Raw Mom Success Stories: Family Transition to Raw Foods

Family Transition to Raw Foods

My Family is RAWsome!

– by Layce Andrews

My journey in pursuing optimum health through raw foods has been exciting. It has only been 6 months since my family went from vegetarian to presently exploring raw foods. I had no idea how many options I would have but the recipes are endless! I thought the raw food lifestyle was going to be a lonely world… Was I ever wrong!

Transition with Ease

When it came to transitioning to a different style of eating my family seemed to do it with ease. Lucky me! My husband has been great with transitioning to raw foods. He has been right beside me since the beginning. And my son (20 months) has also been a delight. I love finding him plunked on his butt eating a whole pepper, carrots, and apple that he got off the counter. Plus it’s always nice to only have to give they dishes a quick wash and rinse. There’s no stuck on foods or stove top messes that are wasting my time.

Ravishing Raw Recipes

Preparing raw foods is always enjoyable — the dishes are full of life and vibrant colors! I am amazed by the recipes that people come up with. They are truly inspiring. The recipes are so versatile and great if substituting is in order. It becomes a time to add your own personal flare to the recipe. And getting the equipment is a very exciting part of the journey as well if you don’t already have what you need.

Fresh Raw JuiceI know I was overly thrilled when my juicer and food processor had arrived. At that point I knew our lives were going to be filled with great health, and our journey into raw foods had only just begun.

Raw Foods Community & Support

When I made the decision to switch to a raw food diet I thought I was going to be the only one in my area who had heard of a raw foodist, never mind even tried the diet. Fortunately my son and I went for a walk to the farmer’s market for a treat and wheat-grass shot. The organic lady who sells the shots had mentioned she was running a “raw food potluck” and asked if I would like to come. It went great and I couldn’t have been more excited to see other people who were either raw foodies or making the transition. I’m looking forward to the next potluck next month! So good to see others spreading the word. :)

I hope that you are as inspired by the wonderful lifestyle as much as I am. Transitioning to raw foods is a fun experience and I’m excited to keep learning. There are so many recipes to choose from, from raw cookies to “meat” loaf.  (You can call it Neat loaf instead! 😉 )

Raw Foods Community

There are many great people in the raw foods community that are always willing to help and share…

You’ll never be alone.


  1. Layce says

    That’s awesome to hear! I think it’s great to start kids while their young. That way they learn what “real” food is at a young age and appreciate it as they get older. Unfortunately those are set in their ways are a lot harder to convince to make even the slightest change at times. But hopefully with time he will catch on to what a great thing it would be not only for himself but also for his children. One of the main reason I’m doing this is so that I can be around for my son as long as I possibly can and with great health. I would never want my son to have to deal with a parent who is dying of something that could have been prevented…it’s not fair.

    Good luck on your journey! 😀


  2. says

    Hello! I’m really thrilled to have just stumbled upon your blog. I love hearing about others who love raw food. I am also a huge supporter of raw, and specifically fermented food. While I personally love and eat fermented foods, I also just started working for an awesome company, BAO Food and Drink,that has a line of fermented foods out. So, I just wanted to pass along some links to fellow fermentation lovers. I’d love you to check BAO Food and Drink out and comment what you think! Our main website is http://www.baofoodanddrink.com. Also, “Like” us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/baofoodanddrink or tweet us comments at http://www.twitter.com/baofoodanddrink. You can also read our blog for more information on the benefits of fermentation and organic food: http://blog.baofoodanddrink.com. Thanks and good luck with your raw food journey! :)


  3. says

    Thanks for this great article – I am 32 weeks pregnant and plan on raising a raw baby! Very exciting =)

    -Alexandra Bwye, CN, HLC-
    Owner of The Enlighten Principle
    Author of The 3-Month Body Blueprint


  4. Layce says

    Thanks Shannon for the links, I’ll definitely have to check it out! I still have yet to make any fermented foods myself waiting on some nice big jars to do so.

    Alexandra, that is soo awesome! I wish I had of known about raw lifestyles while I was pregnant. Of course for the health of both myself and my child but also for the baby weight after wards. I tried cutting meat out of my diet, going to the gym but nothing worked until I started adding green smoothie and raw foods to my diet. Now I have lost 20lbs!! :) Good luck and enjoy! Babies are amazing!

    @Rachelle – I will keep you guys posted for sure.


  5. Rachelle says

    How exciting indeed!

    You should keep us posted on your journey! Maybe you can even share your progress with us on the blog! :)


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