Leah Jacobson: Harnessing the Healing Power of Mother Nature with Green Smoothies – Part 2

– by Leah Jacobson

(…continued from Part 1)

Drinking Green smoothies is like arming yourself with the full power of mother Nature.

It puts me on the side of Life itself.  To the side that says, “I care about myself no matter what is going on, no matter what demands I need to meet.

These green leaves are literally kissed by the highest source of energy in the universe: the sun. This makes green smoothies the most healing, nutritious, energizing, rejuvenating, balancing, nourishing food on planet Earth.

Now I love all food, don’t get me wrong.

I love the feeling of biting into things, using my mandibles to chew, different textures, tastes, spices.   I love ethnic food too… the smell of Indian curry, Chinese tofu frying… but I know that beyond the allure of the novel and the subsequent risk of greasy, baked or fried in all these sexy ethnic foods is the peace of knowing I can balance those foods, should I choose to partake, with something solid, stable, real and safe:  my blended green smoothie –  my connection to the best this earth has to offer.

I used to bake, which any of you who are bakers know each ingredient has to be measured exactly.  Again another benefit of the green smoothie: No measuring necessary!

variety of leafy greensAnd did I mention variety?

Incredibly, for ten years I’ve never had the some green smoothie twice.

“What do you put in them, give me a recipe,” people inquire all the time.  The green smoothie is so forgiving, and can be perfectly tailored to my day, my mood, my location, the time I have to prepare it, what’s stashed away in the fridge… anything.

I vary between all I find: radish leaves, Daikon leaves, beet and carrot tops, sprouts, kale, watercress, collard, Swiss chard. I’ve also been known to eye Kale garnishes at functions… later taking them home for yep, you guessed it… the next morning’s smoothie!

carrot tops for green smoothiesMy local grocer and I have cultivated a great friendship.  When I see him on Fridays, I give him recipes and he hands me the carrot tops and greens that he would be throwing out anyway on Fridays when he sees me.  Green smoothie drinking builds community!

This summer when I was overseas in the Middle East I knew I’d be eating lots of yummy but heavy foods.  I found a farmer’s market and picked up a package of greens  I didn’t know the name of, bought a cheap blender and together with some figs I balanced my other food choices and came out ahead.

I returned home a month later to find the Brussel sprouts, kale and Swiss chard in my garden had bolted.  So I put them in the blender with a little extra fruit!  More great meals!

leah-jacobsonFor me, no matter when, and no matter where, it’s always the right time and place to make a Green Smoothie.

It gives me pause to nourish the body God gave me, it connects me to my higher self, and grounds me to what is healing on the planet we all share.



Let’s talk green!  From now until the start of our spring 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox, you can win a chance to join our LIVE, Full-Support program featuring Victoria Boutenko, just by contributing your thoughts to one of our “Green Buzz” suggestions on the blog. (Be sure to include a valid name and e-mail address with your blog comment so that we can contact you). We’ll select a winner who shares a thoughtful comment on any new GSQ blog post between Feb. 28th and March 19th, 2011.  All comments will be approved before appearing.  (Attention Facebook/Twitter readers: Comments must be made on the GSQ blog site to be entered in the draw!)


  • What unique leafy greens do you use in your green smoothies?
  • How could you use (or have you used) green smoothies to build and connect your community?
  • Where have you travelled and what new greens (or vegetables) did you find?
  • It’s always the right time and place.  Did you just “press the button”?  Tell us about it!


  1. dana says

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    This was my morning wake-up recipe today:

    4 cups of spinach tightly packed
    3.5 cups of water
    1.5 frozen bananas
    1/2 cup berries
    1 tsp spirulina powder

    Flip it on high, watch it liquify and enjoy the green goodness!


  2. says

    Well I often just put whatever greens I have on hand, sometimes its a little different like sunflower sprouts, kale chard- a few years ago my eldest son (now 10) discovered he liked just banana and parsley (he may have added a date) we taped him making it- so cute! I’ll see if I can find it an post a link.


  3. Aimee says

    I started the 3 day mini- challenge today!!! Started my day off with chard, carrots, grapes, a red delicious apple and a banana. Thew in some water and some ice and Mmmmmm!!!! Starting the 21 day detox challenge on Monday! Woohoo!


  4. Trina Southe says

    I just love the idea of green smoothies! I have been inspired to start having one for breakfast every day. Today was 1 mango, 1 banana and some spinach. Yummmm!!!


  5. Alice says

    You got it GSQ! This is one area where the effort is minimal and the results maximal. Recipes are great when you need a jump start out of a rut but otherwise just relax and blend things up. No rules, just fabulous.


  6. Lauren says

    As I was walking home today, I thought about what green smoothie I could make when I got there. Then I realized, oh no, no more greens in the fridge. But as I approached the house, I saw a veritable carpet of miner’s lettuce leaves by my doorstep. Oh, vibrance and abundance of spring! Doesn’t get fresher than this … miner’s lettuce is also a wonderful salad green, mild and succulent – especially now. Later in the season it gets tough but is still fine for smoothies.
    Green love to all …


  7. Jenny says

    I have been having green smoothies almost every day for the past several weeks. At first I was a little hesitant to use only water,greens, and fruit for my breakfast. I used coconut milk plus some protein powder in addition to the fruit and greens. After becoming convinced I wouldn’t starve by lunch , I transitioned to water and no powder. WOW what a difference. The smoothies taste so bright and vibrant now- they were muddy and insipid with the powder. I should have trusted you on that from the beginning! Thanks for the amazing work you are doing-♥-


  8. Maria says

    Okay. Here we are in the full swing of Mardi Gras in New Orleans – food, food, food, drinks, drinks, more food, more drinks but NO MATTER! I am determined to not be tempted by the smells, sounds, and craziness because I have made up my mind once and for all to take on the challenge. I am starting first with a one-week juice fast to lead me into the Green Smoothie Challenge. Laissez les bon temps rouler! “Let the Good Times Roll (right into my blender).


  9. says

    I have been drinking green smoothies for a few months now and am very happy to say that I feel so much better since I started. I had horrible Acid Reflux issues and they are virtually gone. Sometimes I do fall off the Green Smoothie wagon and totally regret it every time. But once I jump back on I feel the wonderful affects immediately!! I enjoy using Kale, Spinach, Celery and Parsley. I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful ZING parsley gives to a green smoothie!!! Thank you!!


  10. Piemancer says

    I was surprised when I used arugula in a smoothie (I really wanted some greens), and it wasn’t intense and horrible. That’s as far as I go for unique. Oh, and I tried carrot greens in it once. My smoothie enjoying companion and I agreed it wasn’t my finest recipe.

    Lena Horne sings it best- Life is easy, livin’s lazy… All you do is Push De Button!


  11. Nicki McFeron says

    The right time and place to push the button…..last summer 2 of the camping excursions we went on we brought greens and fruits, our blender and extension cord…just in case there might be electricity near by. Lo and behold there WAS! so everymorning that’s how we woke up our camping buddies was by blending up our green smoothies for breakfast. So refreshing! But if there hadn’t been electricity we would’ve eaten several salads ;-).


  12. Maria says

    Sorry, I got so carried away with the thought of embarking on the journey, I forgot to respond to one of the buzz topics. I’ve decided that on this challenge, I will try to incorporate only produce that I can obtain through my local Farmer’s Market. I am going to be very conscious of using seasonal greens only so I think spinach, which is harvested from Oct. – May, should be available. Kale is Nov. – May. I am going to just go to the market and ask for availability of only Louisiana seasonal fruits and vegetables as part of my EAT LOCAL CHALLENGE. No pineapples from Hawaii — that will be difficult because I do so love a pineapple-spinach smoothie.


  13. angie says

    i love smoothies. ive tried collards, spinach and kale, i recently experienced wheatgrass. they are all great and give terrific energy. im so glad God made them and so thankful that they are so good for me. thanks so much for continually offering us new ways to enjoy them.


  14. says

    Well,hallo and just to tell you that I think this is a great idea!

    Now, let me answer your question on how have I used the green smoothies to connect my community? By my example! After having found out how great, light and full of energy they made me feel and people noticing that and asking me what was I doing,I converted my Mum and my boyfriend to them, telling everybody else about their beauty and simplicity. They, in turn, have started to spred the good news to themselves, so in no time lots and lots of people were buying blenders and trying to convince their grocer to leave some carrot tops for them :-) Now, my closest community is having green smoothies for breakfast and I am still looking forward to new converts!


  15. Susanne says

    Ok…got an email from the queen today…a “PRESS THE BUTTON!!!” CHALLENGE:) I have to say I had gotten out of the groove for a while but started up again just last week and once again am feeling great. I’m hoping this time I’ll see some weight loss. Thanks for the challenge!


  16. Audra says

    I try to make “green” smoothies for my kids. Hiding a few leaves of spinich in a fruit smoothie is all I have been able to get away with so far..


  17. Sara says

    I just found out I’m pregnant! :)
    I grabbed some spinach, parsley, the juice of 2 lemons, a pinch of acai, a pinch of wheatgrass powder and a half/glass of lychie juice….


  18. Adam Sheck says

    Been making green smoothies daily for the past month and learning so much. Latest is kale, parsley, apple and ginger. Can’t wait to learn and try more!


  19. says

    So, my husband and I received a vitamix blender for Christmas and have been experimenting with some green smoothies BUT have been talking about taking a Green Smoothie Challenge for about a month now. I know we could do it and need to do it so help us DO IT! Thanks, love all the tips and inspiration from you “Green Smoothie Queen”


  20. says

    I am currently rotating between spinach or kale:
    1 cup organic skim milk
    1/2/ c organic yogurt
    1/2 cup strawberries
    1/2 cup mangos
    1 cup spinach or kale.



  21. Tess says

    Hi :) I just love getting these emails :) they inspire me and guide me into my new self. Thank you Tera, for being such a nice girl,I admire your style and your writing, it is so vigourating.
    I love my smoothies and to find out what I can make new yet again. We have a tunnel where we grow our own produce, so I take what we have, which happen to be quite a lot.
    I have had breastcancer, and see the importance of stying healthy. You have to be healthy to be sick. I never took the chemotherapy nor the radiotherapy, just had a full mastectomy, and stated juicing AND drank a bottle of NONI a day for 3 weeks, so I am very careful of what I eat ( it’s 8 years ago)and I intend to stay on the top.
    love you all :) thank you for your time, Tess


  22. says

    I did it! did it! did it! took up challenge & pressed button!!! smoothie for breakfast! Kale, banana, raw caoca powder, maca, pinch cayenne, apple, water,…. wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! sipppppp! yum! love and blessings to you all


  23. Agnieszka says

    Ever since I came across this site and tried the free challenge I have been hooked on green smoothies. My favourite is apple and parsley with just a touch of vanilla extract – try it! A truly decadent flavour in a beautifully green smoothie.



  24. Jennifer says

    You know what a great motivator. I’ve been trying to get back into the green smoothie routine these past few months. It certainly has been an off and on struggle. I had been doing really good this week and today I used the last of my spinach and regular smoothie green for a smoothie for my husband ( although he didn’t know it 😉 so I had consigned myself to no green smoothie today which would have been a pause in my good run of daily smoothies. But then I got this email. My first thought was i didnt have any greens, then I remembered I had some romane in the fridge. I thought what the heck, I’ll try it anyway. It was great! Thanks for that friendly little push in the right direction. It was just what I needed!


  25. jillnicole says

    Today’s breakfast smoothie was a treat with frozen strawberries instead of fresh blended with bananas and spinach!


  26. sheryl miller says

    I pressed the button, well my husband did!
    1kilo weight loss this morning, finally after 3-4 weeks
    I need to keep moving forward and the weight will slip away, I just need to believe, work at it.

    Yes I love my green smoooothies!

    Thanks Queenie,
    sheryl miller
    canberra australia


  27. Mandy says

    I am a brand new green smoothie adventurer. A good friend of mine forwarded me an email with some of our information. I was immediately sucked right in.
    We are a healthy vegetarian family of four. My little girls are 2 and 4 and are loving the smoothies! I have to say, I was surprised at their enthusiasm. They gulp them down and ask for more. Wow.
    My husband and I have been finding it easy to add smoothies to our daily routine too.
    I am looking forward to more of this positive life change. Who knew it would come from dusting off my blender?
    Thank you Green Smoothie Queen!


  28. Linda Carrington says

    Green Greetings from Grand Rapids!
    Though it is cold and dark and snowy outside, inside my kitchen, and all over the kitchen floor, in fact, green goodness is growing. Yes, I did push the button… twice today in fact!

    I love to try new greens, and to give my husband, who does the shopping, the chance to surprise me with something different, as long as it is organic. It is also a good way just to get him hanging out in the produce section a bit more than he is used to. Maybe one day, he’ll pick something up for himself!

    So, this week, it was arugula he brought home. Spicy, biting, very yummy arugula, while I went for super-sized heads of butter lettuce. Tweaking the combination of fruits to complement the greens is an art I am still mastering, but I get better each time I try, and I learn from my less than successful recipes. I read somewhere that another writer said she never had the same Green Smoothie twice, which I totally relate to. I feel a bit like Happy Potter in portions class when I make a Green Smoothie… a little of this, a little of that, taste, add a bit of lemon… you get the idea.

    I have not really traveled recently to try new veggies, but last summer I was forced to live in a motel room for six months (while my house was being really messed up by some bad contractors). I had joined a CSA for the first time, not realizing that a two week project would turn into a six-month motel stay without a kitchen, and it was for that reason I started to blend my vegetables using a small, cheap, Magic Bullet blender. The CSA provided me, at one point, with many, many tomatillos, which I had never tried before, and I did I attempt to use them in a smoothie, but wasn’t thrilled with the result. Better to make a tomatillo salad with peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, some cilantro, lemon juice, maybe a bit of balsamic vinegar… I can’t recall all that I threw in, but it was very good! Just not in a smoothie. :-/

    And, I have started a bit of Green Smoothie craze in my local Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome/ME Education group when I decided to team-lead the group one week and brought my mega-blender AND the Magic Bullet to demo some recipes I’ve gotten from the Raw Divas. People are writing to me describing the combination of fruits and greens they are using, I am fielding blender questions, and have received a ton of compliments and some expressions of amazement about the process. Green Smoothies have helped me cope with my own debilitating chronic illness, and I am hoping to spread the word and the good health around! Go green!!



  29. Deborah Morgan says

    I’ve been a green smoothies addict for 2 years now and think I would actually go through withdrawal if I stopped!

    I think the best way to encourage friends/family/coworkers to try a green smoothies is to mix in lots of red berries so the mixture is more pink than green. Once they feel the benefits of the first one, they won’t care if the next one is green!


  30. Carol says

    I had my qt of green smoothie this morning (made in advance and stored in the fridge). Think this one was romaine hearts, spinach, celery, apple and banana. I added some rejuvelac and a scoop of protein powder I’m trying out. I’ve been doing green smoothies since last June while researching and figuring out what I need to do to get completely well (61 years of problems). The good news is that I’ve been trying this powder for 3 or 4 days now and no negative reaction. In the past, any supplements on this line would have cramped my stomach and given me the runs and I would have quit. That means my intestines are definitely doing better. :-)


  31. Jewell says

    Thank you Green Smoothie Queen for all the inspiration, support and encouragement. I love your site; so many helpful tips! Keep up the good work! In 7 weeks I am going to have blood work, and I fully expect to be able to come off high blood lipid meds. Have already received the blessing of my Doc to come off blood pressure meds. Wahoo! Looking forward to my 62 birthday med free!


  32. Rachel says

    Usually I have kale and spinach in my green smoothies every day. I know we’re supposed to mix up the greens, but I have difficulty accessing various greens here in Canada! However, today I was brave and I mixed up BEET GREENS with strawberries and grapes! It wasn’t bad at all!! I think I’ll even do it again. I love how easy this is!


  33. deborah la gorce kramer says

    I am foraging in the jungles of southern Thailand, watching what monkeys eat and trying to discover the glorious green edibles I know must surround me. I even found a high speed blender in Bangkok and a raw restaurant growing wheat grass, dehydrating (a challenge in this high humidity region), and making rejuvelac! Their inspiration prompted me to take the challenge even in the remote area I will be for the next month and get to only by boat. Thankyou for your refreshing sense of humor and the wonder you inspire. That I can now get on line from this location is remarkable BUT that YOU can prod me to consider sourcing greens in this location is truly miraculous. AND regarding community–my attention to all that is local and natural as something sacred I believe reminds my friends here that their truth has merit–not the western values they are bombarded with and aspire to thanks to our monopolization of media. You RSQ’s are a gift and a blessing and I welcome your email challenges with love and gratitude! Thank you!


  34. Susan Keefe says

    I’ve been doing green smoothies most mornings for 2 weeks..really liking them. This morning I made an orange/pineapple/banana/coconut with baby spinach and hemp powder..yum yum. I’ve heard the green goo teasing at work but they were also showed a wee bit of curiosity about my shakes.
    Thanks for the inspirations.


  35. Noelle says

    Hello, Everyone!

    I’m following the 3-day mini course and am pleased to announce that I pushed the button today…and yesterday! While today’s smoothie just consisted of some kale, cantaloupe, mango, and strawberry (and was a delight, mind you!) YESTERDAY’S smoothie was even more noteworthy! I found some frozen rhubarb at the grocery store and decided to toss it in my Vitamix along with some blackberries and spinach…and it was tart n’ tasty! :) Also, not that I mind the green “lawnmower pulp” appearance, but the berry/rhubarb combo ended up conquering the spinach (color-wise) so that this smoothie was a pretty shade of plum!

    G’luck to all!


  36. Emie says

    I did it! I pressed the button this morning and made my husband and I a giant green smoothie made out of water, ice, a banana, a bunch of spinach, 4 strawberries, and 4 handfuls of blueberries. It was delicious…yum!


  37. says

    I could not believe how good this was:

    2 ripe pears ( I chose 1 red and 1 green anjou with skin on just cored)
    8 plain leaf kale leaves whole just ends trimmed
    4 dandelion leaves
    5 dried cherries
    handful of ice
    blend up well…..so good!


  38. Gina says

    I’ve been looking sideways at green smoothies for more than a year. A few months ago, I blended one up and tried it. It wasn’t bad. It tasted all right. What did I need to do to get myself to make another one? So I decided to sign up for the 21-day detox. The meal planner arrived. All that fruit. I’m a diabetic, I can’t eat that much fruit. I stopped again. The Queen sent an article about savory smoothies. I thought about it some more. I consulted my doctor who didn’t want me to eat that much fruit but he does want me to control my diabetes better. I visited a local farmer’s market and found they had kale and silverbeet and other organic vegetables. I decided I would go ahead and make another green smoothie. 1/2 c pomegranate juice, tomato, cucumber, kale, silverbeet, spinach, a banana, some water and toped off with1/2-1 c frozen berries. It was nearly a liter. It was too thick to drink so I ate it with a spoon. I liked it. I decided I would make another and a couple of days later I did. So for a month now I have made myself a green smoothie on most days. The recipe I have been using: 1 cup water in the blender, green leafies that I have (e.g. kale, silverbeet, spinach, lettuce, pak choy) in my 10-cup container, 2+ c fruit (e.g. tomato, cucumber, avocado, banana, apple, peach) topped off with 1 cup frozen berries.

    Do I now leap out of bed every morning with energy to take me through the day and polka through the night? Twenty green Smoothies haven’t cured my diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, obesity, blepheritis, or dry eye (not even my ingrown toe nail).

    I do know I’m doing something good for myself by consuming green Smoothies. I believe that if I continue drinking 1 increasing to 2 or 3 green Smoothies daily, my health will improve beyond what I can imagine.

    I also believe my cheap blender will likely need replacing soon. I dream of Blendtec.

    Cheers, Gina

    P.S. I found someone who will deliver organic fruit and veg to my door!


  39. says

    While we are not yet in season, here in New York City, I am sending out an “anticipatory” recipe for this spring/summer:

    1 cup fennel
    2 cups watermelon
    1 drop lavender oil (NO more) or 1/4 teaspoon dried lavender (edible, unsprayed only)

    This recipe should get you thinking…..clove oil and pumpkin? rosemary, pear and alfalfa? lemon oil, tomatoes and basil? home canned pickles and watermelon with a fresh slice of cucumber…..DON”T YU JUST LOVE IT?!?!?!


  40. Estela says

    Thank you for reminding me to push the button for my green smoothies.
    This week has been very hectic and I didn’t have the time to prepare any. But today just before reading your email, I have prepared myself 4 glasses of one of my favorite
    1. 4 cups of water
    2. 1 cup of frozen pineapple
    3. 1 tablespoon of sprouted lentils & mug beans
    4. 1 tablespoon of barley powder.
    5. 1 large dark green collard leaf.
    Yummy! I drank 2 glasses -subtituting my supper-


  41. says

    You Green Smoothie DIVA Queens are incredibly supportive and inspiring. You almost have me. I used to make green smoothies. Then I fell off the wagon, you know how it is? Because of your contagious enthusiasm, maybe I’ll try to push the button again. Thanks for everything you do to encourage us. XO


    Reply by stacey on March 5th, 2011

    Did you say “maaaaaaybe” Juliette? Maaaaaybe? Come on there sweetheart!! You CAN. Make it as simple as possible if you have to – just bananas and spinach.



  42. Debra Davis, Wasilla AK says

    Fresh local greens are few and far between here in Alaska most of the year. I do find them to be poor quality and expensive due to shipping. However, I gave the green smoothies a shot. I am hooked. Loving the fact that greens go with ANY fruit combo. I feel good, I have energy. Go Green.


  43. Ro Ellis says

    I love to use dandelion greens with bananas and blueberries. My grandchildren, ages 2 & 4, love to help me press the buttons of the blender and watch the colors blend. Another combination is romaine lettuce with bananas and blackberries. I feel good that we are all getting the vitamins and minerals as we drink up.


  44. Martie says

    I love green smoothies! Its such a simple thing to do for yourself each day with immeasurable benefits! My two year old grandson chugs them like they are the tastiest treat he’s ever had! It’s so great to know he’s getting something nourishing each day.
    Go Green!!!


  45. Tracy says

    Another poster said you couldn’t eat carrot tops, is that correct?


    ANSWER: (Hi Tracy… apparently I can’t put replies directly below comments, so I’m editing your comment to add the answer). You definitely can eat carrot tops as long as you’re not allergic to them. I often use them in my smoothies (as long as they’re fresh… generally it’s more of a summer thing for me. The ones in the stores often look pretty wilted). I have an answer below somewhere, but here’s the link you can read to find out more: http://www.carrotmuseum.co.uk/carrotops.html.



  46. Ellen says

    Kale in the morning is what gets me going. Just starting raw smoothies.My favorite is:
    handful of kale
    1/2 to 1 whole beet
    3 carrots

    I have never liked cooked, roasted or pickled beets…but in a smoothie they are wonderful!


  47. Marti says

    I pushed the button today with fresh pineapple, pear and frozen raspberries with spring mix. SO good! I am signed up for the next 21 Day Detox. Can’t wait!
    Joyful Journey!


  48. Adrienne says

    thank you for the inspiration! i made one today with: chard leaves, mint, chia seeds, mango, pineapple, bannana, water. it was so good and really tasted like mango! then, i made another one for dinner at work: lettuce, pineapple,mango, bananna, cucumber, water.
    i love that i get to share my smoothies and make them for other people who haven’t had them before!


  49. Annica says

    This morning it was bananas, raspberries and mixed salad leaves. Berries are my favourite. As greens I use whatever I can find in the fridge (cabbage, spinach, arugula, mache, kale…) and in nature (dandelion, moss, daisies, tree leaves and all kinds of edible plants). Thank you, Raw Divas and Green Smoothie Queen! Without you, I would never have tried.


  50. Karen Graham says

    I can’t wait for spring here in Michigan so I can just go pick my greens like dandelion and nettles for my smoothies. If you use beets in your smoothies it gives them a lovely purple color and when you want more lemon tartness use the lemon with the peel.


  51. Magdalene says

    I love experimenting with different ingredients in my smoothies ; try sprouted fenugreek seeds, ground flaxseed and flaxoil and or lecithin granules to your fruit and greens smoothie for extra nutrition . esp.on days when you don’t have a ripe banana, they add creaminess to your smoothie .


  52. Magdalene says

    I always feel great after my morning smoothie and I dont get hungry for hours which is great because often I go on long hikes and I don’t get home to eat until late afternoon . I would’nt take the time to chew a big plate of greens in the morning but adding it all to a smoothie is sort of like insurance knowing that my body has gotten what it needs . I do think it is important to insalivate every mouthful before swallowing and not just gulp it down . Yes Terra I pushed the button !It is a breakfast I look forward to daily and its always a little different .


  53. Heidi says

    I have always love fruit smooties but I am excited to start throwing lots of leafy greens in there. Green Smoothie here I come!


  54. Dawn says

    I am on day 4 of the 10 day challenge, having fun making up different recipes and my four year old son is into it too. He asks every morning if we can make a smoothie.. up to two a day at this point..

    Would love to try the 21 day detox..

    Thanks for all the support, guidance, and encouragement.



  55. Maribeth says

    My favorite greens are kale, romaine, red & green leaf lettuce, and spinach. I love to use oranges, bananas, pears, peaches, berries, mangoes, pinapple, grapefruit, and grapes. I pretty much use whatever’s ripe and on hand. They’re all good!


  56. Tandi says

    I have gotten away from my green smoothies because it has been so bitter cold this winter but this inspired me to whip up a smoothie today. I had blackberry, spinach, banana with a dash of stevia. It was amazing to drink up a yummy smoothie again! I’ve got my grandma, aunts, father, sisters, and everyone who knows me drinking their green smoothies in the morning so this was a great kick in the pants to get me back in the swing of things too. Thanks.


  57. Bridget says

    Thanks for the “push the button” email!! I needed that : ) In our caotic life lately, our blender has been pushed further and further out of reach I keep ‘thinking’ about it but not acting on it. Today I did! I had almost forgotten how cute the baby is when she comes running the second she hears the blender, doesnt matter where she is she knows something good is happening when she hears it. She was so excited I couldn’t help but giggle out loud. Best chain reaction we’ve had all week…..push the button- baby happy- mom happy- much needed time out in a crazy schedule- and bonus, good food/drink to help our bodies keep going : )


  58. says

    I stated my green smoothies on 03/01/11. I used to make green smoothies all the time but never for dinner. I start my morning by first drinking a glass of water then making my smoothie. I’m going to make this a regular thing again . thanks,zoie


  59. Clair says

    What a great start to the day and much more fun than cereal or toast.
    Love reading everyone elses comments on what they use in their smoothies as I’m just starting out and am not always sure of what to put in but it really does sound like almost anything goes. I’m looking forward to getting greener and greener!


  60. Tara says

    I started a few months ago going off glueten(?) and then went of dairy and any animal by products, except fish. Do u need to do a b-12 supplement? And what the easiest way to get information? I currently have pretty tight finances and will be doing to 21 day smoothie fast, but won’t be able to buy any o it right now$. Any suggestions on maybe what book I can find at the library to help make sure I get the right intake?
    Go smoothie!


    Reply by stacey on March 7th, 2011

    @Tara: “Do u need to do a b-12 supplement? And what the easiest way to get information? Any suggestions on maybe what book I can find at the library to help make sure I get the right intake?”

    Hi Tara!! We always encourage folks to work with a doctor or natural health professional to get the best answers. Our goal is to encourage everyone to add as many fruits, greens, and veggies into their diet as they can and see the difference in how it makes them feel. It’s always best to talk to someone who can talk with you about your history, your needs, and your expectations. Victoria’s book, Green for Life, is a great place to start… and I believe there’s a testimonial in that book from a woman whose B-12 levels normalized by drinking green smoothies.


  61. Pam says

    Pushed the button –actually, a toggle switch & speed knob on my 17-year-old (but still going strong) VitaMixer. You know, it resembles a stainless steel blender container squatting atop a toaster?! Noisy but powerful- I keep ear protectors hanging near the blender.
    Here in Los Angeles we get plenty of local greens.Chervil is a surprising choice. Here’s why I tried it: Take handfuls of lucky shamrocks & parsley to thank you for the St. Patrick’s Parsley Parade recipe. For my “Birthday Brunch” 2/26, I substituted a mango for the peach, as I had no peaches but extra mangoes on hand thanks to a US $1/mango sale at the nearest supermkt (slurp,slurp). Also had insufficient parsley, so added chervil with the parsley. Delicious! Chervil adds a piquant “je-ne-sais-quoi”.


  62. Natalie says

    My kids requested mango and blueberry this morning. I added bananas and spinach. We’re lucky enough to get the super sweet mangos from Thailand and Philippines which are so, so sweet. Our middle son loves to chew all the leftover bits off the mango pits and drip juice everywhere, but I don’t care! I am so happy my family loves green smoothies.


  63. Lisa says

    I pushed the button and I’m addicted. I feel heavy and lethargic if I don’t start my day off with a green smoothie. My favourite is banana, pineapple, cucumber and spinach with some flaxseed and hemp protein powder. Yummm!


  64. CHRISSY says

    I have a green smoothie everyday, sometimes two. It is rare if I go a day without one!!! My favorite green is Kale! I keep spinich on hand for my husband and kids (they are a little sissy when it comes to the greens) BUT at least they are trying it!!! I hope by summer I can get my kids on board with at least 1 green smoothie a day! wish me luck and parsley!


  65. Elise says

    Ditto all that’s been said! I’m loving my morning green smoothie. My fave so far has arugula, spinach, mint, banana & pineapple. Gree smoothies are happy-making :-)


  66. Pwest says

    I used to teach boot camp classes. On Saturdays, I brought green smoothies to share with everyone after class. One couple who had kids started making them for their family and thanked me for getting them hooked on them!


  67. Darlene says

    I am sooooo hooked on green smoothies!!!!! EVERYTHING about them is good! they are quick, EZ, yummy, on the go fast food. oh yea, and good for you to!!! It doesn’t get any better than that does it?


  68. says

    L O V E green smoothies, especially first thing in the morning, as they are so much faster than a green juice! Together with dry body brushing and cold showers they make the best start to a great day. I started blending in a piece of ginger for warmth on the cold days, and sometimes add a large pinch of vanilla powder = just pure pleasure in a glass! Bottoms up, everyone.


  69. Kris M. says


    I am somehow missing the Enter to Win the 21 day detox link? PLEASE help!!! 😉

    Thanks so much!! LOVED the article!!! Excellent!


    Edit: No link to worry about! We’re collecting a list of all the people who comment between March 1 – 19th and we’ll draw a winner from the list! You’re in Sunshine!


  70. Patricia says

    Well it is never to late for an old “cat” to learn new tricks! I find that I really like spinach or romaine in my smoothies. I am trying (again)or should I say still trying to lose weight. This may be the answer. I am getting more nutritional food this way. I add the prtoein powder that I am using as part of my program and greens and fruit … the results are interesting, delivious and I know nutritious. Keep up the super work … Pat


  71. Sylvia Downs says

    I started with a 10 day Green Smoothie Challenge… and have not quit for a minute! I started a couple of days… and finally got my husband to “try” a taste… and now he is hooked too. He waits in the morning for his green smoothie before heading out the door for work. It has given us way more energy and they taste so good. I have had several friends that I have gotten hooked on them too. People that know they need to… but just haven’t “pushed the button”. I LOVE YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT! You make it sound easy and doable! And it is! Thanks so much.


  72. Enna says

    Thanks for the kick in the pants!!!! Will be shopping this afternoon for all the fixin’s I need to fire up my new blender from Montell.


  73. Geo YoYo says

    Pressed the button this morning (banana, pear, blueberries and bok choy) but it wasn’t quite right. So, poured both glasses back into blender, added half an avo and … voilà … lovely and creamy.
    I’m still new to this and playing nicely.


  74. says

    I love to start my day with a green smoothie:
    banana, blueberry, spinach, celery, cinnamon, maca, chia, flax and coconut milk!
    The more I learn, the more I want to share these amazing energizing drinks with people. I can’t wait to lead my own 7 day green smoothie detox!


  75. April says

    Pushed the button today and so glad I did!! It’s that time of the month and feeling weighed down and very emotional. Whipped up some spinach, kiwi, apple, blueberry, chia and wheatgrass powder and I am feeling 1000% better. Starting the 3 day challenge today and have another batch ready with some banana added for later:-))


  76. Joelle says

    Wow…wanted a green smoothie and someone posted something with ingredients I have handy. Yay! I am wondering however, what everyone eats throughout the rest of the day.


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