The 2-Step Process for Taking a Self Love-cation

The 2-Step Process for Taking a Self Love-cation

– by Eliza Ceci

Have you ever had the need to get everything done now, to take care of every one’s needs first, to perfectly complete all the tasks on your to-do list and line up the schedules of everyone in your household to keep order or balance? I’ve done this. I micro-manage. I streamline to-do lists. I squeeze every drop out of my go, go, go cup and every time it leaves me drained. Funny that I was looking to create peace and serenity and out of the lists and ideas to keep order comes, well…. chaos!

And, yes, at the end of the day everyone else is wonderfully taken care of – but what about the most important person in your life – YOU? After all, without your care and love and dazzling capabilities to keep everyone going in the right direction things could get turned into a full on whirlwind.

Maybe this is a great experiment! During this month of hearts and roses and talk of cupid and true love what would you say to take a stand for true self love? Why not begin by seeing what you left off of your list (that’s you by the way). Self love is a wonderful way to open up your life to greater and more wonderful experiences. Showing yourself you have respect for yourself, that you have worth, that your place in this world matters is beautiful and powerful.

By taking these next few steps you are affirming to yourself that your desires, your emotions, your ideas and dreams are real. They are alive but without nurturing yourself as you do you children, your partner, your family and friends we can get lost in the busy day-to-day got-to-do’s! Now, if you can relate to taking care of the kids, the needy boss or the needy but mostly wonderful husband than I think this is the perfect time to step back and give yourself the gift of relaxation, self love and radical self care.

Step 1: Gently tell your family you are taking a day to yourself. They love you and they will most likely be excited you are finally taking some much needed time for yourself. If you can close your eyes and imagine yourself having a blissful day all to yourself what would that look like? What are the activities that inspire you, lift you up and help you tune in to the best part of yourself? Do you like to write or paint? Would you enjoy a massage or soak in the bath? Maybe you would love a visit to a museum or a day spent in the park soaking up fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature.

Step 2: Go out and do it. You deserve to take a wonderful day to yourself. It will help you re-charge. You will feel a true sense of self love just by committing to this day for yourself. While eating delicious and healthy foods is one way of loving yourself – another is realizing when you may be overdoing it. Enjoy this time. Enjoy being by yourself or having a day just with your girlfriends – in any case, a day (or a few hours) of fulfilling your own needs. Then you can come home relaxed, happy and smiling again.

It can be hard taking time for yourself but your family and loved ones deserve to see the best you there is. Putting pressure on ourselves to do it all is not serving anyone. Making space in your life for the most important person in your life is refreshing, your partner will feel excited to see the light in you shining bright again. Sometimes all we need is a bit of recalibration to come back and remember why we are here in the first place.

Eliza Ceci is a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, motivational speaker and writer. She is the owner of Peace on My Plate. She works with clients to create rituals for a lifetime of confidence, beauty and vitality. By empowering women to understand their worth through healing foods and radical self care Eliza’s mission is for all women to look in the mirror and love what they see inside and out.

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