Kristen Morelli Invokes a “Goddess Rising” in the Hearts of Women

Do you remember the very first time you blew out birthday candles, or tossed a coin in a wishing well? You had no doubts, no disbelief back then about what you could do or who you could become? The world was an ocean of limitless possibilities and you were going to make them happen.

Chances are that if you’re here now, it’s because you can still feel something reminiscent of that limitless within you. You feel the pull of a universe inviting you to expand, to dream, to believe–in not just the possibility, but the reality that you can live the life you truly long to experience.

And chances are you hear sometimes that same inner voice of the girl who tossed coins with confidence way back then. But now, she’s a woman–she’s a goddess and she’s rising up to an opportunity to fulfill her greatest desires and to live life as an inspired and ignited example of what you can become.

Here to help you start your journey over the next 40 days of our WISH Summit, is a woman whose goddess has risen to some magnificent heights. Kristin Morelli may have made millions of dollars, and touched millions of lives, but the greatest thing she learned is how to step into her true power as a woman. She’s here with us now to offer you share her wisdom, energy and support as  you embrace the experience of your own goddess rising.

Here are some of the things she shares on this call:

How she stood in her power and was able to sell contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

What she feels make the biggest difference in her ability to step into her power.

The defining moment where she simply refused to let self-doubt interfere with her growth.

How she redefines the “cheesy” energy around “goddess” and shares her definition of what a goddess is.

What it takes to rise up to the biggest vision of the grandest life you can have for yourself.

This call is a powerful and promising way to begin our WISH Summit! I hope you’ll love it!!

You can listen to this interview here:




  1. CassieRainbowlove says

    I totally enjoyed the FIRST kick off to the WISH SUMMIT!!!!! Happy International Women’s Day 2011!!! When I read the e-mail by Tera, I decided to go get my new pair of high heeled shoes and wear them on this call!!! It felt great…as I write I am still in them!!! LOL :)

    I shed a few tears on the call bc there’s a part of me that KNOWS that I need to stop playing small and get rid of those little voices that are self sabotaging!!! Thanks Kristen for your wonderful contribution on the call tonight and I want to say a BIG HEARTY Thank You to Tera and the Team!!!!



  2. Patricia Seki says

    I am excited to start this forty day journey to finding my true self. I am looking forward to meeting new people with fresh insight.

    Tara, I enjoyed your conversation and find myself inspired and wanting to be more aware and present in my own life. As women and mothers we tend to put ourselves last and it is so evident in my own life how unproductive and unhealthy that is for the entire family.

    I’m excited and ready to raise my vibration and get back in tune! I just turned forty and whole heartedly believe this is my year!

    Much thanks!


  3. R.Elizabeth says

    You mentioned in the email that replay of this interview is available until 8pm tonight – but what is the link to access??!!!

    Thank you – regards, R. Elizabeth


  4. Eliza says

    Wow! Kristin is such a light. I learned so much from this call and can’t say enough how excited I am to put these ideas into practice. Thank you so much!


  5. gertrude says

    Hi Tera,
    I am still looking for the replays of the first 2 calls. I now got how it works and am keeping up, but regret missing the first 2.


  6. Bobbi says

    Listening to Kristen Morelli was amazing. She really spoke to my heart and it listened. I feel the way she mentioned how she had felt at times, that I wake up thinking is this what the rest of my life is going to be? I am hiding from living my life and it is not fun. I look forward to energetically clearing out all the baggage, tapping into who I really am and shining.


  7. Tera says

    Oh WOW! Thanks for this beautiful note and your willingness to share your thoughts about the call with us. It’s an honor to have you here and share in this journey with you!!!


  8. Tera says

    Hi, Elizabeth. The link was sent to you in an email, hon. If you didn’t receive an email, it’s because you may not be signed up. We don’t usually post the email in a public place, because it comes in your confirmation email once registered.

    Let me know if you’re still looking for it, okay, and we’ll help you out!!


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