World of Raw: Best of the Web #2

Raw Food Knowledge and Inspiration Diva Style

by Danielle Greason

This month we continue with our World of Raw series, showcasing three more of the must-see places on the web for all things raw, hot and now!

New Raw Transformation Documentary Film:

Average Joe On The Raw

Do you make a point of keeping up to date with all of the top food and health documentaries on offer?  You know, the ones that are being created by passionate, dedicated people taking responsibility for changing the way we eat, live and think?

If you do… put this brand spankin new one on your must-have list.  It’s called Average Joe on the Raw, and it follows 60 days in the life of Seth Hayhurst as he tries to reverse 30 years of the Standard American Diet by jumping into a clean, raw vegan diet under some specialist raw chef guidance.  Check out the trailer below and grab your copy from the official ‘On the Raw’ website.

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Rawthentic Food by Priscilla Soligo

We’ve had our eye on the absolutely delectable creations that raw chef Priscilla Soligo of Rawthentic Food has been serving up to her customers, students, Facebook fans and family.  Check out some mouth-watering photography of her indulgent raw treats here, and yes… that’s her heavenly Rawthentic pancakes with homemade raw ice cream in the picture above!

Priscilla completed her culinary training with Russel James’ Raw Chef Culinary Academy, and Sydney Australia’s most prominent raw food chef: Julie Mitsios.  We admired her handiwork so much that we recently asked her if she would share some of her favourite recipes with us right here on The Raw Divas blog every month.  Guess what:  she agreed!  Delicious Rawthentic originals will be served up right here soon.  Get your kitchen prepped and ready!

Rating the LifeForce Energy in Our Food

Research conducted at the Hippocrates Health Institute over the past few decades has measured the electrical frequency of our food and the effect that electrical charge has on the frequency of our healthy cells.  Check out this truly fascinating excerpt from Dr Brian Clement’s book LifeForce, where you’ll find a list of foods rated from highest to lowest in energy content.

Be warned… you may feel a little discouraged at first to think your diet is not solely compromised of foods at the ‘top of the list’. Know that just by simply having an awareness of this information, and opening up to the possibilities of new foods you may be able to try, will be building on your strong health foundations.

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  1. Stacey Terry says

    Hi Priscilla!

    Your recipe looks *divine*. Maybe I could even entice my standard pancake-lovin’ sweetheart to try these!! Yummmy!

    So great to meet you and I look forward to connecting with you more here in Diva-land and in GSQ (Green Smoothie Queen)!

    Leafy hugs!


    Reply by Priscilla on June 16th, 2011

    Thanks Stacey for your lovely kind words! Both my little boy and ‘big’ boy (aka: hubby) loved tucking into these! They felt like a naughty lunch treat, but we know better! I hope you are keeping well and thank you for the leafy hugs… right back at you Green Smoothie Queen (my kind of queen!).

    Love and gratitude,

    Priscilla xox


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