Green Smoothie Recipe: Dandy Raspberry Dragon Martini

– by Stacey Terry

dandy raspberry dragonfruit martini - green smoothie - stacey terry

Friday’s are definitely martini time.

Apparently Thursday’s are “forget that you left your good camera at Glen’s house the night of the fiddle concert and now you’ll have to take a picture of your most awesome-est green smoothie creation EVER with your not-intended-for-this video camera”.  Shucks.  😉

The pictures may not do this green smoothie recipe justice, but you’ll find this creation, or one you adapt yourself, is the perfect way to start your weekend with an exotic drinking experience your liver will love!

Spoiling Your Cat May Prove Beneficial to Your Health

Cash - my special kittyThis all happened quite by chance.   On Tuesday I edited a great post on the benefits of parsley.   On Wednesday, up went the article about exciting Thai fruits like dragon fruit. Seeing as how I’m a proud “green smoothie nerd”, as my friend Susan puts it, now my salivary glands and my brain start having a conversation about some potential green smoothie experiments.

Thursday, I decide that my precious little purring furball would probably appreciate some fresh grass on top of her supper, so I go outside to clip her some (yes, she’s that spoiled).

And while I’m in the sunshine, I notice how many dandelions are growing around the building.  And yup… the salivating starts again. So… after I clip some grass for her bowl, I start clipping for ME!

I pull lots of fresh young leaves from dandelions that have yellow flowers but that haven’t gone to seed.  Ideally, to get the dandelion greens when they’re the least bitter, you should harvest the leaves even before the flowers appear, but I’m not picky.  I know that the more bitter the leaves are, the better they are for my liver.  I decide to clip a couple of the yellow flowers too.

Then, as I’m walking back to my building, I remember that down the little embankment by my building are some wild raspberry canes. I gingerly scoot down and start picking a number of the young leaves off the canes.  Having listened to many of the Healing with Herbs teleseminars, I know that these leaves have many medicinal benefits.  My kitty’s little bowl is now heaping with free wild greens from the back yard.

Feeling pretty smug with my green treasures, I head on up to blend some supper.  I didn’t really have a plan.  I rarely do.  I just knew I wanted my dragon fruit, my  parsley and my backyard treasures.  I threw all my ingredients, and a few extras, into the blender and out came a gorgeous green elixir.

dragon fruit cups for green smoothiesNow… as I was cutting my dragon fruit in half, I thought, “You know,  these shells are soooo beautiful.  They’d make excellent little cups to drink out of!” When you’ve been drinking green smoothies for a long time, sometimes you need some novelty to keep things interesting.  This idea got me excited!

I was actually trying to take a picture of the shells with some green smoothie inside at first.  After spilling BOTH of them on my window ledge (Quick math lesson: 2 round bottomed fruit + 1 straight window ledge = 15 minutes of washing green smoothie off your walls), I went looking in my cupboards for a new idea.

Turns out, half of a dragon fruit shell fits perfectly inside one of my martini glasses. Yaaaay!  Now I can enjoy the visual beauty and the novelty of drinking out of the dragon fruit shell without slopping all over.  A few garnishes with parsley and fresh raspberries, and oh my yes!! It’s Martini Time!  Mmmm…

This is a green smoothie recipe that does have a hint of bitterness from the dandelion greens and flowers, so if you like yours sweet, you can skip or reduce the amount you use.

Dandy Raspberry Dragon Martini

by Stacey Terry
dandy raspberry dragon martini - green smoothie recipeIngredients:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 dragon fruit
  • 1 apricot, pit removed
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • 1 handful wild dandelion greens
  • 2 bright yellow dandelion flowers
  • 1 small handful fresh, young raspberry leaves
  • fresh raspberries and parsley for garnish
  • water as needed to blend


Cut your dragon fruit in half (whatever way will yield you the deepest “cup”), scoop the fruit into your blender, and save the shells.  Add in your other fruit and blend with water.  Add in your greens a handful at a time and blend until smooth.

Place your dragon fruit shells in two martini glasses.  Pour your green smoothie into the shells and garnish with your favourite ingredients.

Curl up with your kitty and purr over your parsley!


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  1. Debbie says

    Love this Stacey!! I’am going to use this recipe for a Rawsome Green Smoothie event that I’m hosting June 3rd!! Will also be celebrating 33 years of marriage to my best friend that day:) So will make for husband and I as we toast to Green Smoothie Love :) Cheers to you !!


  2. Cheri says

    So glad to see recipes being posted for liver cleansing. Great time of year to get our insides cleaned out. Cheers to good health and happy living!


  3. Sparrow Rose Jones says

    Oh, sweet! I saw some dragon fruit at a store in town last year but wasn’t sure what to do with it so I didn’t get it. Now I know *exactly* what to do with it! And I even already have oversized martini glasses.

    It’s so much fun to drink green smoothies out of different kinds of fancy glasses. I read somewhere (I don’t remember the source of the quote) that we eat first with our eyes so I like to try to make nice presentations with my food, even if it’s something very simple. Especially if it’s something very simple! It makes me feel like I’m really treating myself special.


    Reply by Stacey Terry on May 21st, 2011

    @Sparrow – it’s so very true. We all appreciate beauty… and for the weeee bit of extra time it takes to slice some fruit to put on your glass or find a cup that makes you smile when you hold it, it’s soooo worth the added enjoyment.


  4. says

    Beautiful. I love dragonfruit, nice to see someone stepping out of the box and creating something unique with it. I have a smoothie recipe myself with purple dragonfruit I would like to share..


  5. says

    Wow! I never thought about that…we foster wild kittens and I bet they would love some wild greens. We have 5 that we are working with right now…let’s see what they think. :-)


    Reply by Stacey Terry on May 21st, 2011

    @Pam I’ve tried feeding Cash other greens, but she never seems to go for them… just the grass. Though she did get into one of my green smoothies.


  6. Marty says

    Please be careful what plants you feed your cat. They are not humans and their bodies process things differently then ours do. Many things that are alright for human consumption can make your cat VERY ill. Not to mention cats are carnivores and don’t naturally consume a large amount of herbage.

    This drink does sound ridiculously yummy! I can’t wait to find dragonfruit to try it!


    Reply by Stacey Terry on May 21st, 2011

    @Marty – I definitely agree… :) I’ve done some reading on raw food and pets, and I know she’s definitely a meat-eater. It’s just that any time I’ve taken her outside, she goes “crazy” for grass. I don’t have a juicer, so I don’t grow my own wheatgrass for her to enjoy (which, when you read the label, is all most “cat-grass” ever is), so bringing her a few fresh blades for supper is the next best treat.


  7. sherrie says

    We don’t have dragon fruit in my town, any suggestions for an alternative? This sounds yummy.


    Reply by Stacey Terry on May 23rd, 2011

    I’m sure you could create a similar effect with oranges? You’d have to find one small enough that when you cut it in half, each cup would fit in a martini glass. And oranges go well in any green smoothie too! Give it a shot! :)



  8. Joanne says

    I have always treated my green smoothies as a “meal”, this is a great alternative view! Thank you!
    Next weekend when I am tempted to make a martini, I’ll just whip up something like this and throw it in the same glass and enjoy!
    This is probably a very “obvious” idea to you, but just goes to show you; we all think differently, and no idea is too simple, silly, or smart to share!
    THanks… keep them coming :)


  9. Nelda says

    I’ve just read about your green smoothie jug contest! What a grand idea! I was thinking I need one of these as they are the exact color of the smoothies I enjoy in the morning getting ready for work. I am sharing the idea of your smoothies with every one who will listen. They are so good and I love the color. Still want to try something with red kale and this dragon martini sounds yummy too. Love the experimenting and getting healthy! Thank you, thank you!!


  10. Chandra says

    Love the idea of a green smoothie cocktail! I’ve already been drinking fresh coconut water from a special wine glass for the past few months (it just seems to deserve it, both for its ambrosial taste and because it is so much work to get to it!) so why not have green smoothies in a cocktail glass? What fun! Ooooh, I just got a flash of inspiration… the shell of a young Thai coconut would be another fun vessel to sip a tropical flavored green smoothie from… now all I need is a stash of those tiny umbrellas! Thanks Stacey!


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