Can I Feed My Child Raw Food?


It’s Father’s Week here at Raw Mom!


Daniel Aaron, founder of Radiantly Alive, answers the question, “Can I feed my child raw food?”

Yes! Absolutely. Yes!”


In this adorable video, Daniel shows what a raw dad (and yogi) feeds his 4-year-old daughter Zaida. She loves smoothies, chocolate, fruit, and even durian!

Daniel has eaten a raw food diet for over 10 years. This video is a glimspe of his wisdom.



  1. Elijah Shannon says

    Daniel, I LOVE YOU! It is so wonderful to see you here on this site with your beautiful daughter. I continue to be inspired by you and the life you lead on this planet. My husband knows that one of my dreams is to come do yoga teacher training with you so we will make that happen…and I’ll bring my hubby and my son, Beck!


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