What’s the Difference Between a Juice Cleanse and a Smoothie Cleanse?

juice cleanseMany of you have been writing in asking us all about the differences between juices and smoothies and why you would use one or the other to facilitate a cleanse or a detox. Why would  you throw away that fiber when you know it’s beneficial for your health? How do you know if a juice cleanse or a smoothie cleanse is what your body is in need of right now?

They’re really good questions!

And as you’ve probably guessed, we love and recommend both for optimal health!  At different stages and for different reasons.

We asked juicing expert Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo to fill us in with an explanation about how this whole juicing vs smoothie thing works.  Here is her take on it as described in the 10-Day Juice Cleanse Guide:

“Both juice cleanses and smoothie cleanses facilitate a valuable detox.

“The plus side of smoothies is you get all the fiber and all of the nutrients, since nothing is thrown away. They make a great raw food meal that is satisfying even to people who are very new to raw foods. Almost everyone loves smoothies, plus the fiber can absorb toxins in your gut and drag them out…a good thing! Because you consume a lot of fiber on a smoothie cleanse, you experience a lighter detox as your digestive tract does not get as much of a rest as it does with a juice cleanse.

If, however, you are very ill or your digestion is compromised, inflamed or irritated, it’s very helpful to be able to get the nutrition of the veggies without having to process the fibre. It gives your gut a chance to heal, and energy can be spent on regeneration and cleansing, which is where juicing is very beneficial.

“It’s easy to consume up to 10 pounds of produce a day by juicing, which is a lot of nutrition, but the same amount of food would be very uncomfortable to consume in its whole food form. It’s not very often that we give our system the chance to completely rest from the work of digestion and processing whole foods, but doing so can have potent health-giving qualities.

“Juicing is also much more gentle on the body than traditional water fasts where no calories or nutrition are consumed.

“Anybody with irritable bowel, leaky gut, or chronic candida problems does a little bit better with a juice cleanse than they might with a smoothie cleanse,” says Dr. Ritamarie.

“They’re both very valuable at any point in time. I like to alternate them.  Sometimes I’ll do a juice cleanse. Sometimes I’ll do a smoothie cleanse”.

To listen to Tera ask Dr Ritamarie all about this topic, check out the recording of their recent discussion the 5 Most Common Mistakes Most People Make on a Juice Cleanse.

What about YOU?  How would you describe the difference between how a juice and a smoothie responds in your body?

Comment below.

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  1. Kit says

    Most herbalists and naturopaths I’ve spoken with say the dead if winter is the wrong time to push your body into a cleanse. Spring and fall are harmonious times with the earth’s energy to cleanse. Don’t understand why you do a new year’s cleanse here..?


  2. Inna says

    Personally, I blend 60% fruit / 40% vegetables in the morning 5 days a week.. Eat homemade lunch (such as cauliflower puree aka fauxtatoes with a piece of fish and steamed broccoli and cheese). Then for dinner I will juice 80% vegetables 20% fruit & a salad.. And as far as snacks in between I will eat fruits and or “GO RAW” 100% organic nutrition bars made with all raw live ingredients.


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