Raw Food for Speech and Language Issues in Children – Part 2

Raw Food for Speech and Language Issues in Children

Raw Food for Learning Disabilities – Speech & Language Issues

– Q&A Interview with Karen Ranzi

Karen Ranzi is a regular Raw Mom contributor and author of “Creating Healthy Children”. In yesterday’s Part 1 of Raw Mom’s 3-part Q&A series on Raw Food for Speech and Language Issues in Children, Karen addressed how raw foods can help children with their speech and language disabilities.

In today’s continuation of the topic, Karen answers further questions about the raw foods diet and learning disabilities in children, informing us why raw food can improve a child’s speech and language issues, as well as how soon changes will be seen after a parent has changed their child’s diet over to raw foods.

Q: Why does raw food work?

Living water-rich foods are loaded with available vitamins, minerals and amino acids.A: The raw, living foods diet is effective because it is water-rich and loaded with available vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These foods nourish the cells and tissues of the body with superior quality; easily-digested foods containing excellent nutrition. “We are what we eat” rings true not only for our body tissues, but for our brain chemistry as well. Speech and language development is focused in the left hemisphere of the brain. Foods are transferred to the brain through the circulatory system. The brain can only function well when we feed ourselves optimally. Since 85% or more of nutrients are destroyed or severely depleted through the cooking process, it makes sense that the brain foods are fresh, whole, ripe and organic plant foods.

Q: Once a parent has changed the child’s diet, how soon are changes seen?

Exclude refined, processed and toxic foods.A: Changes in diet through observation of individual children are highly dependent on total toxic load factors. Each child is a unique individual with his/her own developmental history, and the causes of receptive/expressive/pragmatic language difficulty are not always the same. I have worked with children having language/learning disabilities who switched to a raw food lifestyle for a period of six months and amazed teachers with their sudden academic progress and new ability to concentrate.

Parents who have attended my “Creating Healthy Children” workshops have healed autism in their children by gradually adding more fruits, vegetables, and soaked nuts and seeds to their daily food intake while excluding refined and processed foods. This has meant alerting those who work with their children at school or therapeutic settings, as well as family and friends, about the need for consistency in order for the dietary lifestyle change to be effective. [Many therapists provide processed food reinforcements such as potato chips and M & Ms as a reward for a desired response during tasks. This would need to be addressed so that these toxic foods are no longer part of the therapy.]

It’s important to purchase only chemical-free products which don’t out-gas.Lifestyle and dietary changes were combined with heavy metal detoxification through oral chelation and/or the hyperbaric chamber. Following cleanup of the diet and heavy metal detoxification, other lifestyle factors were explored: cleaning and laundering products, personal care products, bedding, home construction details, and electromagnetic fields in the child’s environment. [It’s important to purchase only chemical-free products which don’t out-gas.] All tobacco exposure was eliminated.

Once all, or most, toxic exposures were eliminated, and biological issues were therefore addressed, adjunct therapies were provided to address sensory, language, social-emotional and academic development.

Performance in many areas improved, especially with the detoxification of mercury. These parents also incorporated vision and craniosacral therapy into their children’s therapeutic regime. Allergies were gradually alleviated and motor skills improved. This process takes great patience and perseverance, and there is no specific time-line I can prescribe. It is dependent on the individual child and the total toxic load.

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  1. says

    I’m so happy to hear you promoting raw foods for kids with special needs. I am a huge proponent of integrating raw foods into kids diets, especially for kids with ADD/ADHD and autism. Diet is so often overlooked; drugs become the treatment of choice far too often. I try to teach people to use food as their drug of choice! Kids like fresh fruits and vegetables and it’s so easy to stick a plate of raw veggies and dip on the counter when they come home from school. People need to be educated about the benefits of doing so…thank you for sharing this.


  2. says

    Thank you for your wonderful comment. You’re right that fresh raw food is the perfect fast food and that children will love it if this is what they’re given. I give fruits and veggies to children and they eat it with great enjoyment, even in settings where others are offering toxic food choices. Whenever drugs are given instead of healthy food, the language/pragmatic problems usually worsen.
    Karen Ranzi


  3. Fran says

    This is all good info. I am looking specifically for something to help with focus problems. How about “lazy eye”? I have a seven year old this would help immensel, especially if you can provide the information to help me with the focus and remembering part.


  4. says

    I’m not an expert on “lazy” eye and focusing but vision therapy has proven successful for many children with various focusing issues. You can try it along with healthy “high raw” diet and lifestyle and I think there would be progress. Let me know.


  5. Esther says

    I’m very happy that someone is taking the steps in actually creating a generation of healthy well balanced people.
    I only wish my parents were willing to try raw foods instead of suggesting drugs or “special education” I have no kids myself, but I’ve been seriously considering going raw. I hope the same results show for adults. I’m 23 years old and I have problems with ADD and Assbergers myself. I’m pretty sure if possible, this could help me on my career path. :3 Thanks for Posting!



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