Where Do You Get Your Protein? Part 2

The question vegans and raw vegans hear the most, by far, is “where do you get your protein?” The unsaid part of the question is, “If you aren’t eating
chicken/beef/pork/seafood, then where…?” Protein is not meat. Protein is a “huge, globular, chemical compound containing hundreds of thousands of amino acids.”

If a person eats a variety of whole, natural, unprocessed foods, and gets enough calories, protein requirements are easily satisfied. In Part 1 of this article, we shared a bit of what Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren said in his lecture “The Truth about Protein.”  In Part 2, questions about children’s protein needs and protein powders are addressed.

Are recommended daily allowances of protein different for adults and children?

No, according to Dr. Tel-Oren. the recommended daily allowance for Americans is between 46 grams and 53 grams, but most people average
100 grams a day. The World Health Organization recommends protein as only 6% of the total caloric intake.

For children, it still goes by percentage of body weight or by percentage of calories received through protein as a part of the diet. Even mother’s milk has very little protein.

So as long as children are consuming enough calories, “and as long as they don’t have metabolic disorders or lack of appetite as a result of neurological imbalance, they should not have a problem getting sufficient protein for all of their needs,” says Dr. Tel-Oren.

What about adding protein powders to smoothies, like hemp powder and whey protein isolate? Are they necessary?

Eating whole hemp seeds are fine. There’s no need to break them down into a powder.

Whey protein isolate can possibly damage the kidneys, cause allergic reactions, increase cancer risk, and prostate disease in men. Building muscle does not require tons of protein. Gorillas are 100% vegan and are far stronger than any human being.

The Bottom Line

Make gradual changes to your diet. Add whole foods, juices, and smoothies, at a rate that works for you. Be nice to yourself as you make the changes. Listen to your body and what it needs. Your organs don’t have voice boxes. But they do speak to you by how you feel. Listen to your intuitive self, and not other forces.

Be well.

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