, so it should return to you, multiplied.
      with much gratitude and in joy,


    9. By sidney Rosenblum on Aug 21, 2011

      Good luck, look forward to hearing good lab test results..


    10. By Deborah Collins on Aug 21, 2011

      Remember: you are a child of a Supreme Being, therefore you are already healed.



    11. By Linda Davies on Aug 21, 2011

      I understand that was we see around us is the manifestation of our previous thoughts. So look, but don’t be distracted by them. Put your attention on what you want to manifest now. i.e. not the lack of good water but the abundance of same. Not the fatty tumour but the clear, healthy tissue of your wonderful leg. Not the laws re raw milk but the freedom to live however we choose. We use what we don’t want to put our attention on what we do want. See?


    12. By Mary Montanye on Aug 21, 2011

      Great post, Tera. I’ve shared it on my face book page and hoping you’re feeling much, much better soon. Also sending good vibes that the results will be negative. Big hug!


    13. By Norma Taylor on Aug 21, 2011

      It often takes something tragic or scary to cause us to take a look at what is going on in our lives and around us. I am totally with you. I love the earth and love living now but do have serious concerns about things that are currently happening. I have grandchildren and I cringe at leaving them some of the messes that have been made. I, too, believe in being positive but have learned not to hide my head in the sand and to take action where I am able. We cannot fix it all on our own. Thank heaven, everyone has their passion and most of them are different. Pick yours (1 or 2) and let it have whatever energy you have to spare. That is how change is made! Best of luck to you, Tara, as you find your passions to devote your spare time to. Thank you for this very poignant and vital post!


    14. By Vvictoria on Aug 21, 2011

      I wish your health fully returns to your body, and stays with you forever.


    15. By Marush on Aug 21, 2011

      Hello our Dear Tera,

      What a delight you are!
      I can tell by all your writings that you are indeed a very delicate and sensitive human being with much love in your heart.

      As for all the negative economic, environmental and political news out there. you are wise to set your boundries on those things that instill fear. If what you see, read or hear creates that emotion, you must walk away from it. We get more of what we think, so it only makes sense to think only about goodness, love, peace, joy.

      With love,


    16. By Alis on Aug 21, 2011

      Know this, Dear One,
      The lightworkers are gathering to help the world through this transition. We are not special. We have been given special abilities because we have been given special tasks.
      Shine on, Baby !!!!


    17. By Julia on Aug 21, 2011

      Hello bright and brave one! I simply cannot believe how much your life and words have inspired and moved me it is really almost spooky (in a ood way) how our lives have many similarities and many parallels. I was in Costa Rica the same time as you,surviving a similar ordeal. I too am a long time single mother, whole foodist with no Tv for 1d years. When u speak I feel as if I am. Listening to my soul sister. Thanks for your courage to move past all the adversities into a place of peaceful contemplation and healing. I got a swift kick in the butt after reading your letter about. “The lump” Again it has propelled me into action over something that just won’t go away no matter how healthy I eat or by any other method thus far. Have to “bite the bullet” too and see a real doctor! What really got to me was when u said you would never neglect this if it had been your child!! Alas I am in that same boat, never really standing up for myselfm but if it hss to do with my wee one my bear claws come out and I approach things proactively. Thank you for instilling and ignighting a new desire in me to pay attention to my own needs. Heart body mind and soul! You rfOCK sister Tera! Please know that u r surrounded by the loving light of all the women of the world right now and that we know you will walk wonderously into a bright future healthy wealthy and wise in so many ways,
      Julia Getty (Hope to see you in Hawaii! I live on Kauai


    18. By Angie on Aug 22, 2011

      remember who you are.
      Many blessings

      Love and best wishes


    19. By Sher on Aug 22, 2011

      Best Wishes
      Don’t beat yourself up over this. You’re still healthier than most and have that advantage!


    20. By CJ on Aug 22, 2011

      Best wishes for a speedy and complete healing of the back of your left thigh.


    21. By Anna on Aug 22, 2011

      God puts lots of healing in the food He made for us to eat but Jesus is the healer – divine health comes through Him.
      Many blessings to you, Tera xxxxxxxxxx


    22. By christine on Aug 22, 2011

      You are brave Tera, thank you with all my heart for sharing this post. Sending loving healing thoughts over to you and and your ‘back left thigh’. you have inspired this ‘old gal’ and so many others. Love light and healing back to you forever lovely Tera.

      Love Christine


    23. By Anna on Aug 22, 2011

      Dear Tera,
      I am hoping that the results will be good. I am sending you a positive thoughts for your healing process and lots of hugs and kisses. Your are a brave and positive person and I know everything will have a happy epilogue.


    24. By Edith Edith on Aug 22, 2011

      I am sending you all the love in the world, will say a prayer for you and i am positive your lab results will be Ok.

      Thanks for sharing your story……..


    25. By Em on Aug 22, 2011

      Hey tara!! hope you start feeling better and I am TOTALLY with you about the environment.
      I just started reading a book called the healing codes by alex loyd. It is SO lifechanging and I think you would love it too!!
      Hope you check it out! Its a must read



    26. By Belinda on Aug 22, 2011

      Oh, Tera I am so glad you went to the doctor and are getting this taken care of… we are all sending much healing energies your way with lots of love. You are always telling us to take care of ourselves, we are worth it — you actually made me believe it! I’m absolutely positive I am not the only persons life that has been changed because of your caring and love for this world! I understand the way you must have felt – I recently went to see a doctor because of a dizzy spell I had at work. Turns out they found aneurysms and an AVM (arteriovenous mass) in my brain – but, they are totally unrelated to the dizziness I felt – that was caused by deterioration of my spine from osteo arthritis! At any rate, the nurse called me at work the day after MRI’s and MRA’s to tell me — yes, a big ole lump in my throat! In fact, I had to go to my car and cry uncontrollably for a bit. Several women and at least one uncle in my family have been afflicted with and/or died from yep – you guessed it – aneurysms. I am 47 yrs old… I remember when I was 7 and my grandmother was a couple years younger than I am now – she was crippled by the surgery to remove blood from her brain after a ruptured aneurysm. I am quite lucky that we found this out before a rupture — I will have several procedures to correct these beginning in October. At least 3, each 3 months apart. I have been hesitant to go seek medical attention about anything for oh, about 15 yrs. =:0 So glad I did – and so glad you did. So glad I found you and WISH – can’t wait for the webinar on clean water today– Love in spinach/strawberry/prune/yogurt smoothie goodness, Belinda


    27. By Natasha Zeligs on Aug 22, 2011

      Dear Tera,

      How proud we all are of you for not being in denial. This is so huge. By being accountable and courageous you have faced another demon in yourself.

      All will heal quickly. Love your body, it is the only vehicle you’ve got.

      Green Smooches,


    28. By Yaffa on Aug 22, 2011

      Tera you are a real inspiration and have significantly improved my diet for which I will always be grateful. It’s always a challenge, finding the balance between taking responsibility for health and using modern medicine, especially when you believe that you can affect your physical reality. I completely resonate. I am very pro personal responsibility for health and practice the Journey and other alternative healing methods, and it is important to know when to take action and face whatever is coming up in the best way you can, which is exactly what you are doing. All the juicing may have kept you healthier and safer all this time, so it didn’t go to waste. You may want to read the Journey by Brandon Bays. She talks about the consciousness of disease. A good thing you can probably do is clear out whatever emotional things went along with this now that you’re physically clear. It seems like one of these may have been difficulty facing up to failure of your abilities to juice the lump away. It’s just another reminder that there are parts of us we don’t know very well yet and not everything is rational or the way it should or we’d like it to be. I understand you very well. I dealt with something similar. Writing this post was definitely a step in the right direction.

      All love, healing, clearing of disease consciousness and blessings from Israel,



    29. By Margaret on Aug 22, 2011

      You won’t get loving thoughts from me. You will get something much much better, Tera. You will get loving prayers. All that new age stuff is increasing the problems in this world gone crazy, wanting to live without their Creator. We have a loving Father in Heaven and He loves you very much. May our Good Lord richly bless and keep you in His loving hands.


    30. By Kimberly on Aug 23, 2011

      All my love to you, Tera!!
      Sending you sunshine and tons of XOXOs from Tampa- Kimberly


    31. By Rue on Aug 23, 2011

      Tera, thanks for being transparent…. Doctors can be helpful even though there are many negatives associated sometimes. My son just got back from 2 months in Nepal and India. He prayed over a blind man who had been blind from birth and is now old and God have him back his sight completely. He read him a dirty of Jesus healing a blind man in the bible then prayed….wow. I know we do all we can as far as health but for me I know God made these bodies and he heals. The bible says”He has not given us a spirit of fear but of love .”power and a sound mind”.
      Praying for Gods touch on you,


    32. By Hannah on Aug 23, 2011

      Hi Terra,
      Hope you’re much better by now, you are so positive, but don’t forget to channel light into you whole system. On the other hand, have you ever done a proper liver cleanse (just a thought!)? I’ve read in one of my many books on alternative healing, that an over burdened liver, will also deposit fatty tissue just about anywhere in the body. Perhaps you could google Dr. Andreas Moritz, he lives and works in the USA, he is also a very spiritual man.
      Hope this will help, all the best and blessings from the UK.


    33. By Laura Wild on Aug 24, 2011

      Hello darling,

      As an anesthetist for 18 years I would like to interject that when I read the words “fatty tumor” I was a bit relieved. Benign. Let’s be positive and know that whatever the outcome, you have a supreme amount of positive going for you and crisis is only a crisis if the love, learning and growth of the situation at hand is missed! And so with great confidence and some knowledge of fatty tumors, I say “tootle on sister!” you still got it!

      Love and admiration,

      P.S. After 3 years of harrowing life changes in my own personal life, I look back, see that what has projected me forward (I am now finally dating after a cosmically difficult marriage and divorce) is the steadfast decision to love myself no matter what! I did not know what that meant or how to do it, but you were there with your guests in the Wish Summit and I did do it and it has changed my life for the better. Also key in my new kickass hot attitude is the book “Why Men Love Bitches”. Boy did that give me insight that I could have used in my 20’s.

      Love and thanks!


    34. By Lisa on Aug 25, 2011

      You go girl!! :) I love your postive attitude. It’s nice to get to know you since I’m always the postive one of my friends. That’s a good reminder that you have to treat yourself with just as much love as you treat everyone else.

      Best of love and luck to you!


    35. By Noemi on Aug 25, 2011

      Take care! Love, Noemi.


    36. By Belma on Aug 25, 2011

      Tera, I am soo happy to hear you are ok and the lump was “coming in peace”. Yuuuuuhuuuu. You go girl!


    37. By Dorothy Detsch on Aug 25, 2011

      It’s tsken me several days to find this,Tera. May the hole remaining from lump removal be filled with the healthiest tissue ever.
      I’m with you 100% in your attention placed on the positive in what we all stand to lose if we don’t pay attention to the tumors on our sweet, living planet.
      I’m going to become an avid watcher of your “productions”, instead of catch-it-when-I-can because I think you have the gumption and audience for helping to scoot us in a better direction. How can I help? Dorothy


    38. By Serena on Aug 25, 2011

      Thanks for sharing your story with us all. Sending you reiki energy your way.


    39. By kim on Aug 25, 2011

      Hi Tera!
      I’m so sorry to hear about your tumor,but it seems as if you have found an incredible way to learn from the whole situation. I believe that you, and the people you interview have had a huge impact on my life. I feel alive and interested and part of a community. Take care of yourself, nurture, heal. Love, K


    40. By Lynn Meservy on Aug 25, 2011

      TERA!!! I am so happy for you that the leg tumor is benign!!! I am SO THRILLED and relieved!! I am new to 100% fresh… been working at it MOSTLY successfully since April but have been 60-70% for 20 years : ) But began with your 7 day cleanse and was HOOKED!! I could not believe how much better I felt in such a short time!!!I have been inspired by the 40 day wish summit, forwarded it to friends and through your interviewing, feel a fun sisterly connection to all you are doing… so just a simple but real thank you for all you are doing. Health, happiness and hemp seed hugs!! : ) Your friend, Lynn


    41. By Shweta on Aug 26, 2011

      You are very brave.Every illness or something to learn from.I am almost going through the same.As after changing my diet drastically i have started having seriuos stomach issues…..but i am here to learn from what my body has to say…


    42. By Amy on Sep 1, 2011


      Thank you for this honest account. Breathing a sigh with you…

      I whole heartedly agree with this also –

      “I feel more confident than ever that the time has come for us to look the tiger in the eye with love and commit to better understanding our obstacles, so we can find solutions together.”

      This is so important. I’m with you…

      Thanks again. Much love to you and yours. :)


    43. By lydia kohler on Sep 2, 2011

      grateful for your sharing
      happy for you, and yours


    44. By sharyn on Sep 2, 2011

      hi tera, i wish you a speedy recovery x sometimes things happen to slow us down and give us time to think x i read you are a raw vegan x maybe your body needs a balance including raw organic diary and organic meat in small amounts x you will find a free questionaire on dr mercolas website regarding “your nutritional type” x turn on the tv once in a while x there are some fabulous programs x go to see an independent movie x you will be pleasantly surprised at the stories and artistic talents of people x negatives are part of life the same as positives are x never be afraid of them x its all about loving what is x kind regards x


    45. By Alice on Sep 2, 2011

      Please let us know that your tumor was benign and you’re on your way to complete healing. Thank you for your inspiring post. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thanks for all your wonderful thoughts and inspiration.



    46. By Beverly Lewis on Sep 2, 2011

      Dear Tera, thank you so very much for sharing an experience that I KNOW really shocked and dismayed you in the moment. In 1990 I was following a macrobiotic regimen and practicing Reiki when also I hit an unwelcomed wake up call. Self care and neglect for years had reared up what could have been a grave health crisis.

      Bless you for all the advice and resources you have generously shared with me and other women. As long as we are all willing to share, candidly, what works, what doesn’t work togther with our most heartfelt dreams for our perfect Universe, we are on the right path.

      Much love and healing,



    47. By Dena Willis on Sep 2, 2011

      I have heard that the herb,chickweed, helps to dissolve fatty tumors. Don’t worry! You have great health! Thanks for all you do!


    48. By Tommy on Sep 2, 2011

      Thanks for sharing!MY prayers go out to you for long and healthy life.Keep the faith and lets all be thankful for pure delicious water!Love and peace! Tommy


    49. By Karen on Sep 2, 2011

      Hi Tera,

      So very sorry to hear this news.. I am keeping you in my prayers..

      Far too much fear mongering about going to doctors and people thinking they can cure themselves can be dangerous.. Glad you had it checked out.

      Love and light and will check back on the updates..



    50. By Tera on Sep 5, 2011

      Thank you SOOOO much to all of you for your healing vibrations, your kind words of support and your wisdom and encouragement. Means so much to have received such great blessings in this space.

      Thank you!

      I got my stitches out the other day and am feeling FABULOUS!!!!



    51. By MichelJoy on Oct 12, 2011

      Hello Tera…so glad to have found this website.
      Your BLOG reminds me of how powerful a woman can be when she has Clarity. I applaud you for having your life be clear of the clutter and mind-numbing gossip that passes for news! And, I am inspired by your clarity in knowing that NOW is the time for you to contribute in a greater way. LEAD the way forward as an Inspired Visionary Leader! Together, we are changing the world!!


    52. By Angie (not the same one) on Oct 24, 2011

      I’m just a regular person (no healing credentials) but I’m sending some love and prayers for your whole body since I don’t want the rest of it to feel at all neglected.
      I’m telling your body how wise it was to put whatever it was there where it could do no real harm. And I’m thanking God for you and your healing and for having such a great visionary inspiring me.


    53. By Julie on Dec 31, 2011

      Thank you for sharing that Tera, I too have an “abcess” or something around the inside of the top of my leg. I’ve been trying also to get rid of it myself for 5 or 6 years. It has gone away, but has come back since october worse than ever. I’ve been thinking thats part of my detox. Having now read your story makes me wonder. The doctor has finally refered me to the hospital now though, should be getting letter in new year.


    54. By Mary on Apr 9, 2012

      I asked/prayed to God to heal you completely, in Jesus’ mighty name:)

      Sending you love,



    55. By may L on Apr 16, 2012

      Hello Tera,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      You are such a brave, loving and succulent women !

      Sending your love and energy for a speedy and complete healing !

      Cheers !


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